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The List of the Top Laravel Focused Agencies

Updated on December 20, 2021

6 Min Read

An important reason behind the success of Laravel is the support of the dev agencies that use the framework for in-house and clients’ projects. In many cases, these agencies act as Laravel evangelist within the industry.

top laravel agencies

Agencies require a lot of concentrated efforts and a string of successful projects to build their reputation in the Laravel community. While all agencies strive for this goal, very few agencies are able to attain the status of community pillars.

The following agencies have a solid reputation in the Laravel community, mainly because of their commitment to the framework and their contribution to the framework.

Appnovation Technologies

Laravel, Drupal, Magento

Appnovation Technologies was founded back in September 2007. It is a global digital agency which provides managed services in the context of strategy, application development and enterprise integration based on industry-standard open technologies.

Operating from 15 locations, Appnovation is a popular global choice for Laravel based projects.  The company was founded by Arnold Leung and has many success stories. Their client list includes many big names such as Intel, Pfizer, Nvidia, Cisco, and Samsung.

Appnovation offers a wide range of technical and technological capabilities that covers web development, mobile development, agile development, business ERP and CRM solutions. Almost all of the services are delivered through application built using Laravel, Magento, and Drupal.  


Laravel, WordPress, AngularJS, Ruby

Ironpaper is a results-driven digital agency based in New York City and Charlotte. Founded back in 2003, Ironpaper is especially known for web design and development, marketing and lead generation. Their vision is to embrace the intersection of inbound marketing, technology, and design with a results-driven strategy.

The most important people in Ironpaper are Jonathan Franchell (Founder & CEO) and B Randall Willis (President). Together, they have brought a lot of recognition (and business) to Ironpaper. Their long list of clients includes Nokia and MyCheck.

They are a full spectrum digital agency and laravel development services offering the complete range of digital marketing services and web development for brands of all descriptions. In particular, they specialize in projects powered by Laravel and Ruby on Rails.


Laravel, WordPress, WooCommerce

Founded back in 2005, Electric Studio is a digital agency based in Oxford, England. It specializes in web development and all types of digital solutions including consultancy, online marketing, search engine optimisation, Adwords PPC Management, social network strategy and social marketing.

Patrik Johnsson, the founder & CEO, started as a developer back in 1994 and later founded Electric Studio. It now has a well-known client list including Charles Bentley, SHARP, NHS, and Oxford University.

Electric Studio’s preferred platforms are Laravel, WordPress, WooCommerce.

Tighten Co

Laravel, Angular.js, Vue.js,, ReactJS

Tighten Co is a popular name in the Laravel community, simply because of the high competence in web design and development. In addition, it also has an impressive portfolio of mobile and social apps.  The organization was founded back in 1999 in Chicago, IL.

Dan Sheetz (Partner + Managing Director) and Matt Stauffer (Partner + Technical Director) are the inspiration personalities behind the organization. Together, they have managed to secure an impressive client lineup including Amazon, Disney, Kodak, Yahoo, and Zend.  

Tighten Co speciality is Laravel, custom PHP, code audits, technical advising, UI/UX, and Full Stack web development. They are also the official Laravel partner.


Laravel, Symfony, Magento, WordPress, Node, React, Angular etc

ArtJoker is a digital agency that has been a part of the Laravel scene since 2006. This NY based agency is well known for providing web-based solutions for web development, mobile development and MEAN stack development.

ArtJoker was founded by Roman Katerinchik (CEO & Founder), who is also a popular speaker at many industry events. ArtJoker has many success stories for clients including Esteem Production and Instela Solutions.

ArtJokers projects are powered by the popular web technologies including Laravel, Symfony, Magento, WordPress, Node, React, Angular.

SiteRocket Labs

Laravel Experts, PHP, Nginx, Amazon

SiteRocket Labs is a web application development agency with a popular standing in the industry since 2006. It is a popular option for rapid application development, Laravel development and cloud-based solutions.

It was founded by David Emerson, who has a vast experience in design, marketing, and web development. His dedication to the quality of the end product has resulted in a long list of clients including Bell Labs and HP.

SiteRocket Labs specializes in Laravel powered projects. They also have a great reputation in the Laravel industry because of their ar contributions to open sources technologies including the Laravel ecosystem.

Arck Interactive

Laravel Experts, Elgg, Iconic, BuddyPress  

Arck Interactive is a web development agency based in Portland, Oregon. Founded way back in 2008, Arck Interactive is particularly known for implementing custom web and mobile platforms and solutions.

Arck Interactive is led by the Paul Stewart (Founder) and Robert Pudlik (Product Manager). Together they have taken Arck Interactive to the new heights of success with a client list that includes The World Bank and civ works.

Arck Interactive specializes in LAMP stack based projects. has a specialty in building all kind of LAMP applications. They are among the first firms to provide a full range of custom Elgg development services.

Craft Blue

Laravel and PHP Expert

Craft Blue is a web development agency based in Charlotte, NC. Since 2012, they have focused on backend development.

Craft Blue was founded by Corey Ballou, long before programming was popular and the internet was widely adopted. Corey started out by building websites and programming in Perl and CGI. His technical experience has helped the agency gather a very prestigious client lineup that includes

Artisans Collaborative

Laravel, Forge, WordPress, Joomla, Other web devs

Artisans Collaborative is a web agency that is popular for web design and development solutions.  Artisan Collaborative is based in Texas, USA and provides services including application architecture plan, UI experience design, web application development, quality assurance and review, application deployment and maintenance.  

Artisans Collaborative has achieved an enviable reputation in just two years, mainly because of the efforts of Daniel LaBarge, the director of the agency. The client lineup includes Synergy Telecom and Emerson media.


Laravel, Symfony, Node, Ruby

Novendix is a digital agency based in France, that provides various services such as offshore outsourcing, application services, mobility and cloud services.

Novendix creates new and innovative products and services and delivers unique experiences powered by technologies such as Laravel, AngularJS, ReactJS, Symfony, Node, and Ruby on Rails.

Wrapping Up

Agencies are the backbone of the Laravel community. They drive the financial wheels, thereby adding incentive for continuous improvement and use of the framework for projects of all description. Cloudways greatly appreciates the contribution of these agencies to the Laravel framework and the community. We would like to invite these agencies to try out the Cloudways Platform to experience the best-managed cloud hosting solution for their projects.

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Saquib Rizwan

Saquib is a PHP Community Expert at Cloudways - A Managed PHP Hosting Cloud Platform. He is well versed in PHP and regularly contributes to open source projects. For fun, he enjoys gaming, movies and hanging out with friends.


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