Why Are Digital Marketing Agencies Readily Adopting Managed Cloud Services?

by Cloudways  April 30, 2013

Interactive / digital marketing agencies are one of the rapidly growing industries today, and differentiate with traditional marketing agencies by presenting a mix of web designing, web development, search engine marketing, internet advertising and customized ecommerce solutions.

Digital Agencies and Managed Cloud Services

Since their core services revolve around providing web development, brand strategy, rich media design, MarCom and content management services, many interactive agencies prefer employing managed service providers to take care of their client’s hosting and infrastructure management.

With these issues the only solutions that are left with these marketing agencies is to hire an in-house cloud engineer or adopt a “do it yourself” strategy. While first option is pretty expensive, especially if you are a start up, the second option can be a nightmare to say the least.

Managed Cloud Service providers offer an exclusive out-of-the-office IT department where a dedicated team of professionals keeps websites performing at their best all the time.

Interactive agencies also hire the services of top rated managed cloud hosting providers because it is :

1 – Cost effective

Though they have to pay an extra amount in order to get management services, managed cloud hosting is highly cost effective in the long run. That’s because the return they get when their website is highly optimized is far beyond what they invested

2- Takes care of Data Security, Data Backups and the works

Data security and backup issues are the major problem faced by marketing agencies. And this happens most during the marketing campaigns when your server goes down due to increased traffic load. Thus marketing agencies go towards managing cloud hosting where they can get backups from hourly to daily basis making the archived version can quickly be restored on another server if one goes down giving them maximum uptime.

Not just that they know that their servers are highly secured with regular antivirus and threat management to ensure that there aren’t any loopholes on their part.

3- Increases efficiency of your current staff

Digital marketing is all about rich media. And if your website takes a lot of time to load that its surely a bad impression for your brand. Managed cloud service providers aren’t just helping these marketers choose the right cloud provider on the basis of data center location but also help them develop CDN and use cache based strategies to save their bandwidth.  They make sure that your website is completely streamlined with high scalability making it available 24/7.

4 – Infrastructure management and customization

Digital media owners use a lot of plugins and applications. This can itself make your website heavy. And if they are not timely updated, your website can be vulnerable to security breaches.  When marketing agencies outsource their cloud hosting management, they don’t have to worry about all these issues. Managed cloud hosting providers look out for plugins that make your site heavy helping you find alternatives while they even resolve compatibility issues when updates take place.

A survey conducted by Forrester to find out the deterrants of managed cloud services adoption by a digital agency revealed the following results:

Managed Services Adoption for Digital Agencies


Look out what marketing agencies say about managed cloud hosting and how it is making their cloud experience more comfortable. Cloudways has Click&Go managed cloud hosting for SMBs while if you are an owner of large marketing agency our PowerCloud allows you to bring your personal cloud while we customize it for your needs.


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  • Brooklyn Jones

    I own a digital marketing company and we are using http://www.interoute-iam.com/ for managed cloud service. There service is absolutely fantastic. The points listed in the post are exact reasons why we chose to include such process in our business.

    • cloudways

      Thanks for stopping by our blog, Brooklyn!

      Many of our clients are digital agencies and they utilize our services to lower costs and become more efficient by focusing on their core business. i.e. designing beautiful sites for their clients.