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Muneeb Ajmal

I'm a Product Marketer with a strong passion for discovering cutting-edge tech solutions that address our everyday challenges. Delving into the world of innovative technology never ceases to amaze me. When I'm not immersed in the realm of tech, you can catch me scrolling through Instagram, admiring the vibrant beauty of various bird species, or escaping into the captivating world of fiction.

Introducing Cache & Security Analytics for...

A while back, we noticed a suggestion on our feedback page that some of you pointed out: While...

Introducing DigitalOcean Premium Servers: 32 GB...

Update: Availability for 32GB, 48GB, & 64GB DO Premium servers has been extended to Singapore as of May...

Enhancing Offsite Backups with SnapShooter: Dis...

Data is vital to today's business landscape. Losing it can be catastrophic, whether it's due to tech changes,...

No More Complexities: An Easier Way to Configur...

Almost a year ago, we launched the Cloudflare Enterprise add-on to bring Enterprise-level CDN capability to your fingertips....

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