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Will Cloud Controlling ensure 100% Service Level?

Updated on  25th November

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Controlling and monitoring cloud is as challenging as migrating entire data on it. However, with growing Internet popularity, cloud concept is also on the verge of evolving. Several organizations avail managed cloud services for lessening down their burden of hardware and software tools in their in-house IT premises.

Now, there have been several researches in the past few years to create and bring forward new cloud control techniques so that business operations can run smoothly and with ease.

Despite ongoing researches and advancements, the possible outcomes that came out were productive and equally profitable for both organizations as well as cloud providers. You must be wondering what these mechanisms are. Let us find out more.

Controlling CloudCloud Controlling

  • Foremost thing that needs to be taken care of when setting up a cloud of your own or hiring managed cloud services from a reputed cloud provider is to create an efficient Alert System. Now, these alert systems should be well-defined in order to cover all the variables that form cloud. These variables are nothing but factors concerning overload on the server, monitoring your Cloud’s performance or deploying more servers etc among others. Let us explain this point with an example:

Suppose ABC Inc. plans to create its own cloud. Now, despite having profound knowledge about the entire cloud computing and its managed services, the company forgets to create an Alert System. Now, when a cloud is running without a respective alert system, the chances for it to crash or going down increases. The similar thing happened with ABC Inc as well. Because, the cloud server required to expand and was not looked after, it crashed. End result was huge monetary losses with immense waste of time. Thus, creating an efficient alert system is very much needed to run the cloud smoothly.

  • Compliance management is the next factor that needs to be considered to control the cloud effectively. For this, your cloud management infrastructure should be functional and ready to handle any kind of unpredictable fallacy.
  • Designing a disaster recovery and backup plan is a must to monitor and manage cloud in the efficient way possible. Role of disaster recovery is simply to restore back data at the time of any third party attack. However, backup is necessary to keep a track of everything that is stored on cloud.
  • Although, effective and efficient monitoring and controlling of cloud requires professionally sound and talented people, their urge to deliver cloud services with agility is more important than just being supervising cloud 24*7 and round the clock.

CloudWays Control and Monitor your Cloud

With CloudWays, you can be rest assured of the data that is stored on cloud. Their managed cloud services are designed in such way that users need not worry of their daily work tasks or even data that they have stored on the cloud. Agile development, Integrated and well-defined cloud services are some of the several characteristics of associating with them.

When your cloud is monitored in a well-defined environment, positive things that organizations experience are:

  • Highly Scalable and Green Environment. When scalability improves, the next thing that gets affected is productivity levels.
  • An Up-time of approximately 99.99%. If downtime problems gets reduced to that percentage there will be a better coordination amongst employees of an organization and work done will be at a faster pace.
  • Load balancing is tackled efficiently.
  • Disaster recovery plan also helps to scale up production levels and preventing the company from facing bankruptcy kind of thing.

Thus, controlling and monitoring cloud is very essential. If proper plans and strategies are not laid out, your cloud will be just a vague thing that will not hold any importance. The above mentioned factors forms the basis of cloud computing and its managed services, so consider each one of them deeply so that you enjoy a profitable and well synchronized business environment while also gaining worldwide popularity.

See how CloudWays and Its Managed Cloud Services work to improve your cloud security, scalability, reliability and up-time.

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