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How Does AI Affect Web Development and WordPress Website Building?

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Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are WireDelta’s own and do not reflect the official policy of Cloudways.

AI has become a mainstream business tool in many industries. From commercial banking to R&D, AI has simplified and streamlined processes on all levels. In fact, AI is also a key player in sectors where it is hard to imagine the use cases of AI based tools and platforms. Web development and design is one such area where AI is doing wonders.

Here are six ways in which how AI affect the web design, development and and UI/UX industries:

Improved KB Access (and CS)

A chatbot is the now used as the initial customer service rep that filters the common customer queries. Wiredelta provides an AI assistant that specializes in answering questions about web development and web design for WordPress and other CMS platforms.

This way customers who visit Wiredelta’s website building platform can easily access the extensive knowledge base through the chatbot. As the chatbot interacts with users, it learns from the requests and preferences of the users and improves its behavior. The more queries the chatbot receives the smarter it becomes. Visitors ask the same question in several variations. By adding these variations to the AI interface, the chatbot is able to offer better accuracy in the answers.

Improved Website Conversion Rate

There are multiple ways in which chatbots could add value to your business. One important way is through a messenger chatbot (for instance, based on Facebook messenger) on the website’s product pages. As potential customers interact with the chatbot, you can get to know a lot about customer demands and related data on user requirements and expectations.

In case of Wiredelta, the messenger bot can ask customers their intentions (in many cases, building a new website). They can choose to build the website with a template, from scratch or get a custom project created by developers. During the interactions, the chatbot could discover the users’ budgets and then categorize customers based on their preferences and project requirements.

Using a personal assistant for building a website and measuring the needs of the customers is a great tool for improving conversion rate.

Use AI to Build a WordPress Website

Already, several companies are working on offering website building services based on AI algorithms. Wiredelta is one of these names that plans to use AI based WordPress development based on the commands of the visitors. The process will add functionalities to specific parts of the website.

WordPress is one of the most popular CMS used by more than one-quarter of all websites on the world wide web. This number could be significantly increased if the process could be automated through AI based user commands.

Wiredelta’s major objective is to make the AI developer that is able to create a website from start to finish on its own and disrupt the web development industry by making it possible for anybody to build a WordPress website in a simple, easy and convenient way.

Automating Design by AI Theme Recognition

As Wiredelta’s AI developer is already capable of assisting in setting up a WordPress website and provide support for users, the next step is to automate the design processes. In order to do that, Wiredelta is developing an AI theme recognition feature, which would recognize any WordPress theme. The user could provide a URL or a screenshot of a website, right into the chat window of the AI developer. By scanning a lot of websites, and training the visual recognition feature of the AI using a convoluted neural net, it will be able to identify the WordPress themes.

This will save a lot of time for developers who, at present, have to wade through thousands of theme options. Designers and developers could simply choose a website that is the most appealing to them, send it to the AI developer, and get the closest theme match for their query in a couple of minutes.

In order to make it possible Wiredelta launched a Kickstarter campaign, which you can support by following this link.

Adaptive Website Design

Websites now collect a lot of user data that is then used to present information in the most appropriate structure and through the most suitable content type and formats. This greatly personalizes the user experience and the website/platform is better able to fulfill customers’ needs.

From the user interaction data, machine learning process could isolate and identify patterns and traits that best result in the conversion. These patterns are then collected into models, that can be used for the user classification. As a result, these differently categorized user models will see different designs tailored for them, based on their interactions. This process is kind of similar to A/B testing, but with a more structured and data-oriented approach.

AI Plugins for WordPress

As you probably know by now, there are several AI WordPress plugins available, that use machine learning algorithms. But what is the difference between these plugins and their non-intelligent counterpart?

Usually, these AI plugins simplify the process, that would be otherwise executed by a person, in effect improving the automation of the tasks. These tasks could include customer service, first response and personalization of the online experience. Security is another area that greatly benefits from these AI based plugins that identify suspicious files and activities on the website. Task automation can include relevant content curation or even content creation by AI plugins.

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