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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cloudways Affiliate Program?
Cloudways Affiliate Program financially rewards its affiliate members for sending relevant traffic to the site and promoting its Managed Cloud Hosting Solution. When your referred clients purchase any of our services, you receive commission on each sale.
Who can get benefits from your Affiliate Partnership?
Website owner, Review sites, App providers, blog owners, content writers and digital marketers can promote our Managed Cloud Hosting solutions and can receive a profitable income for a year per sale.
How does your affiliate program works?
When you join our affiliate program you will get the access to promotional banners and links. You can use these banners to promote our managed cloud hosting solutions and earn profitable income.
How do I join your affiliate program?
To join our affiliate program, email us at 
How much do you pay in commissions?
We pay one time signup bonus per client and +10% recurring commission for a year. There are no limitation for your earning. Your earning depends on your promotional campaigns and sales.
Where do I get the banners and links?
After login you can find the banners in members area under “Promotional Material” tab.
Do you offer any commission statistics?
You can view your commission and conversions status in your affiliate control panel. Simply log in to affiliate members area to view this information!
How do I contact your Affiliate Manager?
You can contact Cloudways Affiliate Manager at