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Startups That Are Poised for Growth in 2017

Updated on January 12, 2017

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The startup culture is picking up a lot of traction around the globe. 2017, like 2016, will be a year when hundreds of startups will come up, and like every startup cycle, few of them will not survive. No offense to any of the startups, but these are economically crunched tech market times. It is becoming difficult for enterprises to prevail in such times, then we can imagine the scenario for startups.

But even in these crunch times, Venture Capitalists are keen on taking risks with startups. But, there is one catch: they need to be sure about the ROI. Funding opportunities are there for those who know how to make profits from their users.

After closely following these happening scenes in the startup industry, here is a list of 20 startups that can make it big in 2017.

Please note: This is not a comprehensive list and neither is any startup placed in any ranking order.


Top Startups To Watch For in 2017

Zipline: Lifesaving Drones

Funding Received: $85 million

Industry: Medical Transportation

Organizations are still experimenting on drone usages. But Zipline has already pioneered the drone delivery service. Zipline, world’s first ever drone delivery service, emphasizes on a noble cause – delivering life-saving medicines via drones. The service is simple, and you just have to drop a text on their provided number. Within minutes, a drone plane – known as “Zip” – is launched in air to dispatch the required assistance. Currently operating in Rwanda, this startup is poised to make it big in 2017.

Gametime: The Next Level Mobile Ticketing

Funding Received: $33.3 million

Catering Industry: Mobile ticketing

Gametime provides you with last minute tickets availability for different sports or entertainment events. You can share these tickets with your friends too. This mobile oriented application has made $50 million in gross sales. So if you are an event fanatic person, then this app is a must-have in 2017.

TheSkimm: Newsletter for Millennials

Funding Received: $16.4 million

Catering Industry: Magazine and Publishing

A daily newsletter for the young generation of today, TheSkimm comes with news from all around the world. The newsletter has engaging content made into headlines, mixed with small trending descriptions. This magazine is now available as an application too, and with a subscription of over 4 million young millennials, this startup is predicted to be the next big thing in the literary society.

Discord: Heaven for Gamers

Funding Received: $29 million

Catering Industry: Gaming

Discord is an all in one chatting platform for gamers. Gaming fanatics can now enjoy their presence on a platform equipped with all the gaming ambiance and communities. Gamers can share their tricks and tips with other gaming enthusiasts. Discord is now the leading messaging application in the gaming industry. With over 25 million subscribers, Discord is trying to become the default communication application for the global gaming community.

Hollar: A Trending Online Dollar Store

Funding Received: $47.5 million

Catering Industry: E-commerce

Hollar is an online dollar store with products that are of high quality and affordable to buy. This online store offers its application and is growing at a rate of 50% per month. Trading in millions, this startup is reshaping the dollar store industry which valued at $50 million. Hollar is pleasing its customers with every sale and aims to be the market leader in the dollar store industry by 2017.

TheRealReal: An Authenticated Online Luxury Consignment

Funding Received: $123 million

Catering Industry: E-commerce

TheRealReal is a batch service of luxury goods. This online marketplace offers pre-owned luxury products with amazing discounts and authenticates the originality of the product. When ordering on TheRealReal, you don’t have to worry about the authenticity of your ordered product. With an annual growth rate of more than 75%, this online marketplace may emerge as a leader of luxury consignments in 2017.

Minted: Your Personalized Online Designer

Funding Received: $89 million

Catering Industry: E-commerce/Printing

Minted is a crowdsourced design startup which does personalized print on invitation cards, gifts, pillows, and home goods. This startup aims to shape your feelings the way you want to express them. With a high number of sales, Minted will mint its personalized design market in 2017.

Houseparty: Video Chat in Groups

Funding received: $69.5 million

Catering Industry: Technology/Social Media

Live video trend is predicted to be the next big thing in 2017. This is what the Houseparty looks to catch up on. With Houseparty, up to eight people can make a video call together. You’ll never miss your closed ones on special occasions. Since the majority of us are becoming social animals on the internet, Houseparty will look to shake up the live streaming industry in 2017.

Away: Tech Enabled Luggage

Funding received: $11 million

Catering Industry: Luggage/Technology

Their brand’s name is Away, and they make sure you don’t stay away from your phone, yes! Away’s luggage created hype when they included cell phone charging ports in them. This company aims to bring more technological innovation in traveling. 2017 is their year to gear up and introduce more products, and stores.

Amino: Open Platform for Application Development

Funding Received: $28 million

Catering Industry: Application development

Amino is an open source platform where anyone can create an application and make it featured on Amino. It aims to make application development easy. Luckily, if an app gets a strong following, it may also get featured in the app store. Amino is an open invitation for all the creative tech geeks who are ready to show their potential in 2017. How are you going to use Amino?

Marco Polo: A Walkie-Talkie Themed Chat App

Funding Received: $25 million

Catering Industry: Social media

Marco Polo is a chatting app which is like snap chat but with an added feature: walkie talkie. The app, created by Joya Communications, is becoming prevalent in teens. The reason is simple: you just need to tap, see, and talk. It looks to be the hottest application during 2017 as it has a unique offering for the target audience.

Plowz & Mowz: An App Based Plowing Service

Funding Received: $1.5 million

Catering Industry: Auto

Currently operating in eight regions, Plowz & Mowz looks to solve your hassle when you are on the road, and your car ditches you. Offering services that include landscaping as well, this startup reportedly did a job after every five seconds in Midwest including Chicago and Cleveland. This auto industry based startup is all set to improve and expand upon its services in 2017. Music Video Making App

Funding Received: $16 million

Catering Industry: Music/Video has already become a popular instant music video making app among teenagers. ranked number one on the AppStore across twenty countries in 2016, which proves that the app has a huge following. 1 million videos go live on and these numbers will increase in 2017.

Ever: Your Cloud Photo Vault

Funding Received: $13 million

Catering Industry: Cloud storage

You click a picture. While storing, you find out that you have run out of your phone storage due to pictures in it. Well, you don’t need to worry anymore. Ever is the solution for you. You have to install this app, and it will automatically save all your pictures to its cloud storage, no matter how many devices you use. It also gets integrated to your social accounts to provide you a better experience. Founders of this app are ambitious and with its overwhelming reputation in the market, Ever will make sure it leaves a strong impact in 2017.

Shyp: Shipping solution

Funding Received: $62 million

Catering Industry: Packaging and shipping

You don’t have to worry about the packaging and shipments of your parcel if you know Shyp. It’s a startup that handles shipping and packaging of your parcel. Shyp makes sure that your package is delivered in good shape, on time. This shipping solution is the startup to watch for in 2017, and with this enormous amount of funding, they are going to play big.

Safetyculture: Ensuring Safety Measures

Funding Received: $33.88 million

Catering Industry: Health and Safety

This startup provides all your concerned safety precautions. Its app, named “iAuditor,” has been downloaded for over one million times already. iAuditor provides organizations with some safety checklists and it also has to offer various services for individuals as well. The company has 28.5% of its users from the United States and has opened its office recently in the US. The health industry is seen to be booming up in a technological manner in 2017, and this startup will offer a lot in this new year.

Clinicloud: Monitoring Your Health

Funding received: $5 million

Catering Industry: Health Tech

Clinicloud is a startup which is bringing revolution in the health industry by making modern health technology. Its most known product is an app-enabled medical kit which contains a digital stethoscope and a non-contact thermometer. Clinicloud aims to expand its services in the USA and is already busy making partnerships. All these signs are enough to say that this startup will look to make it big in 2017.

Airtasker: Platform for Skilled Chores

Funding Received: $24.71 million

Catering Industry: Skilled Working

Airtasker is an Australian based startup, providing an online platform to hire skilled workers to get your job done. You just have to signup and post a job with an estimated budget and skilled workers will bid to get your work done. This startup already has 2.5% Australians on its platform and aims to expand its services in 2017.

Canva: DIY Designing Platform and App

Funding Received: $45.6 million

Catering Industry: Design and Graphics

Canva is an online platform and an app on which you can discover your creativity and imaginations by designing images on easy to use templates. 5 million plus users are reportedly using Canva from all around the world. With Canva offered in six languages, this exciting startup is gaining worldwide reputation and aims to reach one billion users in 2017.

LawPath: Your Online Legal Advisor

Funding Received: $1.74 million

Catering Industry: Law

LawPath is an online platform that provides legal services. It also offers customized legal forms and advisory. Their leadership claims that they are growing at a rate of 800% in revenue and 400% with regards to users. As the law is becoming a concern for individuals as well as for business organizations, this unique Australian based startup will see its boom in 2017.

Final Thoughts

Glancing through these excelling startups, you can have an idea how large the tech industry is now, and almost every category falls into the modern startup culture. This article aims to bring out some of the best businesses from different genres, and if you have an idea for selling something, 2017 is the year for you too.

Any startup that you would like to see listed here? Then let me know in the comment section below. Just make sure the startup has a clear vision for achieving growth.

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Tahha Ashraf

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