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PHP Community Executive

Location: Karachi

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Job Summary:

A Community Ambassador is the representative of Cloudways in online communities and social networks.  He is responsible to talk with potential customers, industry influencers and relevant audience on the digital medium via social media and blogging. His main objective is to grow a network of people around him and Cloudways. The Community Ambassador needs to be tech and digital savvy individual with an energetic and outgoing personality with strong communication, public relation management and technical writing skills. He should have a knack to test, learn and experiment with new features related to web development and the Cloudways platform.  

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

A basic day to day routine of Community Ambassador will be as follows.  1- Stay updated on industry news. (web development, hosting, social media marketing) 2- Be helpful in assigned social media groups and forums 3- Research and produce assigned technical content, based on strategy. 4- Look for guest blogging opportunities.  5- Track competitors and promote Cloudways where relevant.  6- Conduct interviews of industry influencers. 7- Make connections, brand your profile and invite people to test Cloudways 8- Study Cloudways features and test them out. 9- Study, experiment and discover new areas in web development and hosting industry.  


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