Cloudways Web Hosting Affiliate Program

Where all your efforts are rewarded, thanks to the three flexible commission payout models with the highest payouts and lifetime recurring commissions.

Earn $150/sale

That’s not All

Get $100 instant bonus and $25 free hosting credits.


High Paying Commission

We offer industry-best affiliate commission among all web hosting programs.


Earn at Your Pace

You are a SUPER affiliate? Our customized affiliate commission structure will keep you on the top-earning tier.


Low Customer Churn

Leverage Cloudways to accelerate your passive income with a lifetime recurring commission model.


Dedicated Affiliate Support

Dedicated account managers and resources to make sure you earn high commission regularly.

Choose How You Wish To Earn

The only web hosting affiliate program that lets you decide the way you earn

Performance-based Slabs

Earn up to $125 per sale based on the Performance Slabs

Instant Commissions

Get high commission instantly on every customer you refer. The more you refer the more you earn.

Flexible Models

Flexibility to move to Hybrid or Custom Plan at any time so no lock-ins.

Double Your Earnings

Bring sales regularly and be a part of high incentives and bonus campaigns.

Earning with Consistency

Take advantage if you are an affiliate who can bring customers with consistency.

Works best for

Performance marketers, bloggers & media publishers

Lifetime Commissions

Earn $30 per sale + 7% lifetime commission

Flexible Models

Flexibility to move to Slab or Custom Plan at anytime

Double Your Earnings

Bring sales regularly and be a part of high incentives and bonus campaigns.

Leverage High Retention

Earn recurring payouts as long as your referred users stay with us

Value for money

Refer customers with high hosting spending and get rewarded for a lifetime.

Works Best For

Ideal for bloggers, developers, freelancers, & digital agencies

Estimate your Monthly Earnings

The more customers you refer, the higher you would earn


Per Sale


Total Estimated Earning

SLAB 1 1-5
SLAB 2 6-20
SLAB 3 21-45
SLAB 4 46-80
Super Affiliate +80
Number of Customers

Estimated First 12 months Earnings

Earn a passive income of $1500/mo for the lifetime of your
users with our industry beating churn rate of under 3%

Jan 2018$00
Feb 2018$00
March 2018$00
April 2018$00
May 2018$00
June 2018$00
July 2018$00
Aug 2018$00
Sep 2018$00
Oct 2018$00
Nov 2018$00
Dec 2018$00
Dec 2018$00

per Month earnings


per Year earnings

Become an Affiliate in Three Simple Steps

You don’t need to fill long forms either wait for any approval call. Join the Cloudways affiliate program flawlessly.

Earn $150/sale
  • Join

    Sign up for our Cloudways account and fill in the required details to access your affiliate panel.

  • Promote

    Create affiliate links using our promotional banners, exclusive deals, and seasonal campaigns.

  • Earn

    Earn high paying commissions based on the efforts you put into your chosen affiliate plan.

High Paying Affiliate Program That Guarantees Success

Expert guidance and convenience-focused resources at every stage of your affiliate journey.

Dedicated Affiliate Managers

Our dedicated affiliate managers walk you through every step of the cloud affiliate program. We will answer any questions you may have and give you access to expert guidance.

Affiliate-friendly Tracking System

Our Affiliate cookie lasts for 90 days as we make sure all your sales are properly tracked and you receive the full return for your efforts.

Learn Affiliate marketing

The best hosting affiliate program that equips you with various resources including our onboarding emails and guides, monthly newsletters, blogs, and benchmark articles.

Detailed Performance Reporting

Access performance reports in your affiliate panel to evaluate the impact and success of your marketing campaigns and affiliate strategies.

Efficient Tracking System

Track different marketing campaigns and channels through advanced affiliates tracking tools such as postback URL and SUBid tracking that let you analyze the ROI of your marketing efforts.

Custom Promotion Offers

Get customized offers, landing pages, and promotional banners to scale your affiliate marketing efforts.

Why Promote Cloudways

We are uniquely positioned to offer the best web hosting affiliate program with the highest conversion rates!

Freedom of Choice

Ample cloud hosting flexibility with 5 industry-leading infrastructures and the ability to launch unlimited applications without going into any contract.

Optimized Performance

Breakneck speeds with top-tier technologies and optimized stack paired with Cloudflare enterprise for superior performance.

24/7 Expert Support

Managed support through live chat, ticketing system, along with our active community and knowledge base.


Hassle-free cloud hosting with our 1-Click functionality for managed app migration and managed server and data security.

Claim your $300 worth Joining Offer today!

  • Get $100 Instant Reward
  • $25 Free Hosting Credits
  • Earn $150/ sale in the first month

How Affiliates See Cloudways

The best hosting affiliate program that ensures success for our partners.

Frequently Asked Questions

All slabs are reset on the 1st of each month. For instance, if you reach slab 3 by the end of the first month, the slab will automatically reset to slab 1 on the 1st of the second month.

For this, log in to your Cloudways affiliate account, go to Commission Structure drop-down menu (available in the affiliate profile form) and select your desired structure. Once done, click the update button to save the changes. Note that these changes will be applicable from the start of the following month.

Anyone can join the Cloudways Affiliate Program. You will need to create an account with Cloudways and then register to “become an affiliate.” You can then fill your affiliate profile form from your Cloudways account.

We do allow our Affiliates to run PPC Campaigns with a few restrictions. All affiliates have to include “Cloudways” in their negative keyword list and ensure they don’t bid directly on our Brand keywords, also known as TM (Trademark) Bidding. You cannot bid on keywords and phrases containing the “Cloudways” trademark, or variations or misspellings of the trademarked term on Pay per Click or Pay per Impression campaigns on the search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN, Ask, Bing, or others) without our prior approval. You are not allowed to use the Cloudways Website(s) as a display URL in PPC ads and to direct-link or redirect to the Cloudways website(s) without our prior approval.

The Reports tab in the Affiliate Panel will give you a comprehensive overview of your sales and earnings. Go to Reports, then click on “Quick Stats.” You will see the Number of Sales mentioned within.In case you have referred someone through your affiliate link and cannot find them in your affiliate panel, just email us appropriate evidence (along with the email address the referral used for sign-up) that our affiliate management team can evaluate. Once they give the go-ahead, the referral will be reflected in your affiliate panel.

The signup transaction is approved when the referred customer has upgraded the account to full by authorizing his billing details and paid at least two full invoices. If the referred customer is on trial and has not upgraded the account, you will receive no commissions for that referral.

You can contact us via our 24/7 Live Chat or send an email to our Affiliate Support team at [email protected]

Yes, you can add the affiliate earnings to your Cloudways funds. For this, login to your Cloudways affiliate account and update the payment method to “Funds Transfer” in the Affiliate Profile form. Please note that the minimum threshold for funds transfer is $100 approved commission. This is processed along with payouts.

Your affiliate commission is paid via PayPal once your monthly earnings reach $250 (approved commission). If you hit this threshold, your earnings will be transferred before the 10th of the month. For this, login to your Cloudways affiliate account and update the payout method to “Paypal” along with Paypal email address in the Affiliate Profile form. We also send payments via Wire Transfer (only available for accounts earning $1000 approved commission or more per payout cycle). To set up the Wire Transfer account, contact us via our 24/7 Live Chat or send an email to our Affiliate Support team.

READY to Start Your Affiliate Journey with Cloudways?

Join now and get an instant $100 bonus and earn $150 per sale instead of default commission rates.


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For 4 Months &
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