Setup Prestashop on Google Cloud (GCE) in Few Minutes

by Taha Zafar  March 31, 2016

Prestashop is one of the top ecommerce software solution providers for all your ecommerce needs. It has more than 300 built-in features for managing everything that needs help on your new ecommerce shop. It gives users ability to customize themes and add new features through addon modules. Some of the features of Prestashop are:

  • Easy customization according to your needs
  • 5000+ plugins and extensions to select from
  • Mobile-responsive design
  • 2,000+ professional ecommerce website templates



However, you can not just start a Prestashop based ecommerce store without hosting it. What could be a better choice than hosting on Google Compute Engine. It is one of the most reliable and powerful infrastructure available to host your websites. With 99.99% uptime, fast speeds and vertical scalability you can be sure of brilliant performance and nothing else.

However, you need help to install Prestashop on GCE as the process is a bit problematic. Cloudways, the optimized and Managed Cloud Platform comes in really handy over here. A managed cloud hosting platform that eases the process and makes hosting applications, a single click operation. It gives you time for the things that matter for your online business that is development and marketing. Some of the great features of Cloudways platform are.

  • 24×7 technical support and server management
  • User-friendly control panel for server and application related operations
  • Automated offsite backups
  • Servers are specially optimized for speed with our VMAN recipe (Varnish, Memcached, Apache, Nginx)

You can launch your Prestashop on GCE in no time using Cloudways. Just follow these step by step instructions for your guidance. However, first, you need to signup and get verified at Cloudways.

Select Cloud

Choose GCE from the given cloud providers for your Prestashop hosting.

Select Google Compute Engine

Select Your Application

Select Prestashop from the available options.

Select PrestaShop

Select Server Size

You’ll get 2 options here. Select “Recommend Me” tab and get server size recommended by Cloudways by indicating expected visits/month for your website.

Recommended Server Size

Go for “I know my server size” if you know what you are dealing with.

Select Server Size

Select Location

Select the best-suited location for your website. You get to select from the four locations provided by GCE.

Select Location


Select Bandwidth

Select the required bandwidth. Again, you can contact Live Chat Support if you want help in determining your specific requirements.

Select Bandwidth

Select Storage/Disk size

GCE gives you the option to select storage size for your database and application web files separately.

Select Storage


Hit that “Launch” button. Just don’t break it 😉 and in few minutes, your Prestashop on Google Cloud will be fully optimized for your first use.

Launch Google Cloud Server

Hey Presto!

Cloudways makes it easier for you to deploy your Prestashop applications on the most reliable cloud infrastructure “Google Compute Engine”. Still don’t believe me? Well, you are most welcome to test my claims for free. Cloudways offers a three-day FREE trial for your GCE based Managed Cloud Hosting Platform.

Simplified Managed Cloud Hosting for Ecommerce Stores.

Convert traffic into buyers with managed Ecommerce Cloud hosting.

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