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Best Free Magento Slider Extensions for Your Ecommerce Store

June 21, 2021

6 Min Read
5 Free Magento Slider Extensions for Your Ecommerce Store

Advertising is to marketing as the soul is to body. This mantra holds true even today in the digital marketing age. If you are running a Magento-based web store, you would love to make the most out of it, and advertising is just another tool you can use to your advantage. We have discussed here top Magento slider extensions for your ecommerce store.

The advertisement is not only about placing ads on external websites. It is also about doing product promotion on your own website too. The best place to advertise a product is the top part of a website.

Using a Magento slider is a great idea if you are placing product advertisements in the top fold of the website. The banner slider allows you to display more than one products in a presentation-like format.

In this post, I am going to elaborate about some of the best Magento banner slider extensions you can use to attract a large number of customers and entice them to buy your product. These extensions are absolutely free of cost.

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All in One Banner Pro by Perception System

Finding it hard to manage an unprecedented number of banner ads on your e-store? Don’t worry. The incredible All in One Banner Pro extension helps you do just that. With 26 different sliding effects, you can select any kind of banner that suits the requirement of your web store. This extension is easy to install and provides you a user-friendly interface. This extension also supports the banner URL.

This extension fits well with dynamic content management and banner sorting functions. Also, you can control the backend of your Magento store, as it helps you to add, delete, and edit the selected banner.


Free Banners Slideshow, Flash Banners & Image Slider

Well, you will love the Banners Slideshow, Flash Banners & Image Slider extension. It’s really awesome in its own right. This extension provides you the opportunity to add banners from the backend. You can also add Adobe Flash banners to your web store in order to attract more visitors and thus turning them into valued and trusted customers. You can also edit the banner text and resize it as per your needs.

With this extension, you can also add an autoplay feature to the banner placed on your e-store. Plus you can also export CSV and XML files to your ecommerce website. This extension is compatible with Magento versions 1.4 through 1.8.1.


Auguria Magento Slider

Are the product banners on Magento-based ecommerce website responsive? Not yet? Well, we have a good news for you. The Auguria Slider is here. It’s just awesome and makes all of your banners mobile responsive, thus giving you the opportunity to engage your potential clients at large. This extension comes with a WYSIWYG editor.

How To Make a Website Mobile Friendly

With this extension, you can easily configure your banner layout and resize the images used from the backend. You can also use CSS stylesheet to define the size of the slider. It uses SlidesJS library and supports jQuery 1.7. It is compatible with Magento versions 1.4 through 1.9.



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Next (Magento Slider) by

This is yet another banner slider extension that is user friendly. Next—a banner slider by—is extremely efficient when it comes to integrating responsive sliders on your webstore.

One of the best advantages of this extension is that it supports multiple browsers. You can also customize the banner height and width to suit the dimensions available on your webstore. You can also use this extension to disable jQuery libraries to thwart any hindrances in the smooth navigation of your e-store. With this extension, you can include five user-friendly themes, background images via the responsive widgets. It is compatible with Magento versions 1.3 through 1.8.1.


Magento Slider Extensions On Magento Marketplace

Now that we have discussed the free Magento slider and banner extensions, let’s discuss some premium Magento extensions offering banner and slider designs. One reason to get a premium Magento slider extension is that free extensions are often limited in functionality. With these premium Magento slider extensions, store owners will be able to easily improve the design of their stores.

Aheadworks Magento Rich Banner Slider

Aheadworks Image Slider extension allows store owners to make their store attractive for visitors. Users can use the drag-and-drop block option to add image sliders to their ecommerce stores. They can set the size, color, design, and other parameters before taking the site live.  The banners are designed to attract more eyeballs on the product, increase its click-through rate, and improve conversions on the store. Aheadworks also allows Magento users to track banners’ clicks and views through the Magento admin dashboard.


Magento Banners by Slider

The banner slider Magento 2 extension offers responsive banners for Magento stores. Slider is available for $100 and offers extreme flexibility in banner design and implementation. Store owners can use Slider’s banner designs and customize them according to their needs. They can add different colors, buttons, or even layers to the banners. Users can add Magento Slider extension to their stores through the CMS blocks available. The extension is compatible with both Magento 1 and Magento 2 and allows banners to be added to all pages of the website including its homepage and the product pages.


Flexslider Responsive Banner Slider

FlexSlider allows Magento store owners to attract potential customers by displaying their product images at the right place on the website. Since Flexslider offers a responsive product slider in Magento, users can effortlessly add it with images and videos on their websites/ecommerce stores. The Magento slider extension offers multiple ways for users to add the slider to their websites. Most of these sliders are responsive and allow users to add them to any page of the site without a problem. Furthermore, the extension comes with a lot of configuration options that can all be easily managed through the backend.


FMExtension Banner Slider

Magento banner slider extension allows you to add custom banners and sliders to the store. You can further personalize these banners – each according to the product on your website. This includes changing the title, description, and even the sizes of the banner. With FMExtension banner slider, you can promote products and services in a much more appealing way, granting you more eyeballs and therefore more sales. The banner Magento extension offers a variety of alluring display of banners for your website. FMExtension offers Magento carousel slider free for store owners.


Final thoughts

This brings us to the end of this blog. I know there are many banner slider extensions and modules available for your Magento-based e-store, but for now, I have only included some of the most common and free Magento sliders that Magento supports. If you know about more such free extensions, feel free to share your ideas and suggestions in the comments section below.

Stay tuned for more updates. Till then, enjoy flawless hosting experience with the next-generation Magento hosting partner Cloudways PaaS. Click here for a free trial now!

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