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What do Clients say about our Managed Cloud Hosting Services?

Updated on  October 28, 2014

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Cloudways has been providing on-demand app deployment, managed cloud hosting and infrastructure management solutions to small and mid-sized firms for more than three years now.

Although our clientele spans diverse industries such as healthcare, fashion and digital media, the IT industry i.e. web / app development firms, software and game developers makes up majority of our clients.

But what do our clients say about us?

Based out of Argentina, Kalliope is a certified IBM solution provider which offers customized services on IBM WebSphere, IBM Rational, IBM SOA, and IBM Lotus, across Latin America.  The firm needed a secure, transparent and competitively priced managed web hosting service and they trusted us for the job. In return, Cloudways has ensured 99.99% uptime, 100% ticket resolution/satisfaction, and extended unconditional 24/7  live support for nearly an year to give Marcos and his team complete peace of mind.

Tarambuka is a Bulgarian cloud services/SaaS provider, web design and development, and software development firm — all in one. We share their vision of sustaining long-term relationships with clients, and have been working together for more than 7 months now. Initially they thought of going for a ‘hybrid’ Dedicated + VPS arrangement, however were quick to realize the limitations of this solution in terms of business expansion and scalability. Cloudways has not only helped them maintain persistent uptime, but has also kept their hosting costs low and satisfaction rates high.

Marcos Buccellato Vladimir Dimitrov
Using Cloudways means I can focus on my business without worrying about technology.” Cloudways have shown us what stable, scalable and feature-rich Cloud hosting really is.”
Marcos Buccellato – CEO, Kalliope Vladimir Dimitrov – CEO, Tarambuka
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