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Magento is a great platform. However, every great thing still has weak points, and Magento has the problem with page load time. Magento Full Page Cache Extension (FPC)  is one of the most popular cache modules for Magento stores.

What is Magento Full Page Cache?

Full Page Cache stores the dynamic content of the Magento store in a cache so that the page load process utilizes minimum server resources. Instead of generating a separate page for every new visitor, Magento presents the saved version from the cache. This ultimately decreases page load time and greatly enhances visitors’ UX.

In simpler words, Magento FPC will increase store’s performance and speed because all the content is fetched and rendered from the cache.

Why Full Page Cache?

For large Magento stores, Full Page Cache is essential for keeping the server load as low as possible. This avoids downtime during the crunch times. The extension initializes early, and the cache is very responsive. For example, if more than 100 users are visiting the store at once, the server resources used by Full Page Cache will be lower as compared to the server load caused by more than 100 users without FPC.

Full Page Cache is highly configurable. You can specify cache storage time for the page and enable cache for dynamic blocks to optimize the speed and performance.

Caching Drawbacks

What happens if multiple users are visiting your store, some of them are logged in, a few have items in the cart, one of them is on the checkout page, and others are just randomly looking for different products and pages.

How can you serve up your dynamic store, if all the pages are completely cached?

These issues are critical, and that’s where Full Page Cache comes in. By utilizing hole punching, the Full Page Cache can dynamically restrict the process of loading particular Magento blocks, such as cart or checkout. This feature guarantees a win-win situation for store’s speed, server load, and a dynamic, user-personalized Magento store.

But there are not only the Magento blocks that can be hole punched from the cache. This is why you can customize the Full Page Cache to your needs. The choice of CMS pages to cache and the ones which should not be cached is really the key to store speed and optimization.

Magento Full Page Cache Extension By Cloudways

Keeping all of the above things in mind, I am happy to tell you that Cloudways has integrated Cloudways Full Page Cache extension (powered by Amasty) into the managed cloud hosting platform for Magento 1.x stores. With this integration, store owners are now experiencing the remarkable speed and high performance.

Cloudways has partnered with Amasty to provide our customers with approx $350 worth of Magento Full Page Cache extension free of cost for all Magento 1.x stores deployed on the Cloudways Magento Hosting Platform. This partnership now provides one of the world’s fastest Magento 1.x hosting stacks ever!

By using Cloudways Full Page Cache, your Magento store page loading time will be reduced to less than 2 seconds. To know more about the extension and the performance benchmarks, please take a look at the Cloudways Full Page Cache Extension launch.


According to Sean Work, the Minister of Propaganda at Kissmetrics:

“40% of people abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load.”

The first impressions of your Magento store determine whether the visitor would convert into a customer and then a repeat customer. Slow speed is often the direct cause of failure of Magento stores. This is why store owners should know what is Magento Full Page Cache and its capabilities.

Now you have a great opportunity to improve the performance of your Magento store with Full Page Cache extension. It uses native Magento functionalities and doesn’t cause any conflicts with your current setup. Using a robust Magento cache system is a significant step toward improving page load time of your store. To make it even better, choose a fast and secure hosting solution like Cloudways!

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