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Chief Content Officer

Location: Remote

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Reports To:

Chief Marketing Officer, others as required

Job Overview:

The Chief Content Officer oversees all content initiatives, both internal and external, across multiple platforms and formats to drive sales, engagement, retention, leads and positive customer behaviour. This content includes marketing materials, website, customer support, knowledge base articles and call centre activity.

This individual is an expert in all things related to content and channel optimization, brand consistency. The position collaborates with the marketing, sales, product, brand and customer service departments.

The position would suit someone happy to work independently and is primarily a remote role however regular international travel, primarily to Pakistan, is a part of the job.

Responsibilities and Duties:

The job of the Chief Content Officer is to think like a journalist, leading the development of content initiatives in all forms to drive new and current business. This includes:

Success Criteria:

The Chief Content Officer is measured on the continual improvement of customer experience across website, support documents, call centre interactions and all online and offline customer engagements. Success criteria include:

Experience and Education Required:

Skills Required:

The Chief Content Officer requires a combination of marketing and publishing mindset, with the most important aspect being to think “customer first”. In essence, this person is the corporate storyteller that must be empathetic toward the pain points of the customer. Specific skills required include:

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