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Unveiling Digital NRG’ Success: From Services to Strategies and Hosting

Updated on June 1, 2023

4 Min Read

Digital NRG is a performance-based digital marketing agency in Bristol. Catering to both SMBs and multinational corporations, the agency specializes in eCommerce and insurance. Their expertise lies in supporting their client marketing campaigns and strategies through the effective use of SEO, PPC, Social Ads, Website Design, and CRO.

With a vast client base spanning over 400 companies across the UK and Europe, Digital NRG has emerged as a trusted partner in the digital marketing realm. They proudly hold the distinction of being one of the 11 Google Premier Partners, a Facebook Marketing Partner, and a Microsoft Marketing Partner as well. Let’s explore more about the agency below.

DNRG’s Niche

DNRG does not limit itself to serving a particular target audience. Instead, they act as an extension of their clients’ teams, serving as their dedicated digital marketing department.  This approach allows them to provide tailored services to anyone in need of digital marketing expertise.

The Agency’s Biggest Achievement Thus Far

One of DNRG’s notable achievements was being shortlisted for three UK Digital Growth Awards in 2021.

They were recognized in various Web Design categories, including B2B Website of the Year, B2C Website of the Year, and B2B eCommerce Website of the Year. This accomplishment highlights their ability to create exceptional digital experiences that captivate audiences and drive business growth.

Some Challenges DNRG Faced and Overcame

Innovation plays a key role in Digital NRG’s success. One major challenge the agency faced was tracking changes made in the design, layout, functionality, and other features. And following the comments for making changes was time-consuming and frustrating.

The agency solved the problem by using BugHerd.

“By introducing BugHerd – a bug tracking and visual feedback tool, the team was able to get the same comments but also pinpoint the accuracy of what part of the page was in question, the URL of the issue and clients could even upload images to the comment for the web team at DNRG to download and easily change on the page.”

Recipe That Made the Agency a Success

Experimentation and striving to be better are what worked the most for the agency. As the rep said:

“Never let “because that is the way we have always done it” be an acceptable answer from any stakeholder. The best is only the best until a new benchmark comes along. Consistently revolving in a review, adapt and implement mindset means we’re always pushing forward.”

3 Proven Strategies That Fuel DNRG’s Success

Digital NRG has harnessed three key strategies that consistently yield remarkable results:

  • Internal Growth of Existing Clients

DNRG goes above and beyond to ensure its clients adapt to the dynamic business landscape and achieve tangible outcomes. By nurturing long-term partnerships and actively supporting their clients’ growth, Digital NRG creates a symbiotic relationship that drives mutual success.

  • Review, Adapt & Implement

The agency regularly assesses and reflects on its work to stay agile and adaptable. When new insights emerge, the team embraces change and implements innovative strategies, ensuring optimal client outcomes.

  • T-Shaped Marketeers

At Digital NRG, every team member possesses expertise in their respective domains while broadly understanding the entire spectrum of digital marketing.

From dedicated Account Managers and skilled Delivery Executives to experienced Directors and ambitious Apprentices, the team’s collective knowledge allows for a holistic approach to clients’ campaigns, resulting in comprehensive and impactful solutions.

Most Challenging Project That DNRG Handled

The agency’s most challenging project to date was taking the leap to become a fully integrated agency. In DNRG’s infancy, they primarily offered their clients PPC and SEO as single-service solutions.

With time they realized that targeting multiple channels would bring the best results.

“We began devising strategies for clients that incorporated multiple digital channels to achieve the best results. This required departments and teams to work more collaboratively and to do this, we made significant investments in a bespoke CRM environment.”

3 Essential Tools Used At DNRG

DNRG leverages three powerful tools to enhance its digital marketing capabilities:

  • WordPress – Their go-to CMS for web building.
  • Elementor Pro – A robust page builder for WordPress.
  • BugHerd – Streamlined bug tracking and visual feedback software.

With WordPress, Elementor Pro, and BugHerd, DNRG optimizes website development, design, and issue resolution for exceptional digital marketing solutions.

WordPress websites perform the best with Cloudways!

With load times under 1 second, top-notch server security and 99.99% uptime, your WordPress sites will offer stellar experience to the visitors.

Role of Cloudways in DNRG’s Success

Choosing the right hosting solution is crucial for the success of a web development agency like DNRG. That’s why Cloudways has always been the top choice for DNRG, and here are some reasons why:


Cloudways provides the ability to create or delete servers at different specification levels to meet the varying demands of different websites. In addition, we can also upscale servers if websites experience growth and need more resources. Previously this may have meant a full migration to a new environment, but now we can simply add more resources.


Cloudways offers built-in caching mechanisms such as Varnish cache and Redis, which significantly alleviate website load. They also provide their own WordPress cache plugin, seamlessly integrating everything together, giving a great speed boost.

HTTP2 Support

Cloudways supports HTTP2, enabling faster data transfers between servers and end users, further enhancing page loading speed.


Cloudways takes website security seriously, offering built-in bot protection and firewalls to safeguard sites against malicious attacks. This ensures the safety and integrity of our client’s websites.


The amount of control we have is much more than we did with TSO. “Cloudways first-line support is very knowledgeable and can help with most of our queries there and then, very rarely will we need to escalate to a ticket – this has saved so much time when we have come across any issues. Cloudways have helped with a variety of issues, from migrations and odd website issues to server tweaks and deep investigations into some more complex issues. They’ve been a great support for us during our move. Cloudways’ simple staging functionality allows us to safely run updates and development work on all of our websites. Their support team is also very knowledgeable and a great help even as first-line support, so much more helpful than other support teams we’ve encountered.”

Agency’s Tips for the Newcomers

“Measure twice, cut once” –

The quote above encapsulates the agency’s invaluable advice to the newcomers entering the web development industry. As one of the agency’s representatives aptly stated:

“Building websites requires everybody involved to be 100% certain of the goal and specifications at the beginning. 

Make sure this is set and agreed upon. If it isn’t you’ll find hurdles start appearing halfway through building, and you’ll lose time, profit, and respect from your client.”

The agency emphasizes the significance of thorough planning and communication to avoid costly setbacks and maintain a strong professional reputation. By adhering to this advice, newcomers can establish a solid foundation for successful website development projects.

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