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20 WordPress Thought Leaders Tell Why You Should Attend WordCamps!

November 17, 2014

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WordPress is my career, passion, and best part of life and if I were to marry, I would do it at a WordCamp, the flagship event of WordPress community.

WordCamp events have great significance in the industry. Bloggers, developers, and consultants love to join these conferences as they have become the real force behind the progress of the WordPress community. These conferences (or comparatively smaller WordPress Meetups) help people to meet and share their ideas, suggestions, and experiences. Starting from San Francisco in 2006, there are more than 300 WordCamps held in 172 cities of 48 countries located across the 6 continents of the world.

Being engaged in the WordPress Community, I found out that many of my connections are attending these events on regular basis. I have conducted a series of interviews with the WordPress influencers. In these interviews, I have asked them about the importance of attending WordCamps. The response was really overwhelming.

In this post, I have curated their comments about attending these WordCamps. Happy reading!

Oh yeah, we have done many WordPress interviews over the past few months. So, do check ’em out.

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Waseem Abbas

Waseem Abbas was WordPress Community Manager at Cloudways. He loves to help people with their WordPress worries. He is a self-proclaimed "food explorer".

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