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Why Drupal Agencies should Choose Cloudways as Their Hosting Partner

Updated on  18th September

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Agencies have become a common fixture of the web development scenario. These agencies take on projects of all descriptions and even take on product/platform development projects.

Drupal agencies choose Cloudways

Since Drupal agencies already face several challenges in the broader web development industry because of the larger market share of WordPress and the rise of minor CMS. However, an important challenge that even many Drupal agencies overlook is the hosting of the test and final projects.

Server management is an essential yet tedious task that agencies have to deal with in every project. This is an additional set of tasks that few developers like to do at the end of the project. A very good solution to this tedious task is managed Drupal hosting solutions.

In this post I’ll take you through the reasons why Drupal agencies should opt to go with Cloudways, a great managed Drupal hosting provider. The highlights of this post are:

  1. Reliable Performance
  2. One-click setups
  3. 24/7 Support
  4. Security
  5. Dev tools
  6. Team collaboration tools
  7. Seamless scalability
  8. Practically unlimited site installations
  9. Lower costs

Reliable Performance

Performance is undoubtedly the first (and often the last) factor that decides the deal. We realize this, and this is why our stack is built around this idea. Named ThunderStack, it combines Nginx with Apache for maximum benefit. Backing this combo up are the most popular caching technologies including Redis, Varnish, Memcached, and PHP-FPM, all of which could be enabled or disabled through simple UI toggles. Rounding it all is the native availability of PHP 7. All of this ensures that the servers hosted on Cloudways are super-fast and super-reliable.

One-Click Setups

Who says good things are hard to come by? One-click setups of server and applications on our platform ensure that customers could maintain focus on their business rather than worrying about server management tasks. Agencies can particularly take advantage of one-click setup features because the entire process is easy and saves time.

24/7 Expert Support

Web hosting and application management are complex matters, and as such, problems and issues are an undeniable aspect of the game. In this context, customer support and the people who deliver this support are crucial to the process. Cloudways customer support teams are peopled by experts with background and experience in cloud hosting management. In addition, Cloudways support is available 24/7/365. So if you are stuck anywhere, just come to the Live Chat or open a support ticket.


It’s a harsh world out there and hacks and attacks happen every day. Thus security is absolutely vital for the continuation of the business. Cloudways ensures security on several levels. HTTP/2 is available across the platform, as are FREE SSL certificates. On the platform level, Cloudways experts promptly apply patches to fix security loopholes.

Dev Tools

Cloudways is a developer-first platform that streamlines dev related processes. We make sure that Drupal developers who use our platform only focus on the essentials of the process. This is why many of the essential development tools catering particularly to Drupal development such as Drush and Composer are provided by default. Not only this, but you can also use your preferred version control system through built-in Git Integration. In addition, you also do not have to worry about your test environment as our built-in staging environment hosts all of the test sites on pre-configured subdomains.

Team Collaboration Tool

Teamwork is an essential requirement for running an agency. We realize this and have made collaboration between team members very easy through our Team Controls in the Cloudways Platform’s console. These controls enable you to easily assign roles to various members of your team for ultimate granular control.

Seamless Scalability

As your agency grows, so does your needs for hosting solution. Cloudways offers seamless vertical scalability to cater to any situation that is as simple as dragging a slider!

Practically Unlimited Site Installations

There’s no limit on the number of sites you can install on your Cloudways servers. We do not charge anything on the number of sites. In fact, this number is only limited by the size of your server only.

Lower Costs

Now comes the icing on the cake! It is no secret that DevOps engineers are an expensive resource. Hiring a team of DevOps engineers can cost an agency owner a huge amount of money. By using Cloudways, the agency doesn’t need to spend this budget because  Cloudways takes care of all server related issues. Cloudways further reduces agency’s operational costs by removing the costs of setting up Drupal hosting solutions.


As you could see Cloudways is an ideal fit for the Drupal development agencies. The managed cloud hosting solution provider not only facilitates the various processes of the agencies but also reduces the costs of these agents. In short, Cloudways saves time and money for the agencies.


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Hamza Zia

Hamza is a Drupal Community Manager at Cloudways - A Managed Drupal Hosting Platform. He loves to write about Drupal and related topics. During his free time, he can be seen obsessing over Football, Cars, Android and Gaming.

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