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Agency Spotlight: How’s Sense of Curiosity Kept it on the Cutting-Edge for Decades

June 21, 2021

3 Min Read
Each Life is a full-service media agency for serious business owners, artists, and entrepreneurs, with a range of services spanning from brand development and marketing to video and audio production, from analog to digital.

Beginning in the late 90’s, it started creating websites with HTML, Flash, and then WordPress. Throughout its lifespan, sustained a combined interest in digital media, design and communication. As they put it, “You have to be a geek for new technologies to succeed, right?” It’s exactly this sense of curiosity that’s kept on the cutting-edge for decades at this point.’s Evolving Niche specializes in WordPress development and video production, having learned to use the platform from the ground up. The founders have been avid musicians since their childhoods, with an outspoken love for working with, and for, music artists; in their words, “new creative possibilities are what keep us motivated and inspired.”

Other than that, also offers web hosting services with every website they develop.

The Challenges They Faced

To, the challenge is making sure they’re up to date with an industry that is constantly evolving with new technologies and methods and has very aggressive competition. “You have to constantly implement and test options that come out, from software to hardware. You have to stay knowledgeable with mail subscriptions and online groups; real conversations at conventions and meet-ups when possible.”

The company points to web design as a simple example of this. In the course of the last 20 years, they went from designing sites using HTML and Flash to WordPress with Elementor.

The team also remembers one especially challenging project for in Switzerland. one-group is a premier pan-European relocation organization with several European partners. The challenge arose from working with each logistics partner from each country to collect and add info to their page on the website. “This was also the first time we had to expand our team temporarily to get the job done on time. We learned that without a clear and clean process and routine, projects can be difficult to complete. Teamwork is key! agency’s Biggest Achievement so Far

According to the agency, their success story is not an overnight one, which is why building a network of individuals and agencies is what they regard as their biggest achievement. Building up a client base through recommendations, and working for them on a rotating basis, is another feather in their hat. As they say, “It takes years for this to happen. Sometimes partnerships don’t always work and you have to start from new. The saying that when one door closes, another one opens, is almost always true.”’s Recipe for Success follows a simple ethos in its operations, and it seems to have worked through the years.

Stay connected. Always have open conversations. Every new client is a potential repeater. If you do your work right and make the client happy, they will almost always recommend you.”

The agency also points to its choice of agency tools and apps for its smooth operations. For instance, they use Notion for the project and team management.We have found that this app is most useful for us since it is extremely customizable.” Since 2009, they’ve been using WordPress, and Elementor page-builder since 2017. They use Adobe products for all things visual,as we have been using them since when Dreamweaver and Flash were still popular.”

For web hosting, “of course, Cloudways, after having been through just about every other hosting provider. We firmly believe we have finally found a home.”

How Cloudways Contributed to’s Success

Before joining the Cloudways platform, had worked with other providers. But none seemed to offer the flexibility and resources they needed. “Even the good ones did not match up, with outdated or complicated methods deploying websites. Truth is, there are not very many great hosting providers out there. Or even friendly ones.”

Things changed almost immediately when they switched to Cloudways. “With the Cloudways system, we were and are able to increase sales more rapidly. You never have too many overhead costs or not enough space. You always get what you pay for. And with this comfort, you feel great selling more and faster. Each Cloudways account grows with your business.’s Tips for Success

“Don’t expect too much too fast. Always deliver quality over quantity. We tend to treat each project as our own and since we are perfectionists who don’t stop until 100% satisfied our finished projects come out that way that makes our clients 100% satisfied as well. Nothing is for nothing and every one counts!”

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Arsalan Sajid

Arsalan, a Digital Marketer by profession, works as a Startups and Digital Agencies Community Manager at Cloudways. He loves all things entrepreneurial and wakes up every day with the desire to enable the dreams of aspiring entrepreneurs through his work!


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