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Best YouTube Channels to Learn Programming: Start Your Way to Web Development with These Coding Channels

Updated on April 21, 2022

11 Min Read
coding channels

Every day, you get to know about the new dev language releasing in the market and making its repute for the new features. This is what the web world is all about, introducing the new technologies and making them viable for the commercial world.

To keep yourself in the race for this ever-growing field, you need to keep on learning every day. You can find multiple sources to master these programming languages, from blogs to guides, ebooks to best YouTube channels to learn to program, and much more other mediums.

YouTube is the most favored choice of those individuals who are nascent to this field and want to learn the languages via practical demonstration. The platform has more than 1.8 billion people registered on it and around 5 billion videos are daily streamed on the site. According to popular stats, every 60 seconds, more than 300 hours of HD videos are regularly being uploaded to YouTube, surging its mammoth videos collection to even higher.

So, here, we have compiled some of the highly rated web development YouTube channels, which have millions of subscribers and are watched 24×7 hours by thousands of budding developers.

Let’s have a look at them:


With more than two million subscribers, TheNewBoston is the most-watched web development YouTube channel for learning programming languages. Founded by Bucky Roberts, the channel is a popular source of free web learning for many beginners. It has extensive tutorials available on both backend and frontend languages, intended for a newbie to advanced learners.

Subscribers: 2.6 Million
Videos: 4200+ Videos
Most Watched Videos: Java Programming Tutorial – 1 – Installing the JDK with 6.6M views

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Derek Banas

Derek Banas brings to the table, extensive web tutorials on different programming languages made for both beginners and advanced developers. With more than 1000 videos already uploaded, this web development YouTube channel has separate playlists for every language and is regularly updated twice a week.

Subscribers: 1.17 M
Videos: 1003 Videos
Most Watched Video: Python Programming with 5.3M views

Eli the Computer Guy

Covering diverse topics ranging from web development to networking and various others, Eli The Computer Guy is a top source of learning on YouTube for every tech domain. The channel has tons of videos on web programming illustrated with live practical demonstrations.

Subscribers: 1.04M subscribers
Videos: 978 Videos
Most Watched Video: TCP/IP and Subnet Masking with 3.6M views


ProgrammingKnowledge offers tons of video tutorials on top backend/frontend programming languages including Python, Swift, PHP, Ruby, and many others. It is one of the best YouTube channels to learn web development, as it has detailed videos on every other framework and has thousands of daily visitors.

Subscribers: 3.21M subscribers
Videos: 2,978 Videos
Most Watched Video: C Programming Tutorial with 5.8M views


For absolute beginners, Edureka is one of the best YouTube channels to learn web development, as it provides extensive videos on different languages covering a vast range of topics. From DevOps to artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning to Python, the channel is home to a different niche of video tutorials on major technologies.

Subscribers: 7.3 M subscribers
Videos: 51 Videos
Most Watched Video: Ethical Hacking Full Course with 7.32M views

Traversy Media

Traversy Media is a fine source of the latest web tutorials on different programming languages. With subscribers touching the 725K mark, the channel provides in-depth learning tutorials on major development and scripting languages like Angular, Node, React.js, Ruby, Python, and much more.

Subscribers: 1.8M subscribers
Videos: 910 Videos
Most watched Video: HTML Crash Course For Absolute Beginners with 5.5 M views

If you want to learn to program quickly, is one of the best YouTube channels to learn web development easily. It has a wide range of video tutorials available on different frontend/backend languages, listed with separate playlists for easy categorization.

Subscribers: 753K subscribers
Videos: 910 Videos
Most watched Video: Web Development Tutorial for Beginners with 4.5 M views

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Programming with Mosh

Mosh gives you tons of tutorials of not only trending web languages but also of the emerging web technologies that are quickly gaining their ground in the development world. Primarily, the channel provides long videos (extending to hours) discussing each thread and topics of the languages in detail.

Subscribers: 2.35M subscribers
Videos: 168 Videos
Most Watched Video: Python Tutorial with 24.7 Million


Founded by Gary, Design Course is a well-known YouTube channel for learning the latest happenings in the UI/UX world. It has dozens of videos on frontend development, providing detailed tech knowledge to learn the latest methodologies of web and graphic designing.

Subscribers: 897K subscribers
Videos: 1025 Videos
Most watched Video: How to Design a Logo – Full Identity Design Course with 2.3 M

Hitesh Choudhary

Having the knack of exploring new languages, Hitesh Choudhary brings regular videos on various programming languages, primarily of the backend. Apart from just uploading tech videos, he often uploads his Vlogs on the channel too, discussing the latest market and Youtube vanced apk trends.

Subscribers: 692K subscribers
Videos: 1138 Videos
Most watched Video: AWS vs GCP vs Azure vs fixed price cloud with 9,278 views


Another popular channel with several development tutorials, DevTips gives you the latest weekly videos on various languages. The channel has an ever-growing subscriber list and has tons of videos uploaded covering trending development topics and optimization tips.

Subscribers: 359K subscribers
Videos:  347
Most watched Video: My Code Editor: Atom, Setup & Packages with 8.2 M views


Codecourse is one of the best YouTube channels to learn to code easily, as it lets developers learn about the latest web languages and their optimization tips. It has a large number of videos uploaded, categorizing each in separate playlists to let the newbies find what they want. From C# to Laravel and the latest Nuxt.js, the channel offers a wide range of tutorials made up of in-depth analysis.

Subscribers: 342K subscribers
Videos: 35
Most watched Videos: PHP Tutorials: Register & Login: User login (Part 1) with 6.9 M views


Academind provides comprehensive video tutorials on frontend languages including Angular, Vue, React.js, and others. From basic to advanced, this frontend coding YouTube channel provides all sorts of video guides that help even beginners to get started with favorite languages quickly.

Subscribers: 769K subscribers
Videos:  200
Most watched Videos: Visual Studio Code Tutorial for Beginners – Introduction with 18.6 M views


Created by Scott Tolinski & Ben Schaaf in 2012, LevelUpTuts is one of the most favorite places of developers on YouTube to learn about the trending dev topics. With 1000+ videos available, the channel has an ever-growing subscribers’ list, making it one of the most-watched dev channels on the platform.

Subscribers: 340K subscribers
Videos:  1,204
Most watched Videos: Sketch App Tutorials with 6.6 M views


Touting itself as an online school, Treehouse provides top-class tutorials of web development with practical demonstrations. The channel has the specialty of uploading live coding tutorials that help developers learn the tips with live run-time question answers.

Subscribers: 346K subscribers
Videos:  59
Most watched Video: Start a New Career with Treehouse with 5.4 M view


If you want to learn primarily about WordPress, CSS/HTML, JavaScripting, and more, search out for the LearnWebCode on YouTube and get started quickly. It has tons of frontend development videos made up in large chunks, explaining all the core scripting topics in detail.

Subscribers: 310K subscribers
Videos:  25
Most watched Videos: WordPress Tutorial 1: Introduction with 2.6 M views

Adam Khoury

With total channel views surging up to 30 million, Adam Khoury is also one of the most followed dev channels on YouTube, mainly because of its easy to understand coding tutorials. As a beginner, you can find easy tutorials on the channel related to JavaScripting, CSS/HTML, PHP, and much more.

Subscribers: 197K subscribers
Videos:  715
Most watched Videos: JSON tutorial for beginners learn how to program with 550K views

Darrel Wilson

If you have the knack of learning about the latest trends in WordPress development, you should follow the knowledge base of Darrel Wilson on YouTube. His channel is popular among the WordPress enthusiasts, as he regularly updates trending news and topics regarding the platform and provides handy tutorials for building advanced and stunning websites with WordPress.

Subscribers: 321K subscribers
Videos: 398 Videos
Most watched Videos: How To Create An eCommerce Website With WordPress with 1.1M views

Stefan Mischook

Stefan Mischook is a prominent name on YouTube, who creates and uploads regular videos on his channel regarding various development languages. He has got loads of followers on every single video and has an ever-growing list of channel subscribers as well.

Subscribers: 218K subscribers
Videos: 2,068 Videos
Most watched Videos: What’s Google saying about PHP in 2021? with 40K views

Joe Parys Academy

Joe Parys Academy is another popular YouTube channel where you get tons of information and news about the latest happenings in the web development industry. The guy is a pure tech enthusiast who loves to upload tutorials about full-stack development and his traveling Vlogs.

85.3K subscribers
Videos: 125 Videos
Most watched Video: Complete Free Web Development Course with 2M views


If you are starting to learn web development as a beginner, you should check out for JREAM on YouTube, as the channel is stacked up with dozens of development tutorials and few Adobe videos. Undoubtedly, the channel is a perfect place for learning popular web technologies like PHP, MySQL, Linux, and more.

Subscribers: 69.1K subscribers
Videos: 125 Videos
Most watched Videos: PHP: Create Your Own MVC with 606K views


Emphasizing largely on web designing, you would find some really handy tutorials on this channel that precisely demonstrates the art of web designing in detail. The channel is also one fine source of WordPress development tutorials, letting beginners know how to get started with WP quickly.

Subscribers: 60.2K subscribers
Videos: 125 Videos
Most watched Video: Create a Responsive Website Using HTML5 and CSS3 with 1.96M views

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Neil Rowe

From Bootstrap to Laravel essentials, Neil Rowe’s channel is a top YouTube source to learn advanced web development tips and tricks. He uploads simple, easy-to-understand web tutorials that help even beginners find all development methodologies in one place.

Subscribers: 62.4K subscribers
Videos: 125 Videos
Most watched Videos: Bootstrap 3 Tutorials with 686K views

Joshua Fluke

You will find some abstract videos on Joshua’s YouTube channel, but the real deal of his most-watched streaming station is the web development and designing videos. He is fond of making society-oriented dev videos.

Subscribers: 497K subscribers
Videos: 125 Videos

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Jesse Showalter

Jesse’s official YouTube channel is a prominent place for web artisans who want to learn web and digital designing with complete ease. You will find some handy UI/UX designing tutorials on the channel that helps in elevating your skillset.

Subscribers: 62.4K subscribers
Videos: 125 Videos
Most watched Videos: Bootstrap 3 Tutorials with 686K views

Chris Coyier

All those CSS lovers who want to master the front end scripting, this channel is recommended for them as it has got tons of videos covering several CSS topics. It also has some advanced WordPress tutorials and few Photoshop video guides for the beginners.

Subscribers: 62.4K subscribers
Videos: 125 Videos
Most watched Video: Bootstrap 3 Tutorials with 686K views

Chris Sean

Chris, being a professional web developer, loves to upload videos on trending development topics. Most of the videos depict his experiences as a web developer, giving insights about his life and what things he loves to do as a developer.

Subscribers: 104K subscribers
Videos: 336 Videos
Most watched Videos: How I Would Become a Web Developer with 563K views

Tuts+ Web Design

Tuts+ is a perfect streaming channel for those newbies who want to get started with web designing quickly. It has several videos about building a responsive layout, working with twitter bootstrap, handy CSS tips, and more.

Subscribers: 41K
Videos: 260 Videos

Naveed’s YouTube channel provides detailed tutorials on major backend frameworks and languages including Laravel, CodeIgniter, Java, C#/C++, and more. For absolute beginners, it has a separate playlist of OOP programming that helps to build the essential development base. Besides this, it also has a comprehensive database and Twitter bootstrap tutorials as well.

Subscribers: 39.6K subscribers
Videos: 518 Videos
Most watched Videos: Building an Ad Banner with Google Web Designer with 289K views

Joseph Smith

Being an experienced frontend developer, Joseph likes to upload videos about the newest frontend technologies, such as  Node, Next.js, and others. For the beginners, the channel has some basic PHP, HTML, and CSS videos that help budding developers get hands-on experience with ease. And with the support of reliable PHP hosting, budding developers can confidently explore and practice their newfound skills.

Subscribers: 33.2K subscribers
Videos: 518 Videos
Most watched Videos: Java Tutorial 11: GUI in Java, JFrame, JPanel, JButton, JLabel with 528K views

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This brings us to the end of this blog. These are the best YouTube channels to learn to program, as they contain thousands of video tutorials covering a range of topics related to backend/frontend development.

Besides these, there are also many similar channels on YouTube which you can find yourself – with several development tutorials available –  focusing on different languages. If you want to suggest some more YouTube channels to be added to this list, feel free to mention them below in the comments section.

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