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BeTheme Review: A Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme for WordPress

Updated on December 9, 2021

5 Min Read
betheme theme

With over 185,000 customers, BeTheme Wordpress theme is one of the popular themes on ThemeForest. By far the greatest advantage of the BeTheme is the more than 500 ready-made websites that are available in all imaginable styles. With this huge variety, Betheme is a great fit for an extremely wide range of industries.

BeTheme was developed by the Muffin Group in 2014 and is constantly being enhanced with new features and theme packs. While the Muffin Group offers other great products, BeTheme is by far the most successful of its offerings at the ThemeForest.

A new version has been released (almost) every week, with each version supporting a new prebuilt website. In this review of BeTheme, I will discuss why it is one of the best WordPress themes for your websites.

BeTheme Is the Best For?

BeTheme is a multi-purpose WordPress theme that is a good fit for 30+ industries. It can be used to create all imaginable types of websites including blogs, online ecommerce stores, event websites, sales pages, magazines, and much more. The range of pre-installed features ensures that BeTheme is a good match for the business requirements of almost every industry.

500+ Pre-Built Websites

BeTheme offers layouts in different styles that come with a customizable combination of fonts, graphics, and images. These finished layouts fall into different categories including business, entertainment, creativity, blog and more. This sheer number of layouts makes BeTheme the market leader among layout providers.

betheme prebuilt websites

Layouts can be installed on BeTheme in just a few clicks. However, in order to get rid of the previous prebuild website, you would have to reset the database. Fortunately, like everything else with WordPress, there is a free plugin, WordPress Database Reset for that task.

This is a good time to point out a downtime of the theme – this process of resetting is not really user-friendly. It could get very annoying when you want to try out multiple layouts at the same time. Avada theme, for example, demonstrates that things can be done much better, as it has automated everything into simple user-friendly actions.

Backend Editor

BeTheme for WordPress websites comes with an in-house editor called Muffin Builder.

betheme prebuilt websites

Elements in this backend builder can be edited by clicking the pencil icon.

betheme backend editor

Although the Muffin Builder offers a lot of options, it is a backend builder, with no WYSIWIG support that could simplify editing for less-technical users. Of all the options available, you can also choose, the WPBakery Page Builder.

WPBakery also offers a backend editor. At the bottom are the controls but unfortunately, you cannot use them to edit the pre-made elements from the selected layout.

This takes a lot of getting used to and demonstrates that the pre-made layouts – the great strength of BeTheme WordPress theme – are not really consistent as you might end up working with different editors.

BeTheme Options

BeTheme has a detailed and very good options system with extensive settings and options.

betheme options

However, note that if the header plugin (see the next part) is active, many options would be hidden because the plugin would configure them for you. This is again an annoying deviation for advanced users. In my opinion, this functionality should be directly integrated into the BeTheme because editing the header and footer is generally a core theme function.

Header Builder

BeTheme comes with a separate header builder (the header plugin). You have the choice of several styles with extensive customization options.

betheme header builder

Logos can be used, colors can be changed, and custom fonts can be installed. Another useful feature is the ability to use different menus for different pages of your WordPress website.

Of course, the header for smartphones, tablets, and desktops can be responsively adjusted. As a side note, Muffin Builder has no footer builder, a noticeable omission for many users.

Plugins Support

BeTheme offers the header builder itself as a plugin and supports a few other third-party plugins such as the WPBakery Page Builder. Several noteworthy entries on the list of supported plugins are Contact Form 7, Layer Slider and Revolution Slider.

Page Types

BeTheme offers additional page types for customers, offers, portfolios, and reviews. These page types are available in the layout templates and you can build great-looking sales pages and testimonials with these options.

Templates for Muffin Builder

Layouts can also be predefined from the Settings (see below).

muffin builder templates

Using this, you can define a number of “favorite templates”, which can then be used in your projects. You can customize the looks of the elements quickly – an important plus point of the Muffin Builder, in my opinion.

Multilingual Ready

BeTheme has been translated quite well in several popular languages and comes with a built-in translator (not to be confused with WPML) that can convert your WordPress website into other languages without major issues.

As with almost all premium WordPress themes, the documentation and most of the training videos are available in English only. This also applies to support and so there is a chance that BeTheme might not work for you if you don’t know English.

Support and Documentation

BeTheme customers with valid licenses can access a support forum and a very detailed User Guide. In addition, you could find YouTube video tutorials on BeTheme.

Final Thoughts!

BeTheme offers a lot of features and is not really limited to website building capabilities. There are weekly updates that are the main reason behind BeTheme covering all possible industries and layout options. The theme gets special points for this!

The Muffin Builder is very powerful and you can hardly expect more from a backend editor. However, it is no longer up to date and is not that good when compared to the backend editors shipped with competing themes such as Elementor or Divi.

​​A Beautiful Theme Needs a Powerful Environment to Thrive!

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Since themes are really no longer expensive today, the BeTheme for your WordPress site is suitable as a second or third party purchase and is a great option because of the low price of $59 with six months of support from the Muffin Group.

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