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How to Create a Kickstarter-Like Crowdfunding Website in WordPress

Updated on July 24, 2018

6 Min Read
Create Crowdfunding Website in WordPress Banner
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Say you have a great product or at least a great idea which will turn into a great product. But, you don’t have the finance for mass production. Then what do you do?

You start looking for options on how to raise fund. In the old days, you had to constantly reach out from one investor to another. And after a long run, if you couldn’t manage a good investor, you would have got frustrated and given up on your product.

Well, the good news is in this modern world you don’t need to worry about funding. Fundraising has become so easy these days. With the success of Indiegogo and Kickstarter, crowdfunding online is now very popular and trustworthy among people.

You can also build a platform like that if you have a proper element. This is when the Backer theme comes into the play. After months of research, Themeum’s developers released Backer designed specifically to meet all the requirements that a crowdfunding platform has to offer. And, it’s safe to say that Backer has become one of the best WordPress crowdfunding themes available on the market.

Key Features of Backer

The reason Backer has become so popular over time is mainly because it provides every single functionality to run a successful crowdfunding platform. Let’s have a closer look at the features:

  • 2 home variations
  • Full control over the platform for the site admin
  • Dashboard to manage user-profiles and campaign details
  • Campaign adding option from both frontend and backend
  • Owner has the complete control over the campaign
  • Popular payment gateways available
  • Unlimited reward options for any campaign
  • Complete email management system
  • WooCommerce-ready to provide a familiar platform
  • Super-flexible page builder included 20+ shortcodes
  • Native WordPress customization support
  • 100% responsive and SEO friendly
  • Translation, RTL and WPML ready
  • Contact Form 7 included, Google Maps support
  • One-click demo import system
  • Blog section
  • Dedicated support team, lifetime free update

A Complete Crowdfunding Solution

Backer will give you access to multiple amazing functionalities that are mandatory to run a crowdfunding platform. It will provide you with multiple money management options including PayPal, Stipe, and a native wallet. It allows other users to create campaigns on your site and lets you benefit from the raised funds. From running campaigns successfully to show a progress bar for displaying campaign progress elegantly, there’s a lot of powerful features that Backer has to offer.

Two Home Page Variations

In the Backer theme, you’ll have the options to change your website’s home page at different times. There are two home page variations provided with the theme but you can always customize them or make your own.

Two Home Page Variations

Default Variation

The default home variation will let you show a bunch of selected campaigns in a slider. If you want to make one or a few campaigns stand out from others you can show them in the hero section. Campaigns are shown in categories, popular campaigns and latest campaigns sections.

Campaign Variation

The campaign variation (2nd homepage variation) is right for you if your website is pretty new and you want your users to create a campaign right after entering the site. You’ll also have the option to display campaign categories, popular campaigns, and latest campaigns on the same page.

WP Crowdfunding Pro Included

Backer is not just a simple fundraising WordPress theme but a complete combo package with WP Crowdfunding, Elementor page builder, and MailChimp plugin in it. The entire crowdfunding mechanism has been set up within the popular WP Crowdfunding plugin so that you can have access to all major fundraising functionalities on board. The fact that Backer chose WP Crowdfunding because it’s one of the most used plugins in its category. Here are some key points regarding WP Crowdfunding.

  • Powered by WooCommerce
  • Native wallet inside
  • Dedicated donation button
  • Analytical report, social share
  • Google reCAPTCHA included

WP Crowdfunding Pro Included

Money Management

In this WordPress crowdfunding theme, you can have access to all the money management systems that are provided by WooCommerce including PayPal, Stripe, Amazon Pay, cash and all others. In addition to these payment methods, if you want to have the functionality that will allow you to deduct commissions automatically from every single campaign on the site, you can upgrade the WP Crowdfunding package which will provide you with PayPal adaptive payments, AIM, Stripe Connect and Native wallet.

Money Management

Super-Flexible Page Builder

As you already know, Backer is a complete package and it comes with Elementor page builder, so the theme’s look & feel is highly customizable. You can do almost everything of your imagination. You can play with the design without breaking anything. Also, it supports template overriding so you can modify the theme anytime you want. Using the given shortcodes you can add features including search, form, listing, rewards and many more anywhere on the site.

Super-Flexible Page Builder

Unlimited Rewards for Each Campaign

The project reward option gives extra benefits along with the main project outcome that’s why this concept has become very popular and useful recently. The Backer theme offers you two different options for reward and also gives you the ability to set a range or a fixed amount for the reward. The best thing is the campaign owners can announce as many rewards as they want for each campaign, there’s is no limitation!

Unlimited Rewards for Each Campaign

Detailed Analytical Report

When you run a crowdfunding site, you’ll want to have an analytical report regularly that shows you detailed stats of your platform. The report option of the WP Crowdfunding plugin (given in Backer) does exactly the same. There are two tabs for showing sales reports and information on top campaigns. There are also 6 predefined report filters (e.g. last 7 days, this month, last month) to make your work a lot faster and without hassle. You can export reports in CSV format if you want to.

Detailed Analytical Report

Project Customization

One of the most loving features of the Backer theme is having the functionality to create campaigns right from the frontend. This feature lets a campaign creator create a campaign without having to face a complex backend environment. On top of that, they have the complete access to customize their campaigns. This includes being able to set a start and ending date, being able to set a minimum, maximum and recommended pledge amount etc. The campaign creator can even set an automatic campaign ending policy from “Target Goal” to “Campaign Never Ends” range. There’s an option for anonymous donation/pledge by enabling which anyone can back a project/pledge anonymously.

Translation, RTL and WPML Support

Backer is an RTL and translation ready theme allowing you the opportunity to run a multilingual site. RTL functionality enables the option of using languages like Arabic and Hebrew. WPML support is provided to make it easier to run a multilingual website on a single WordPress installation.

Translation, RTL and WPML Support

1-Click Demo Import System

With Backer, you can always have the complete experience from the very beginning by importing demo contents with just one simple click. It will take a minute at best and will give you the contents that you need to fulfil the skeleton. You can later modify those contents to your needs.

1-Click Demo Import System

Lifetime Free Update

When you buy the Backer theme, you can enjoy free lifetime update for it. Also, Themeum’s dedicated support team is always there to get your issues fixed whenever you need them.

Lifetime Free Update

Backer has every single functionality for running a successful crowdfunding site and has already become one of the most popular crowdfunding themes. So if you’re someone looking for a theme for creating a fundraising site, then think no more. Go with Backer and thank me later.

Backer + Cloudways: The Perfect Blend

When you’ve finally decided to take the plunge, it is better to host your Backer powered WordPress crowdfunding website on the Cloudways fastest WordPress hosting platform. Sure, I can go on adding a long list of benefits but I want you to take a look and experience the many Cloudways features yourself.

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Mustafa Mohsin

Mustafa Mohsin is a Business Development Executive at Cloudways. He’s an Economist by books and a marketer by passion. In his spare time he enjoys gaming and hanging out with friends. You can email him at mustafa.mohsin[at]

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