Supporting entrepreneurship beyond borders.

Why Support Entrepreneurship?

Cloudways started with humble beginnings around 4 years ago when three budding entrepreneurs decided to take their passion to the next level. With high hopes and genuine energy to venture into the emerging IT trend – cloud computing, Cloudways was able to grow rapidly and develop an impressive global clientele, with a substantial turnover. We understand the impact of powerful ideas and passionate entrepreneurship first hand. With the same spirit, as part of our new year's resolution, we've decided to support entrepreneurs and help them realize their dreams. Therefore, Cloudways has pledged to donate 1% of all new business towards our cause.

Our CSR Partner - ZIDISHA

Since the industry we're in has made geography irrelevant, we decided to apply the same concept in our contributions by crossing the European border and helping independent entrepreneurs who can not only bring their dreams into fruition, but make a significant contribution to their own community. We're please to have partnered with a leading nonprofit P2P microfinance internet platform, ZIDISHA to help us in our efforts. What appealed to us about ZIDISHA is the transparency in their operations and fund management cycle. We can select and make our contributions directly to the entrepreneurs who can earn a decent, sustainable income. By removing any middle men, and thus additional overheads, ZIDISHA has made a truly remarkable contribution in its own domain.

The Zidisha Way!

We're really excited with our partnership and have an optimistic outlook to help as many entrepreneurs as we can, since every little contribution counts.

  • Pere Hospital
  • CTO and Board Member
  • Cloudways Ltd.

Zidisha Key Stats

  • Loans raised by ZidishaUSD 850,378
  • Businesses financed by Zidisha1515
  • Number of registered lenders2,590
  • Number of registered borrowers1,363
  • Countries represented by Zidisha members88
  • TeamJulia Kurnia , Director
    Kara Kaminski, Portfolio Analyst
  • Time since Cloudways has been contributing932 days

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