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5 Tremendous WordPress Plugins For A/B Testing

March 19, 2014

4 Min Read
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We all love delicious cupcakes. Don’t we? They are small bundles of joy. Cupcakes are one of the most consumed edible products around the world. Making cupcakes is easy. What about marketing them! Well, marketing an edible product—as famous as a cupcake—is not easy. You will have to face stiff competition from the potential businesses involved in making and marketing cupcakes. You have to consider the psychology of the customers. Different customers love different types of cupcakes. So, you have to market them with a variety of tastes.

We all know that there is a lot of research involved behind the marketing philosophy of an established firm. The testing procedure continues all the way throughout the final release of the product. Now turn to the extravagant world of technology. The swashbuckling changes keep the IT firms on their toes. Think about a situation, where your company is preparing a website on WordPress. However, you are not sure about the design. What will happen? You can trust your intuition and go with the planned design (bad idea!) or check what works the best for your customers with A/B split testing.

Why do A/B testing?

It is a good practice to launch a website (or certain webpages) in different versions—version A or version B—for different set of customers. This is just like testing the flavors of the icing on your cupcakes. You need to know what works for your customers.

It is a fact that periodic split testing holds the key to successful web designs. But, no one wants to get involved in testing procedure because it sounds very fussy.

WordPress AB Testing Plugins

Well, the problem is solved. In this blog, you will read about some of the most useful WordPress plugins that facilitate split A/B testing for websites.

Simple Page Tester

Testing process usually requires us to make changes in the code of your website. What if you want to split-test your website without bothering to change the code? Don’t worry! We have a very good plugin for you.

A stitch in time saves nine! The Simple Page Tester plugin does just that for you. Once installed, you do not have to worry about the code. One of the most important advantages of Simple Page Tester plugin is that it fully supports Google Analytics. This gives you the freedom to keep a track of your testing results.

With this plugin, you can split test your website through a step-by-step procedure without damaging other resources or code of your program. By using this plugin, you can easily decide the version of your website, webpage, or landing page which you should present to your esteemed clients. It means once testing is complete you can automatically morph the desired page into your master page. Believe me it saves a lot of your time. However, this comes with a one-time small fee.


Google Content Experiment Plugin

Through Google Analytics, you can implement A/B testing on your website. However, WordPress users sometimes run into difficulties. By using Google Content Experiments plugin, you can do it easily on your WordPress websites.

Make sure you read the installation guide, so as to understand that your theme supports the functionality of the plugin. Furthermore, this plugin only works on WordPress 3.4 or higher. Best of all, it works for free!



Do you want to improve the performance of your WordPress website? If yes, then you should configure your website to use Optimizely. This WordPress-plugin-based service facilitates the A/B split testing of your website. By using this plugin, you can create interactive interface to connect with your valued customers without any hassle.

It means that you can easily view the conversion pattern of your website. You can easily test different aspects of your WordPress design without worrying a lot about the code. Once you get findings from the A/B test, you can put the successful variation for all users until it is coded into the final iteration of webpage. In order to make this plugin work, you need to subscribe to the service.


Split Test Dynamo

The Split Test Dynamo works like a Software-as-a-Service. While the plugin is “free after social share”, the other services may cost you a one-time or monthly fee. The best thing about Split Test Dynamo is that it allows both split and template testing. This means you have the option to either change the content of the page or use a different layout all together. You can also get instant user feedback while split testing your website.


Nelio A/B Testing

Like many others, Nelio A/B Testing is a WordPress plugin which comes with paid service. However, it provides excellent tracking records of A/B-testing experiments inside the WordPress dashboard itself. It allows you to test different elements of your WordPress website. Furthermore, you get heatmaps!! Now, how cool is that!


Do A/B Testing With Speed?

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Salman Mehdi

Salman Mehdi works as Digital Content Producer for Cloudways. In his spare time, he reads books, blog posts, or anything that catches his fancy.

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