Cloud IDE: Why will it become the preferred platform for developers

by Mehdi KaramAli  July 26, 2013

Cloud computing is quickly and firmly making its roots stronger in every aspect of technology. Many of the IT related tools that once rested on our hard drives and in-house servers have now moved towards cloud environment. Yet there are millions of developers who are still using desktop based IDEs to code their applications. But will this continue for long? We have more than 10 amazing Cloud Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) and with their amazing features, they will soon be the choice of most developers. Not just they will be coding in the cloud, but will also deploy, test and debug their applications in the same environment.


What the Cloud offers to desktop coders:

Over the last decade, application development has reached a new level. The desktop and CPU based model does not have the capacity to cope up with the pace and efficiency present developers want. These limitations are truly covered by cloud and the online IDE provides the obvious benefits including:

#1- Easy to configure environment:

The desktop based environment is based upon the idea of ‘mini’ data center. Developers have to create environments from scratch once they are done buying and downloading the required software. Only developers can tell you about the frustration they feel when something happens to their hard disk. Contrary to that, cloud IDE are ready to go on. They are pre-configured environments where you can develop on cloud based environment and deploy it on cloud based PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service).

#2-  Increased collaboration and sharing:

All the professional developers have gone through the stage where they had a bug in their code which they couldn’t resolve. Seeking an expert opinion, sending them all the necessary files, and getting the debugged code are time-taking procedures. The maximum you can do is sharing your desktop screen, but that too lacked communication. Cloud IDE on the other hand provides real-time collaboration, communication and sharing. Developers can easily work with their team and develop apps with much better productivity.

#3-  Access your codes anywhere anytime:

Cloud IDEs allows developers to work from any machine that has access to the internet. They don’t have to worry if their laptop at home does not have the same memory and processing power. Many Cloud IDE providers are working towards making their applications smartphone friendly; though there is still a lot to be done.

#4-  Freedom from buying hardware and software:

Memory and processing issues can turn out to be a huge clog for most developers. Most desktop based application take huge boot-time while other are so resource hungry that you cannot run another app simultaneously. Cloud IDEs provide an economical solution to it. A single tab in your browser can turn out to be your whole developing environment. Also, you don’t need to buy licenses for any expensive software—you just rent your required softwares and pay for what you use.

The Future is Bright:

The cloud IDEs still have a lot of space for improvement. There are many features and capabilities that development environments need to focus upon. Furthermore, developers need to feel that cloud is enough secure to protect their intellectual property. It will take years before we see cloud IDEs becoming mainstream. But with the benefits and potential offered and the way cloud IDEs are prospering, this is light at the end of the tunnel.



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