Announcing New Vultr Pricing Plans

by Owais Khan  March 9, 2017

One of our infrastructure providers, Vultr has upgraded its pricing plans where you now get more resources at pocket-friendly prices.

Starting from today March 9, Cloudways has introduced a new pricing scheme for all new Vultr servers. This way, you will get world-class cloud infrastructure with our state-of-the-art cloud platform features at reduced rates.

There is a small caveat though. The pricing is applicable on new server launches.

Existing servers (the ones launched on and before March 8) have to be scaled or cloned in order to get price adjustments. This is how Vultr has created its deployment structure and you need to act to obtain the reductions.

Grow Bigger

This means nothing holds you back anymore as the newer prices bring you a chance of quick growth without the worry of “excessive” spending. The time is perfect.

Scale your server up without the worry of getting your IP changed.

This means you can target a new market or run a crazy promotion. You can create viral posts or build a second website.

The choice is yours!

Reduce Spending

Perhaps, you are not in the mood of scaling up. Maybe you want to reduce your cloud server expenditure and use the money somewhere else. You can do that too; using clone feature.

Clone your server to a smaller size.

Cloning a server is simple but your IP will get changed. Why does the IP change? Well, cloning creates a duplicate cloud server; therefore, you get a new IP address.

Let’s Talk Gigabytes

For those super-sized, mega-busy web apps, there is a whopping 96 GB server size. For starters, there’s 1 GB. Check out the pricing page for the new Vultr plans.

Oh yeah! Vultr has discontinued the 768 MB plan. We are sad to see it go too. 🙁

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