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Create Classifieds Websites Using Joomla-Monster Templates (Exclusive Discount Inside)

Updated on March 6, 2018

4 Min Read

Joomla-Monster, a pioneer in creating Joomla templates, greatly streamlines development and implementation of classified advertising sites through several templates that use the very best Joomla classifieds component. DJ-Classifieds is a Joomla based multipurpose classified ad extension that builds comprehensive classifieds sites economically and efficiently.


Have you decided to put up your property for sale?

Are you a real estate agent trying to reach out to potential clients?

Are you interested in creating a job listing, cars sales, business directory or standard classified listings for your city?

All these and more could be achieved by creating a listing or classified website. And, Joomla makes it easy to set up such a website in a matter of minutes!

The templates by Joomla-Monster are custom designed for Joomla powered classified websites. The design is specially set to the dimensions and placement style of newspaper classifieds. However, these Joomla classified templates are highly flexible to accommodate your unique take on classified ads website design.


Monetize Your Business!

Using Joomla-Monster classifieds templates, you could use several standard ways of earning money and grow the website into a stable business. To help you achieve this aim, DJ-Classifieds component offers multiple ways of charging the users:

  • Charge for extra images
  • Display banners or AdSense ads
  • Charge for extra characters in ad descriptions
  • Charge for promoting the ad(s)
  • Charge for adding an item to sell in a specific category
  • Charge for video ads, ad renewal, classifieds types, and other perks
  • Points system, and more!

Advanced Classifieds Search Module

Filters greatly reduce the complexity and time required to find the perfect match. A large segment of users prefers to use filters rather than go through the long list of ads. In the case of classified websites, users are able to filter results by:

  • Category
  • Location
  • Type
  • Keyword
  • Extra details

Advanced Classifieds Search Module

Rich Custom Fields

Custom fields allow for unlimited creativity and functionality in classified websites. Developers could use several custom fields for any selected category. The available custom field formats are:

  • Radio Button
  • Checkbox
  • Date/Calendar
  • Select list
  • Text area
  • Input box

Joomla classifieds template from Joomla-Monster allows developers to use a wide combination of custom fields suitable for each category.

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Locations and Regions

The Joomla ads extension allows users to set locations very accurately. Using Joomla classifieds template, you can create classifieds website with items listed from all over the world. DJ-Classifieds also offers highly functional Google Maps integration with the option of importing locations.

Locations and Regions

Varied Selling Options

Another fantastic feature is the possibility of hosting auctions on your Joomla powered website! DJ-Classifieds users can now host and run auctions to sell items to the highest bidder. The Buy Now feature is another important support for the process of hosting and managing auctions using this Joomla template.

Varied Selling Options

Pay With Points

Thanks to the integrated point system, all DJ-Classifieds users could now buy points (point bundles are also supported) and then use these points to pay for posting ads!

Promoted Listings

Ads could be moved to the top of the categories and search results through promotion. This ensures that the ads receives maximum attention and create sizeable impact. DJ-Classifieds offers five distinct promotions options.

Classifieds Categories

Classifieds extension provides the option of differing types of categories (free, exchange and more). Types can be styled from the website’s backend.

Classifieds Categories

Change Display Duration

You could change the duration of an ad display on the website. This allows you to charge users for customized ad display duration.

Customize the Looks

Using DJ-Classifieds, you can design the look of your ads and the website using plenty of module positions. Joomla Templates offer many additional powerful modules that work with DJ-Classifieds.

E-mail Notifications

Email notifications could be automatically sent to all users. Use the DJ-Classifieds control panel for managing email notifications.

Multiple Classifieds Layout

Multiple Classifieds Layout

You can easily customize the layout of categories into a blog and smart table view. Each template has a demo website, that could be used to build your ideas and ad presentation formats.


This article presents a short summary of the features of a classified website. As you can see, the Joomla-Monster classifieds templates offer a rich selection of features that ensure that setting up a classified website is a piece of cake. This is made possible thanks to the excellent Joomla ads component available in the DJ-Classifieds. The templates come with useful Joomla extensions such as slideshows and menu systems.

Each template comes with an original, beautiful and modern material design that confirm to the latest trends in web design. Templates are responsive, multipurpose and fully customizable (using EF4 professional Joomla 3 framework that provides extremely powerful settings to configure the website design).

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