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Spocket Review: Dropshipping with US Suppliers

Updated on October 31, 2020

10 Min Read
Spocket Review

The quality of your dropshipping suppliers is what makes or breaks an ecommerce business. Period. After all, customers can only enjoy value for their money when they can rely on product quality and fast shipping times.

This is where a dropshipping platform like Spocket comes into its own.

Spocket has made a name for itself in the world of dropshipping, namely due to its pre-vetted, high quality dropshipping suppliers from the US and EU. So if you’re looking for reliable suppliers to stock your online store with fresh products, this app could be the perfect fit. Here’s a complete Spocket review to help you out.

This review covers everything from the whats and hows to the pros and cons of using Spocket as a dropshipping platform. Let’s dive in!

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Spocket Review: What Does It Do?

Spocket is famously one of Shopify’s most popular dropshipping apps. Ecommerce merchants like yourself can use the platform to search and connect with high-quality dropshipping suppliers. In this Spocket dropshipping review, we will cover just what makes Spocket so beneficial for dropshippers.

But why?

One of the best things about Spocket is that the majority of their products are from pre-vetted dropshipping suppliers located in the US, UK, EU, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and some parts of Asia.

As such, this massively increases the speed of their shipping times to just a few days, and the quality assurance of their products.

On top of that, Spocket’s also incredibly easy to use. Just install the app onto your Shopify store. Then search through Spocket’s product catalog and pick the items you want to sell. With a few clicks, you can import these goodies onto your ecommerce store, and voila, it’s ready for sale. Plus, it’s compatible with all of the major ecommerce platforms, so integration is easy.

We also love that Spocket has spent a great deal of time and effort identifying the dropshipping model’s pitfalls, and crafting a solution that overcomes them. Most notably, this involves:

  • Thin profit margins
  • Difficulties in branding and customization
  • Non-existent returns policies

Here’s how Spocket combats these drawbacks:

  • Dropshipping products on Spocket have a 30% discount on their original Spocket pricing, so you can sell at a better price than the competition and maximize your profits.
  • It helps you develop a brand identity for your products by permitting you to customize your invoices and product information.
  • Spocket removes the confusion surrounding returns by making its suppliers choose from one of three return policies. These require suppliers to either offer:
  • No returns
  • 15-day returns
  • 30-day returns

Spocket holds the supplier’s funds for this duration. Rest assured, you’ll get your money back if a customer decides to return their purchase.

Spocket dropshipping suppliers

Spocket Review: Who’s It for?

Spocket is for any ecommerce merchant looking to sell high-quality dropshipping products via their online store.

Whether you’re a newbie or an industry veteran, sourcing high-quality dropshipping products can be a challenge.

Spocket prides themselves on their vetting process. Only the most reliable and trustworthy suppliers make the cut. This makes product research so much easier, as Spocket has done most of the leg-work for you where finding reputable dropship suppliers is concerned.

As such, Spocket is for anyone who’s taking dropshipping seriously, i.e., entrepreneurs who want to source high-quality merchandise for their online store with reputable suppliers. All you have to do is decide what products to sell, and you’re set to use the app!

To give merchants a sense of security, Spocket has 24/7 customer support available through chat, so you can talk to a support technician at any time, any place..

How to Use Spocket with Shopify

Wondering how to use Spocket with Shopify? Let’s have a look.

1. Connect Spocket with Your ecommerce Store

Spocket integrates with most major ecommerce platforms. To begin with, we’ll walk you through getting set up with Shopify, and then move onto how to get up and running with WooCommerce.

So if you haven’t already, head over to Shopify and start your free 14-day trial. Shopify will walk you through how to get up and running with them. Don’t worry – it won’t take long!

Next, navigate to the Shopify App Store and search for Spocket. Simply click on the ‘Add App’ button and complete the login information.

Now Spocket will be connected to your store, and you can start browsing products on their marketplace!

2. Take a Tour of the Marketplace

Spocket offers a four-step guide around its dashboard, which is certainly worth taking advantage of to grasp its layout. You’ll learn how to search for specific products and how to browse items by product category.

You can also filter search results by:

  • Price
  • Location
  • Premium Products
  • New Arrivals
  • Categories

Spocket Marketplace

3. Add Products to Your Import List

Found a product that’s perfect for your store? Add it to your shopfront by hovering your cursor over it. This should bring up a green bar that says: ‘Add to Import List.’ 

Click this button, and the product will appear in the tab labeled ‘import list.’ Here, you can review every product you’ve saved before adding them to your store.

Spocket products

4. Push Products to Your Online Store

Once you have all the products you want to add to your store, head over to the ‘Import List’ tab. From there, you can either customize the product’s details or keep them as is.

To import the items directly onto your online shop, click the ‘push to store’ button. Once that’s done, your products are published to your store and immediately available for customers to purchase.

As quickly as that, you can import Spocket products to your store and start selling!

Please note: If you like the look of Spocket’s premium products, you’ll have to upgrade to one of its paid plans. Until you do so, you can only add non-premium products to your online store.

What About WooCommerce?

To use Spocket with your WooCommerce store, head over to the plugin tab on your WordPress dashboard. Click ‘add new,’ then upload the Spocket plugin zip. Activate the plugin, and Spocket will appear on the left-hand toolbar.

From there, click ‘Connect to Spocket’ to log into or create your Spocket account. Once that’s done, you can visit the Spocket dashboard and start importing production to your WooCommerce store, just as we described above.

Simple, right?

Spocket WooCommerce

Spocket Review: What Are the Core Features?

Before you can decide whether Spocket is for you, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with its core features, and this Spocket dropshipping review has it all. So below, we’ve listed the most useful things this app offers.

Spocket’s Starter Plan

On its most basic plan, Spocket is free to use!

But it only allows you to browse the product selection and see what you’re working with. You won’t be able to push products until you sign up for a paid plan.

With the Starter plan, you can process an unlimited number of orders! However, you’re limited to selecting and uploading just 25 Spocket products.

You’ll also get access to other handy Spocket features, including:

  • Real-time inventory updates
  • Currency exchange
  • Global Spocket pricing
  • Email support
  • Shipment tracking numbers

As you may have already guessed, to unlock more features or add more than 25 products to your store, you’ll have to upgrade to one of Spocket’s premium plans.

Spocket Plan

High-Quality Products

As we’ve already hinted, Spocket’s committed to ensuring their suppliers only provide high-quality dropshipping products. They guarantee this by vetting. Let’s have a look at the screening process for potential suppliers.

To become a Spocket supplier, vendors go through an in-depth review and onboarding process to ensure the following:

  • The supplier produces first-rate products
  • They use their own warehouses, not third-parties
  • They’re willing to provide a discount on their retail prices to ensure Spocket merchants enjoy healthy profit margins.
  • Suppliers can abide by the processing and shipping timeframes specified by Spocket

While we’re on the subject of product quality, we also want to point out that Spocket’s suppliers provide a vast range of merchandise across a wide variety of niches.

This includes local vendors and artisans as well as mass suppliers. The product range is well-rounded, so you should easily find something for your audience.

If product quality is extra essential to you, check out Spocket’s ‘Premium’ products. This is a curated list of bestselling Spocket products. These are only available on Spocket’s paid-for plan, which makes them especially exclusive. On top of that, these premium products usually boast higher profit margins, and faster shipping and product processing times.

Spocket product

Branded Invoicing

We’ve touched on this feature already, but as customizability is an essential aspect of any online brand, we wanted to dig a little deeper about what Spocket offers.

As an ecommerce merchant, your shopping experience needs to be authentic to your brand – and Spocket provides everything you require to make that happen.

How? Through the creation of custom branded invoices.

Spocket Invoicing

Regarding how much leeway you have where branding is concerned, it all comes down to your Spocket subscription tier. With the free program, you can personalize your store’s URL, currency, and attach a personal note to your invoices.

But, with Spocket’s paid plans, you can further customize your invoices. For example, you can add your store’s logo, and change its font and structure to make it more unique to your brand.

Keeping your branding consistent is key to building a recognizable and robust brand, and Spocket believes your product invoices should play a role in that.

Customize Product Information

When you import merchandise from Spocket’s marketplace to your online store, you can change the product info. You can use this opportunity to ensure the product copy reflects your brand’s voice, and tell a story that’s going to resonate with your audience.

Spocket lets you edit any part of the product listing, including the title, tags, collection, description, shipping costs, prices, images, etc.

Spocket Product Information

How you list the product on your storefront remains entirely up to you. Alternatively, you can leave the product description as is. Most Spocket products have a product description that is already preset by the supplier.

Higher Profit Margins

As we mentioned earlier, small profit margins are typically a massive concern for anyone undertaking the dropshipping business model. Usually, the scope for profit stands at around 15%-40%.

In contrast, Spocket aims to provide merchants with a profit margin window of around 30%-60% for each of its products. So by selling Spocket products on your site, you can generate more profit per sale. This makes it much easier to snowball your business and keep your cash flow looking positive.

You Can Order Sample Products

A lousy product can deter customers from ever shopping with your brand again. Or worse, it can lead them to leaving bad comments and reviews. To avoid this scenario, never sell a product on your store unless you’ve personally seen and tested it.

This is why Spocket enables you to order product samples from your dashboard with just a few clicks. This encourages you to take quality control seriously and gives you peace of mind that what you’re offering consumers is actually worth their time and money.

Spocket Sample Products

Fast Delivery Times

In an online economy ruled by free shipping, customers appreciate fast delivery times. As many as 60% of Spocket’s dropshipping suppliers are in the USA and EU. This helps ensure that deliveries to your customers are faster, easier, and more reliable than opting for suppliers flung across all four corners of the world.

With an efficient shipping process comes a better buying experience for your customers. Needless to say, when shoppers have a positive experience with your brand, they’re more likely to leave glowing reviews and become return buyers!

Spocket Fast Delivery

Automated Selling

Spocket allows you to automate the whole process of running a dropshipping business! As we’ve said time and again, their main objective is to connect you with suppliers, but everything in between can be automated. You can run your store without worrying about manually sending orders to your supplier.

Automation is the lifeblood of any efficient online business. Not only does this save you tons of time, but it also reduces the likelihood of human error, which again, should enhance the overall customer experience. What’s not to love about that?!

Spocket Automated Selling

Spocket Review: Pros and Cons

Let’s start with the perks.

The Pros:

  • Spocket seamlessly integrates with the top ecommerce platforms.
  • 60% of Spocket’s suppliers are located in the US and EU. This is ideal for product quality and delivery times!
  • Spocket aims to enable generous profit margins between 30%-60%.
  • Spocket’s thorough vetting process ensures suppliers offer high-quality and reliable products.
  • When you add Spocket products to your store, they convert automatically to your Shopify store’s currency.
  • Spocket enables you to customize and brand invoices.
  • You can request product samples for quality control.
  • Automatic order processing ensures you don’t have to manually send orders from your store to the appropriate Spocket supplier.
  • The Starter plan is affordable to get started.
  • Spocket offers a vast range of products to choose from, and new suppliers are added regularly.
  • Spocket automatically updates inventory levels. This real-time information ensures you’re never caught selling sold-out or discontinued products.

The Cons:

Now for the drawbacks.

  • Spocket isn’t available on all ecommerce platforms – you can’t sell via digital marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, or Etsy.
  • Customs duty and taxes aren’t included, as these vary from place to place. They are, therefore, not reflected in Spocket’s prices.
  • You can’t customize product tags, packaging, or product branding.
  • You can’t contact Spocket suppliers directly. If you have any questions, sellers have to communicate through Spocket.
  • Chat and telephone support is only available for those on Spocket’s paid plan.
  • Shipping to customers outside the US, UK, and EU is more expensive and takes longer. So assess your target audience’s location before selling with Spocket.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for reliable dropshipping suppliers to fill your dropshipping store with high-quality products, Spocket is the app for you. I hope this Spocket review has made it easy for you to understand just what it’s all about.

The marketplace environment allows sellers and suppliers to thrive alike. With better profit margins, branded invoices, and fast shipping across the US and EU, Spocket is ideal for providing customers a first-rate experience.

And the best part is, they continue to grow their supplier base on a weekly basis. There are new products from the US and EU on a regular basis, further enriching their selection.

Spocket’s starter plan is a great way to check out its features and browse their vast range of products. Get started with dropshipping today, and join Spocket’s Facebook community for support and advice as you undertake your ecommerce venture. Good luck!

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