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Twitter Q&A Session On Holiday Season Planning and Budgeting

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Planning and Budgeting for Holiday Season promotional campaigns are two areas that need a lot of attention, simply because of the importance of these areas in the overall scheme of things. If you overlook these two areas, your campaign(s) will fail to provide the desired results.

The success of all marketing and promotion campaigns is the direct result of planning. Similarly, the budget available for the campaign also determines the extent and the quality of the activities that make up the campaign.

Since the Holiday Season is upon us, I decided to ask the experts the importance of planning and budgeting in the context of Holiday Season.

I started the session with the all-important question: What should come first: Planning or Budgeting? Some great responses included:

My next question was about the limitations imposed by budgets on the campaign planning? The experts responded:

The third question was in fact a continuation of the last question: How should the store owners decide about the budgets? I received the following responses:

The fourth question asked about the connection between the planning and budgeting in the context of PPC?

The next two questions were rather similar in nature. Question number five was simple: What are acceptable budgets for PPC and SEO? The answers were:

On a similar note, the sixth question was about suitable budgets for store optimization. Here are some great responses:

Finally, the last question was about the expert tips for Holiday Season planning. Here are the responses:

I think the above discussion would help you optimize your Holiday Season planning and budgeting. There is some great advice from the experts that focuses on planning and budgeting for PPC campaigns.

Have I missed something important? Do leave a comment below and I will update the questions list of the next #CWChat session.

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