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Agency Spotlight: How Lost Media Group’s Value-Proposition-First Approach Helped it Rise to Success

Updated on July 18, 2022

4 Min Read

Lost Media Group, founded in 2020, with a fully remote team, is a world-class digital marketing and optimization team—equipped with the knowledge and experience of providing management consultancy, and the marketing skills and digital fluency that should be a core of a media group.

When we asked them about their approach towards their business, they told us how they focus on achieving consistent and sustainable results for their clients (both B2B and B2C businesses.

“We are the only group (I’m aware of) using a value-proposition-first approach to marketing to get consistent, sustainable results for B2B and B2C businesses.”

Their philosophy is to make their client businesses stand out from their competition and ensure that they cover each aspect of marketing for them. Whether it is measuring KPIs, running campaigns, or sending emails, Lost Media Group is in it to win it.

Lost Media Group’s Diverse Niche

Lost Media Group focuses on value proposition discovery, digital marketing strategy, and conversion rate optimization.

They have chosen these areas after realizing how minute changes in communication style can garner positive results.

“…thousands of A/B tests across dozens of industries taught us that even marginal changes in messaging or experience can impact people’s choices.”

Using the knowledge they have been able to gather, they have successfully built a team dedicated to a single purpose – to help businesses stand out from their competition by crafting an effective (and kick-ass) answer to the question, “Why should your ideal customer choose YOU over any of your competitors?”

The Challenges They Faced and How They Overcame Them

For Lost Media Group. the COVID-19 pandemic, and the resulting focus on e-commerce, had increased the competition – the competition for capturing customers’ attention across all digital channels.

Moreover, the fact that their clients compete in a more crowded online marketplace, using smaller budgets than their competition, puts more pressure on them. More than the pressure, there was a realization to place importance on having a clear, effective value proposition message, driving their digital marketing efforts to success.

“Our value proposition-first approach to digital marketing has helped our clients get the highest ROI for every marketing dollar spent, ensuring results are both profitable and sustainable for the long term.”

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Lost Media Group’s Recipe for Success

The digital marketing agency believes in having only one recipe to achieve success. It believes that “Businesses are built on relationships.“

According to Lost Media Group, the moment you start thinking of your customers as “numbers on an excel sheet” or an “email list” you’ve lost touch with them. For them, it is important to streamline client onboarding and build a strong relationship with them.

Their reason for believing in good business relationships is that they enable you to be open and honest about the issues impacting a business’ growth. They believe that only then can the real work start and the foundation for sustainable growth be built.

Lost Media Group doesn’t accept every opportunity for work that comes their way. Instead, they seek clients that want to build a long-term relationship and are focused on answering the difficult questions about how to sustain and grow a business and get more clients.

Most Challenging Project for Lost Media Group and Valuable Lessons

For Lost Media Group, all their projects are challenging in their own ways. It’s one of the reasons they love the value proposition discovery process. They say, “If it were easy, everyone would have a successful brand story and the sales to show for it.” 

The effort needed to differentiate through value proposition messaging can be very high for Lost Media Group. It requires a tremendous amount of open collaboration, discovery work, competitive analysis, and fact-finding. In order to do this, they say, “We learn a lot about our clients, and they often learn a lot about themselves in the process. And once a business can clearly state its value proposition, it’s amazing to watch the positive impact it has on the rest of its marketing efforts.”

What Software Tools/Apps Does Lost Media Group Use At Your Agency?

Lost Media Group realizes the importance of staying up to date on the latest and greatest tools. Some of the tools they use for their day-to-day tasks include the following:

  • HubSpot for marketing automation and attribution
  • Google Analytics & Google Tag Manager for analytics and tracking,
  • Google Workspace/Microsoft 365 for team collaboration
  • Todoist, and JIRA for project management
  • SEMrush for SEM/SEO and competitive research
  • for content creation
  • Pitch for presentations

How Cloudways Has Contributed to Life Media Group’s Success

When we asked Lost Media Group how we helped in contributing to their wins, they had only good words to say about our hosting services.

“Finding fast, affordable hosting that comes with the latest technology AND doesn’t require you to be a server admin to get great performance can be tough for small ecommerce businesses. Most end up on shared hosting with poor performance or try to host themselves creating all sorts of security and maintenance headaches that detract from their core focus of running a business. Since moving both our own websites and our client’s websites to Cloudways we’ve been able to check all the boxes.”

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Life Media Group’s Tip for Success for Those Who Want to Start a New Agency

The digital marketing agency stresses upon building a team of people who enjoy working together, solving problems, and helping others. It then suggests giving this team access to a pipeline of businesses with problems worth solving, and you’ll be well on your way to running a successful agency.

A Quote That Best Resonates With Life Media Group’s Success Story

“What the world needs is for businesses that contribute real value to stop losing to better-funded competition just because they can’t communicate their offer effectively. They say hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard. We say smart beats money when money isn’t smart.”

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Shoaib Israr

Shoaib is a passionate digital marketer who believes creativity is everything. His interests lie in content, digital marketing and he loves to help agency and ecommerce business owners in growing and expanding their businesses. In his free time, Shoaib loves to play football or binge-watch some interesting shows on Netflix.


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