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Director of Data Insights

Location: Pakistan

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Cloudways Software Engineering teams design, build and deliver products that are critical for the success of small businesses and digital agencies. Our rapidly growing base of customers and applications means we must deliver solutions capable of serving the rapidly increasing scale of Cloudways’ business. Our products and services encompass a range of solutions to help our customers achieve their business goals of growth and reach, and serve as a foundation for the future. We are seeking a Director of Data Insights who has a passion for data, machine learning and visualization to lead a team of data scientists and data engineers focused on 2 main areas:  First, building a predictive and proactive system to optimize performance, availability and capacity of the Cloudways infrastructure that supports our customers applications.  Second, provide customer facing business insights and recommendations to help our customers optimize both their web site performance and the business impact of their digital presence.  This team will work cross-functionally across our organization from our devops team to UX design to Marketing to our CEO and to everyone in between.  



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