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25 Best Black Friday Marketing Ideas From Seasoned SaaS Experts

Updated on November 14, 2023

15 Min Read
Black Friday Marketing Ideas

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two of the biggest dates for SaaS business owners. If you have planned a promotion, you need to start advertising it as early as possible to get more traffic and generate greater revenue.

However, it’s not as easy as it looks. Many store owners struggle to find innovative ways to promote their products. To make it easy for our readers, we talked with a few SaaS marketing experts about the best Black Friday marketing ideas they recommend to business owners.

Here’s what they had to say.

1. Give Back, If You’re In The Position To Do So!


Augustin Prot – CEO & Co-Founder at Weglot

Typically creating big discounts is how Black Friday and Cyber Monday are seen across the SaaS space. But recently, many B2C companies have chosen to go towards a more sustainable and charitable approach to BCFM, and the same can be done within B2B. At Weglot, for the last three years, we decided to stop offering deals and instead donate 50% of revenue made on BFCM to several charitable organizations.

It’s an approach that has been positively received by new and current customers and one that allows everyone to feel like they’ve played a part in something positive.

2. Spin the Virtual Wheel


Lauren Cook-McKay – Director Marketing & Content at Divorce Answers

You can turn your Black Friday promotions into a game. Spin a virtual wheel is a popular way. This small addition to your store’s website can entice current and prospective consumers to visit for a chance to win prizes, discounts, and coupons. This Black Friday marketing strategy is more about offering a fun experience than it is about giving away amazing rewards. It creates a favorable experience for both your brand and your website in an indirect way.

3. Adopt Automation


Adam Wood – Co-Founder at RevenueGeeks

Every client wants an immediate reaction. Studies have shown that responding to emails within 24 hours increases revenue by 60%. Automation can help you reach out to potential buyers and reply to their queries quickly. Use CRM software to automate sales tasks, email responses, follow-ups, and other tasks like feedback and lead assignment. It will ensure that you never miss an inquiry.

4. Cross-Selling and Up-Selling with Discounts

Bhargav Bavarva - NextPinnacle

Bhargav Bavarva – Founder of NextPinnacle

Upselling and cross-selling are excellent strategies for maximizing sales potential and finally raising average order value. Upselling induces clients to purchase a more expensive or upgraded version of the product they are considering. Contrarily, cross-selling encourages customers to buy more items that complement the ones they have already put in their shopping carts.

Therefore, you will lose out on potential additional sales if your Black Friday marketing campaign does not include up-sells and cross-sells this year. For Black Friday sale ideas, you may put together sets of three to five complimentary goods that work well together and sell the entire thing to buyers for a discount on the sum.

When consumers are actively looking for package deals at a lower price, such as on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, this kind of combo promotion does quite well.

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5. Promote Through Outreach


Dan Close – Founder & CEO at We Buy Houses in Kentucky

It wouldn’t hurt to reintroduce yourself to those cold leads with your fantastic offer. Make a Black Friday email list, and don’t be merciful. Even better if you can attract the attention of an influential figure on your email list. Then there’s the matter of timing. Your emails will bounce if you send them out too soon because the Black Friday deal hasn’t been released yet; however, if you wait too long, Black Friday may have passed, and it will be meaningless to send that email. Furthermore, you are free to continue the campaign and outreach for as long as you desire. Whatever length of time you want to run your campaign, don’t forget to contact the right people, and who knows, you might get more than you planned for.

6. Promote to Your Followers


Sarah Jameson – Marketing Director at Green Building Elements

You undoubtedly have at least a few people following you on social media if you’re not the type of SaaS company that focuses just on Black Friday. This is, after all, the moment they’ve been waiting for. Give your regular customers notice that your Black Friday discount is approaching, and go a step further by making your campaign something they’ll want to share.

When Giffgaff and LadBible cooperated on YouTube for the Check Your Drawers campaign, for example, a lot of people were excited about it and even shared it. The campaign’s premise was that individuals would keep old phones in their drawers in exchange for cash from Giffgaff. What’s stopping you from coming up with a brilliant Black Friday idea that will take the internet by storm?

7. Optimize Your Website’s Landing Pages


Gerrid Smith – Chief Marketing Officer at Joy Organics

Holiday landing pages will not only help you acquire organic traffic from those looking for specific deals, but they will also help you better match the intent of shoppers who come via your ads, social media, and email campaigns. Consider how searches for laptop sales surge around Black Friday each year; you can capitalize on this by developing an SEO-optimized landing page for this search query, running PPC and social advertisements promoting your laptop discounts, and driving people to that page. Because a landing page like this is designed for conversion, it will outperform a generic product listing page or homepage:

  • They concentrate on a single offer.
  • They’re jam-packed with information.
  • They address a well-intentioned audience.
  • The majority of the time, these pages employ FOMO and urgency methods.

8. Encourage People to Make Wishlists


Jason Feldman – Founder at Immigrate Me

Wish lists are comparable to abandoned shopping carts in that they indicate interest and indicate that the customer is at or near the decision stage of their purchasing journey. Wish lists can be used in a variety of ways throughout Black Friday and Cyber Weekend, including To encourage app downloads or account registrations; to expand your email subscriber list; to improve your drip email marketing; to cross-sell and upsell relevant items; If you opt to develop your own curated wish lists based on the most ‘wished for’ things, you can increase website traffic.

9. Streamline Your Checkout Process


Jerry Han – Chief Marketing Officer at PrizeRebel

If customers encounter difficulties in purchasing the software that you’re distributing, then it doesn’t reflect well on the experience they’re likely to have as a user. Set a great precedent by ensuring that the checkout process is quick and easy from start to finish. Only ask for the information you need, and include a progress bar at the top to let users know how close they are to completion. The goal is to minimize any potential barriers that could drive prospects away, and most of these barriers arise during checkout.

10. Prepare Your Website For Google Shopper Searchers

Hamza Usmani – Head Of Content at

I believe that eCommerce sites are jostling for a position on Google’s main page during Black Friday. You must optimize your website for online shoppers in order to rank.

Using keywords that consumers are likely to use when looking for holiday bargains is one method to do this. Make use of such words throughout your website after conducting some keyword research. Make sure you sound natural, and avoid the practice of filling your writing with keywords.

11. Utilize Video Marketing

Jeff Romero

Jeff Romero – Founder of Octiv Digital

Because there is so much text online, video is a simple format to consume and offers our eyes a break. As a result, an increasing number of companies are upgrading their Black Friday marketing plans by adding video-based content.

But when it comes to video marketing, many business owners tend to view it as an expensive, time-consuming strategy. In actuality, the reverse is true.

You can create engaging Black Friday films without going overboard with your marketing spending. There is no requirement for expensive or
skilled video photographers. Most of the time, all you need is a smartphone and an original concept!

12. Keep Your Creatives Crystal Clear


Dror Zaifman – CEO at On Web Analytics

The hard work starts NOW. You’ve got to come up with some creative ways to increase conversions and drive traffic, so your first step is to think about how you can maximize this opportunity. Your creatives will be the core of your campaign and a powerful tool for driving sales – don’t underestimate them.

Keep in mind all our previous points about the customer journey. What’s your offer going to be? What does it look like? How will it appear? How do you want your customers to feel about it? *Marketing’s golden rule *is that everything should be geared towards the customer. Your creatives should be no different.

Think about what they’ll find so enticing about your offer that it convinces them to click through and buy, as opposed to going elsewhere. Don’t forget that *conversion is king at BFCM* – it takes the least effort for a customer to click away, so getting them through that point and into the sales funnel takes skill.

13. Unveil a New Product


Zaeem Chaudhry – Architectural Draftsman at AC Design Solutions

People are always looking for something new and exciting. That is why, on Black Friday, you should take advantage of the unique opportunity to market a new product that will only be offered on that day. This is a great way to take your Black Friday promotion to the next level. Even if a past client has only purchased once, they may get interested in your new product and purchase it.

You can introduce a new product in one of two ways. To begin, add it a few days prior to the big day. Who knows, maybe this will lead to even more sales before Black Friday. The second option is to include the item on Black Friday. A countdown timer might also serve to add to the excitement. You might determine that this product will only be offered on Black Friday. This creates a sense of urgency, which motivates people to act.

14. Create a Tempting Deal


Ryan Dalal – CEO & Founder at Merge PDF

It can be difficult to choose a discount rate and develop a campaign around it. Yes, we desire cheaper pricing, but you can’t tell me you’ve never seen a product on sale and thought to yourself, Wow, that’s a wonderful deal, but why is it so cheap? You can’t simply lower prices and expect a 500% return on investments in the long run. This would result in exaggerated margins, which will cost you later when your competitors follow your strategy and decrease their prices.

Try the shoe salesman method. It’s quite straightforward. When it comes to shoes, the majority of consumers are content with any deal as long as they receive a satisfactory product. Customers who have a strong desire will either buy it used or wait for a Black Friday deal. It’s essentially the same thing with SaaS tools. Because each tool is different, most people won’t be able to tell which one has greater features, so they’ll just take the first offer they come across on Black Friday.

15. Cross-industry Bundles


Susan Melony – Editor-in-Chief at Best Hearing Health

After all, this is what software is designed to deal with. For example, if you sell photo editing software, why not package it with a camera from one of your local big-box stores? Identify the hottest gadgets that your software will work well with this season and try to take advantage of the vendor’s opportunity. You’ll save money on marketing and reach a broader audience, increasing your product’s visibility.

Software bundling allows you to boost customer satisfaction by simplifying their decision and delivering value to your products at a more reasonable price. Furthermore, bundling will enable you to show your customers that you listen to and understand their demands, resulting in increased loyalty.

Bundles will benefit you as well, with increased sales, marketing ROI, and product sell-through. Remember to be unique and relevant with bundling, and your business will be a definite success this Black Friday.

16. Become Efficient With Client Responses

Shad Elia

Shad Elia – CEO of New England Home Buyers

Every client, in my opinion, wants prompt and satisfactory responses. Look for opportunities to better your dealings with the clients.  You can even leverage automation to quickly resolve their queries. You may reach out to potential customers and promptly respond to their inquiries with the aid of automation. 

But, having appropriate response mechanisms in place can help you market your business. Bottom line- be fast with your responses. Quickly answer emails, follow-up queries, and any feedback from customers.

17. Email Marketing Campaign


Paul Somerville – Editor-in-Chief of Electric Scooter Guide

Create an email marketing campaign, then watch your ROI soar. On average, email generates a $36 ROI for every dollar invested. That surpasses every other channel.

Who doesn’t enjoy daily discounts and offers in their inbox? Create one with deals for your subscribers a couple of weeks before Black Friday.

18. Get Into Your Customers’ Shoes

Brett Krauss – V-Count

Black Friday is a great opportunity for eCommerce and SaaS businesses to connect with their customers. It’s an opportunity to make a big splash, but it’s also important to take care not to overdo it.

It’s important to know your audience and understand what they’re looking for. If you’re selling shoes, then having a sale on shoes might be a good idea—but if you’re selling pet supplies, then it might not be as effective. The key is to think about what your customer wants and deliver that message in a clear, concise way.

I would also recommend offering a limited-time discount to new customers. This can be done either in the form of a coupon code or by offering a certain amount off on the first purchase, with a stipulation that it can’t
be used again.

This is a great way to introduce new customers to your business without spending too much money. It will also help you build your email list, which you can then use for future promotions and campaigns.

19. Build a Loyalty Program


Eden Cheng – Co-Founder at PeopleFinderFree

One of the best promotional strategies that you can implement now is to build a loyalty program that can help your SaaS business earn long-term customer retention even after Black Friday / Cyber Monday is over. After all, the thing about the SaaS industry is that businesses need to think ahead and come up with a solid retention strategy to keep the customers they actually manage to attract. After all, there’s no point in investing in acquisition, if you aren’t sure you can retain them. If you do, all you will end up with is a sieve, not a sales funnel.

As such, if you want to get the most out of your Black Friday marketing deals, then implementing a loyalty program can often do well to not only incentivize a significant number of users to join up with your service but also to stick around, as when prospects are offered some kind of extra feature, such as a free month, extended discounted pricing or some other meaningful reward that will prove useful to them, then they will be more inclined to remain loyal to your company.

20. Categorize Your Customers


Christian Velitchkov – Co-Founder at Twiz LLC

Know what your customers are expecting from you. Also, not every customer will be the same. Different people will fall into different categories.

  • The ones who click on your products but never buy them. You can keep a check on these statistics with analytics tools available for websites.
  • Your already existing and loyal customers.
  • The new customers that walk in.
  • Ones who have been eying the product but waiting for the right time.

All of these will have different ideas when they walk in. You will need a fresh strategy for each category. You will be giving a loyalty discount to your existing customers.

You can also give a joining offer to the new ones. Many times we see that most brands give 10% off on first purchases. Blended with the Black Friday Sale, this can be a good thing for gaining new customers and making them your permanent ones.

21. Install a Chatbot on Your Website

Amar wig

Amar Vig – Managing Director at London-fs

More customer service requests resulting from an increase in the number of shoppers. It is unavoidable. Customers will be contacting you with FAQs regarding orders, shipping, returns, and what have you.

Your customer support services can be streamlined and automated by adding a chatbot to your website. When a customer service agent is required, they can intervene and take over the conversation. The chatbot can handle simple FAQs. Your team can free up time to concentrate on more significant problems by using this technique to reduce the repetitive tasks that are holding them down.

22. Encash your Landing Page CTAs

Atlas Tea Club

Kader Meroni – Founder at Atlas Tea Club

In my experience, the best Black Friday marketing idea for an eCommerce business is to create a Black Friday landing page.

A landing page is a single web page that acts as a hub for all your Black Friday information. It should be designed to entice customers and explain what they can expect from the promotion. This includes telling them about the products that are on sale, how much money they’ll save, and how long the deals will last.

It’s important that this page has a strong call-to-action at the bottom, so customers know exactly what to do next. If you want people to sign up for your email list, use this opportunity to ask them! Make sure you include social media sharing buttons so that customers can easily share their excitement with friends on Facebook and Twitter.

The most important thing is that your landing page is clear, concise, and compellingly written—so it’s easy for customers to understand what’s going on and why they should care!

23. Retargeting Ads on Google


Robin Brown – CEO at VIVIPINS

If you’re looking for a great way to advertise your sale, try buying some retargeting ads on Google. These targeted searches will have an increase in your ad impressions and concomitant ad click-through rates (CTRs).

When users search for Black Friday deals, they will be shown an advertisement that is relevant to their desires. The use of retargeting allows you to find the searchers that are interested in your product or service, rather than simply showing it everywhere as traditional advertising does. You’ll be able to get customers who couldn’t make up their minds before by using this technique!

24. Black Friday-specific Landing Page


David Bitton – Co-Founder & CMO at DoorLoop

The landing page should be visually appealing, with calls to action emphasizing that the discounts you’re offering are a one-time offer or a once-a-year opportunity. Consider adding a countdown timer to the page to add a sense of urgency and excitement.

When developing a landing page, be sure that:

It creates a sense of urgency to raise the perceived worth of your products and demonstrate to prospective clients that the bargain is a once-in-a-year chance that they cannot afford to skip.

It’s straightforward, so there are no ambiguities about what you’re offering. You must ensure that the terms of the agreement are clearly defined. If you’re offering a 25% discount on your product, make it clear that you’re offering a 25% discount.

25. Black Friday Roundup Posts


Snizhana Kolomiets – Marketing Manager at Better Proposals

It’s actually pretty easy. Around this time of the year, many content managers and writers are gathering Black Friday deal roundup posts where they list a large number of deals in one place. All you have to do is keep an eye out for who’s collecting them and submit your own. It helps a ton because you get additional exposure and a free backlink, and all you have to do is copy and paste a few sentences. It’s all about staying in the loop with what’s going on in the SaaS marketing world. For more invaluable tips and tricks like this, be sure to stay tuned with BFCM Prepathon. It’s an event that’s bound to provide you with a wealth of strategies to boost your sales during this lucrative season!


Now that you’ve heard from the best in the business, what do you think? These are some of the best ways to promote your deals this Black Friday and Cyber Monday for SaaS businesses. We hope this post gave you the inspiration that had been eluding you! Start promoting your deals today to make the most out of your Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotions!

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