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Social Startup Incluyeme is Solving a Critical Problem with the Help of Cloudways

Updated on January 8, 2019

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Incluyeme Startup Case Study
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Gabriel Marcolongo is the founder of Incluyeme, a PaaS platform that provides job listings specifically for disabled people. Before starting Incluyeme, Gabriel was working at a multinational firm and had a successful career ahead of him. But he wanted to do something for disabled people since he had a disabled father who had difficulty in finding sustainable jobs.

There is a strong notion among employers that people with disabilities can’t be good employees. They think that these people will have to be trained and will require extra care. But this notion is baseless and has no evidence to support it. In fact, many people with disabilities have gone on to achieve wonderful things.

Gabriel had a difficult past. He realized his responsibility for those who were going through the same phase. He wanted to bring the change in their lives. He isn’t the first one who left the rat race to start a business, but he certainly is one of the first few whose initiative has shaken the world.

While speaking about his startup, Gabriel told us;

“No company hires disabled people because they think it is difficult to deal with them or to make them understand how the company works.”

After starting the job portal, Gabriel’s company has provided jobs to more than 1,300 people. And, interestingly, most of them are now working with prestigious firms like IBM, Deloitte, SAP, Walmart, Coca-Cola, and many more.

Problems Come in All Shapes and Sizes

Down the lane, after starting his business Incluyeme, Gabriel faced a major infrastructure problem. The hosting that Gabriel’s startup, Incluyeme, was using wasn’t scalable.

“Our previous hosting provider helped us in the beginning, but in order to keep growing our company we needed to move to a better hosting solution that isn’t just sustainable but is also scalable so that we can easily grow the business for the next few years without hassle,” Gabriel said.

The company needed a scalable hosting solution that could offer an even better experience to the users. And they needed it fast because the jobs of numerous people with disabilities depended on it.

Gabriel started searching for alternative solutions that could solve the server hosting and scalability conundrum his startup was facing. He wasn’t looking for shared hosting or a VPS server because both of them aren’t scalable enough. His search finally took him to the cloud-based hosting alternative. Since cloud hosting is reliable, flexible, and offers many scalability options, he decided to take his chance.

How did he solve the scalability problem? Was the cloud solution helpful to him? Learn about it in the comprehensive and interesting Incluyeme case study.

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Sharjeel Ashraf

Sharjeel loves to write about startups and ecommerce. In his free time, he is on the road or working on some cool project in his den.

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