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A Brief Timeline of Laravel Version History [Infographic]

Updated on  5th October

laravel versions history
Reading Time: 1 minute

Laravel has taken the web development industry by storm. It has emerged as the most powerful development platform over the years. It provides advanced features for developing modern applications and websites.

Today, Laravel hosts more than 500000+ websites on the internet. While is also growing very rapidly as the most favored choice of the web developers.

The first version of Laravel saw the light of the day in June 2011, thanks to Taylor Otwell. He was a .NET programmer who also loved to code in PHP.  To provide all the web development solutions in a single framework, he thought about developing Laravel. It was firstly used as an extension to Codeigniter. But later with improved features, became an organized framework itself.

Laravel has a large community of more than 40K developers. It is quickly making progress with each passing day.

Many leading brands in the world use Laravel for web apps. Because the framework fits perfect for developing enterprise level apps.

Here is a brief timeline about Laravel versions history. It covers major releases and their important features. Each version came up with enhanced features and advanced techniques.

So let’s explore the evolution of Laravel from the beginning to where it stands today.

laravel infographics

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Pardeep Kumar

Pardeep is a PHP Community Manager at Cloudways - A Managed PHP Hosting Platform. He love to work on Open source platform , Frameworks and working on new ideas. You can email him at

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