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WordCamp Charleston 2014: Highlights From An Event Apart

Updated on  19th May

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WordPress WordCamp Charleston

To organize a WordCamp, you have to build a strong team of volunteers who would love to work for your WordCamp. Many WordPress lovers are always ready to volunteer for such big “conferences”.

But, the main attraction of a WordCamp event is its speakers.

WordCamp Charleston speakers

The day started at the College of Charleston with the first presentation by Suzette Franck at 9 AM. The house was full of people and I started following WordCamp Charleston on Twitter using #wcchs hashtag. Throughout the event, the speakers shared a lot of great things.

Keynotes from few speakers

Suzette Franck (@mt_Suzette)

  • Don’t search for “Free WordPress Themes”. Results can contain malware.
  • Don’t access your admin panel from public WiFi. Never!

Joe Casabona (@jcasabona)

  • The web is all about openness, unless you’re the FCC, then it’s all about making a ton of money.
  • Over a billion dollars of business was done on mobile on Black Friday, last year.

Shauna Mackenzie (@MsShaunaMack)

  • Become an expert among your peers just as much as among your clients.
  • People will pay for convenience.

David Laietta (@davidlaietta)

  • I think most sidebars on websites are pointless.

Tony Perez (@perezbox)

  • Half the attackers getting arrested through Europe are between 15 and 18 years old. They’re just bored kids!

And, when Andrew Nacin enters the hall.

And, then Andrew shared these beauties with us.

Andrew Nacin (@nacin)

  • We owe it 100 percent to the internet to be secure.
  • A little elf at night working on your website. (He meant that the WordPress development team work late hours to ensure that your website gives the best user experience.)

Though, I was not in Charleston SC, but I had a lot of good time by following it on Twitter. When the great guys saw my engagement at WordCamp Charleston, the #wcchs officials tweeted to me:

In the end, we should not forget the great team of WCCHS volunteers.

So, what’s next?

Look into our WordCamp infographic for your upcoming destinations. Tell us where you are going for your next WordCamp in the comments section below. I hope to meet you guys somewhere in the world.

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Waseem Abbas was WordPress Community Manager at Cloudways. He loves to help people with their WordPress worries. He is a self-proclaimed "food explorer".

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