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Top 6 Free, Open Source Project Management Software for Web Agencies

Updated on August 17, 2021

6 Min Read

There are small projects. There are large projects. There are multifaceted projects. There are complex and complicated projects. Organizations, especially the web agencies working out there in the mainstream technology market tend to take each task—whether big or small—as a project.

Open Source Project Management Software

Managing a project irrespective of its size is a tricky call in itself. Take any project, it is a fact that you need to have time, resources, and above all a dedicated team to get it completed within the due deadline. Keeping in view the dimensional complexity and conceptual divergence that many project managers face while handling a project, it can be said that it’s tough being project manager.

If plans and strategies are not aligned properly to meet a particular project’s implementation goals, then you will have to face the brunt of failure. And mind you, nobody loves to fail, especially when it comes to project management.

Let’s make the project manager’s life easy. Here, in this blog, I will briefly describe about free, open-source project management software that businesses including web agencies can utilize to their advantage. These software can help web development and web design agencies save precious time, cost, and above all the all important resources.

Bitrix 24

If you are managing your projects on a cloud-based infrastructure, then Bitrix 24 is the best choice for you. It is a multifaceted software aimed at making your tasks effortlessly easier. Bitrix 24 is a project management software that you can use to efficiently manage your cloud related web projects. With ever-increasing competition within the web development industry, Bitrix is just behind BaseCamp, the most popular project management software.

One of the biggest advantages of Bitrix 24 is that you can either self host the software on cloud  infrastructure, or you can host the software on the company’s traditional hosting server.

With Bitrix 24 you get tools to monitor your project management progress in real time. You can also use this software to generate Gantt Charts. This software helps you to manage and plan employee workload effectively. It also offers you layered task options to manage your project without any hassle.

You can also communicate with your project team members via the Bitrix 24 software. It offers an instant messenger where you can chat, start video conferencing with your team members.

With Bitrix 24, you get 5GB of cloud storage for free for easy document sharing. That’s simply incredible. You can use this software as an alternative to Dropbox. With so many advantages, Bitrix is the go-to software for you. You can also upgrade Bitrix 24 for $39 per month for the Plus Plan and $99 per month for the Standard plan. The self-hosted version is a bit costly for small startups. You better go for free cloud-based version.

For more information, visit Bitrix 24.


Behind the development of Trello is none other than the former vice president of Toyota, Taiichi Ohno. It is absolutely free of cost, so you don’t have to pay anything. This project management software uses Kanban method that helps small businesses to keep a close eye on the progress of the ongoing project in real time.

One of the best advantages of Trello is that it gives you a visual representation of the project during the development phase. Right from the beginning till the end, you can keep a complete track record of the project itself. Trello provides you with intuitive cards with complete project related information at the backend.

With this information available, you can easily gauge the performance of the project, what’s the next project in line, who is involved in the current project and the current state of the project.

For more information, visit Trello.

2-Plan Project Management Software

Well, the 2-Plan Project Management Software offers you a 3-in-1 package. You, being a project manager, can use 2-Plan Desktop, 2-Plan Team, and Work 2-gether features to develop, design, and control your projects.

The 2-Plan Desktop is a complete project management system that helps you create innovative projects using graphics and animated tools such as WBS. You can also develop project milestones. You can also use top-down and bottom-up planning approach for your project via the 2-Plan Desktop. You can also develop project control systems while using the desktop version.

The 2-Plan Team is a master stroke in this software. With it, you can coordinate with your project team members at any instant. If they are stationed outside the project site, you can use the 2-Plan Team feature effectively to communicate with off-campus members.

The Work 2-gether is a task management board that helps you carry out small projects with ease. It works fittingly well for 1-team projects. It is powered by Kanban system.  

There are some limitations you have to live with when using Work2-gether. It supports only three-member project team that can use only two task boards for free. The pro-plan comes with a price tag of $15 though. With too many features, it sometimes becomes overwhelming to handle for extensive projects.

For more information, visit 2-Plan.


With more than 40,000 customers and 400,000  users, Asana is one of the most popular and most commonly used project management software available within the marketplace. It’s absolutely free of cost and works fittingly well for a project team of 15 members.

Asana is the brainchild of Dustin Moskovitz, who is the co-founder of Facebook. Therefore, the simplicity, the elegance, and the user-friendliness that are the hallmarks of Asana is credited to his innovative yet simplistic approach in developing a project management software like Asana.

With Asana, project managers can keep track of their projects without any fuss. It also helps real time interaction between project team members. It also gives you the opportunity to visualize your project goals and assign priority to your project related tasks.

You also are entitled to get updates about the ongoing project in real time. It also provides you with a calendar function that gives you an insight into the graphs about the projects within an interactive dashboard.

Asana has limited features as compared to Bitrix 24  and Trello. You can not use this software for offline activities. The premium package is paid, that varies with the number of team members involved in a project. If you have a 15-member team, Asana’s basic dashboard is free with unlimited tasks and projects. For teams with 16 or more members you are charged with $8.33 per head.

For more information, visit Asana.

Gantt Project

The Gantt Project is a project management software that is being compared with Microsoft Project due to its extensive features  and the level of complexity that it offers. It helps you in scheduling your tasks prior to the deadline.

With Gantt Project, you can generate real time Gantt charts and PERT charts highlighting the overall workflow of the projects. Simply put, you can create a structured schedules for your projects.

You can generate project reports in multiple formats including PDF and HTML, so you don’t have to write HTML code for your projects. This software also helps project managers to identify loopholes during the development of the workflow for a particular project.

If you are new to project management, don’t jump onto the Gantt Project instantly, because it requires proficiency in project handling and management. It sometimes becomes too overwhelming for small businesses to manage projects on Gantt Project due to its complexity.

If you are looking for any support regarding the implementation and functionality of this project management software, you will have search out for forums. There are only a limited number of forums available.

For more information, visit Gantt.


Producteev is one-of-its-kind project management software that offers unlimited features, free of cost.

One of the best things you get with Producteev is the personalized support. It also comes with integrated Outlook and visual customizations for your projects.

With Producteev, you can develop multiple task lists related to project. It also provides you the opportunity to communicate with your project team members in real time. You can also keep track of your overall project’s progress. You are also entitled to transform emails into tasks and include them in task lists with just a few clicks. Project managers can also measure results of the projects during the development.

You can also categorize or filter out tasks on the basis of due date, people involved, time required, status, and priority. One of the best things is that Producteev provides you the ability to share your documents and files just like in Dropbox.

The time tracking feature is not that sophisticated in Producteev. The integrated billing software is a big low point for Producteev.

For more information, visit Producteev.


Collaborate, Track, Win. This tagline fits Mingle really well. It is a project management software that provides you the opportunity to generate and keep track of basic and advanced project management reports.

One of the best advantages of using Mingle is that you don’t need any excel worksheets. You can develop your customized project reports with Mingle Query Language.

With Mingle you get a host of pre-defined templates, drag & drop column functionality, and custom-made cards for your projects. It facilitates multiple team working environment. It also helps you project visibility and project forecasting. And one thing more! If your team consists of five members, you can use Mingle for free.

For more information, visit Mingle.

Wrapping Up

I have included only six of the free and open source project management software in this blog. There are many more. It is by no means an exhaustive list. Feel free to share your suggestions if you know about more free and open source project management software in the comments section below.

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Zain Imran

Zain Imran is a Digital Content Producer at Cloudways. He is an engineer and loves to learn about technologies. He is a sports and fitness freak.


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