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What’s New in WordPress 3.6?

Updated on  February 15, 2018

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The wait is over and WordPress 3.6 is finally here. This release was much awaited, especially after the security debacle of WordPress 3.5.1. Furthermore, the current version of WordPress is more about redefinition and creativity. This is why it was named ‘Oscar’, in honor of the great jazz pianist Oscar Peterson. As anticipated, the update presents an improved UI, a built-in HTML5 media player, and exciting auto-save and post-locking features.  Let’s have a look at the new WordPress features:


Post format UI

From its beginning, post format UI feature has widely appealed WP users with its attractive themes and visual appeal. However, the feature is reported to have usability issues. But things are about to change. WordPress 3.6 features an even better post format UI. The default theme, called ‘Twenty Thirteen’, is blog-centric with sidebars and widgets placed on the footer.

Native Audio & Video Support

Until now, most users have relied on embeds for supporting video and audio content. Alternatively, plugins had to be installed from the Media Library. However, this update solves the problem as WordPress 3.6 has a built-in HTML5 media player. So podcasts, music releases, and videos will be played from the core, instead of being hosted on a third-party platform such as YouTube.

Better Revisions Handling

Another exciting feature of WP 3.6 is its improved revision handling. Users can now navigate through multiple revision transitions. You can edit, revert and slide through changes with greater ease thanks to the new WP interface.

Post Locking

A common problem for multi-user WP platform is the occurrence of editing conflicts. People working on the same post would often overwrite or damage an important edit. The WP update promises a solution: every author has a locked editing space, with a dedicated auto-save option. The problem of one user overwriting another’s work is now put to a halt. This is of particular help for multi-author blogs, where users can now see who iss editing or working on a post.


The update brings a great improvement in the auto-save feature. This time, WP regularly visits your browser’s caches to make sure that data is updated there–safe and secure–at an amazingly short interval of 15 seconds! The feature owes much to WordPress’ new ‘Heartbeat API’. With it, users can put their minds at ease about accidently pressing a tab any other inextricable reason that takes away what you have written.


Custom menus have been around since 3.0 but with this update its UI will be much more intuitive and easy to use. The new WordPress features an ever exciting and easy-to-use menu editor. The new menu UI assures easy customization with best possible flexibility. WP powered sites can now have perfectly fine-tuned menus.

In all, the release of WordPress 3.6 comes with a bunch of improvements for the general user. The update makes sure that important stuff is made available where it is ought to be. It allows users to post their media from the core, make secure revisions and editing, develop flexible menus and of course enjoy a whole round of new colors of the new theme.


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Saad Durrani

Saad is the Senior Editor at Cloudways - A Managed Cloud Hosting Platform. He is a technology enthusiast who loves to blog about emerging technologies and trends. When he is not blogging, he goes to the beach to find inspiration for his fictional stories.

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