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Top 2018 Trends For Magento Ecommerce Stores

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Merchants who use Magento have complete control over their content, and how their online store looks and functions. This is one reason why Magento is highly recommended because of powerful marketing, SEO efficiency, and its management tools.

The year 2017 brought several achievements to the Magento platform. In particular, the newer versions of the platform offer speed that improves the overall user experience of the visitors. This is made a huge impact on the ecommerce world. This led the developers at Magento acknowledge the importance of having ecommerce websites with fast page load speeds.

In 2017, Magento helped thousands of businesses to boost customer experiences by increasing their websites speeds and usability. And, as they understand the importance of mobile shopping, they have worked to increase the effectiveness of the mobile platform, making it even easier for ecommerce stores to offer a seamless experience to their customers. It also helped the businesses perform better A/B tests, boosted their security, and made payment transactions seamless.

It now offers more ways for businesses to enhance sales and conversion rates with the use of upgraded pop-up and opt-in elements. Now with 2018 hitting in, new ideas are expected to flourish. Exhaustive ideas would obviously stand out and gain momentum.

The new year is all set to bring more success to Magento store owners. We expect some of these trends to grow more popular this year. Let’s have a look.

Artificial Intelligence Will Grow and So Will the Need for Chatbots

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been a growing trend for the last few years, but is increasing more rapidly with each coming year. 2017 was a big year for AI and it looks like 2018 will allow it to grow even more.

AI is taking the world by storm, transforming our work and personal lives, and revolutionizing the ecommerce world as well.

AI allows merchants to understand the behavior of their buyers, to cater services to meet buyer needs, and it provides analytics to guide sellers to develop targeted marketing to reach their ideal shoppers.

One of the biggest types of AI that has been dominating the Magento ecommerce marketplace is chatbots.

Designed as an alternative to human customer service representatives, chatbots are smart softwares that leverage machine language technologies to understand customer needs.

In 2018, expect to see chatbots in most, if not all, Magento apps or websites.

Personalized Experiences Will Be Even More Important

Whether they are shopping in-store or online, customers are significantly happier when they are served a personalized experience every time they shop.

While it is important for ground stores and online stores to personalize experiences as much as possible, it is crucial for online stores.

Personalization can be anything from specific coupons, created just for certain clients, product recommendations based on preferences, or just acknowledging people for being a repeat customer through email and IP-targeting.

Magento merchants need to explore personalization, and embrace it, to stay strong in 2018.

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Organic Searches Will Be even Smarter

If you haven’t been implementing organic search features into your ecommerce business, start doing so now.

Filter options, smarter breadcrumbs, and intelligent autocomplete are some of the components of smart searches that you should be having in your website’s content.

In 2018, expect smart searching to be paramount. Each smart search option is designed to make an easy and interactive shopping experience for sellers.

Not only will it enhance the experiences of your customers, it helps keep them engaged through the shopping process, and allows your business to make additional sales.

Customers report having more confidence in their preferred companies when smart search options are available.

Push Notifications Will Be the Most Important User Engagement Tool

Any successful ecommerce shop has an understanding that selling requires constant engagement with the new users, while keeping existing ones happy.

Today, ecommerce largely relies on push notification. Expect push notifications to be the single most important tool for user engagement for Magento ecommerce stores this year.

Push notifications are designed to remind shoppers about your store by sending regular updates and 2018 is going to bring more of this necessity as people’s attention is constantly being diverted from one venture to the next.

Just like the previous years, in 2018, you will need to keep a regular flow of special offers, product launches, and abandoned cart reminders through the push notifications, as these are the vessels to attract customers.

Add Value to Online Stores with Live Video

Video marketing has already been a huge hit from the last two years, and 2017 showed great success in the use of live videos.2018 is expected to be even bigger.

Traditional video optimization practices will be replaced with live-streams.

To keep your Magento store legit, you will need to consider the positive effects of having live videos to show services, products, and even other valuable items, like customer testimonials.

Live video is proven to increase seller trust and adds value to ecommerce stores.

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The business world is constantly changing, and Magento is on the leading edge because of its open sourcing and agile format.

It helps businesses adapt and thrive, boosting online sales and maximizing gross margins.

If you haven’t already signed up for Magento, now is the time to check it out and consider the changes you want to make to help your ecommerce business thrive in 2018. 

Disclaimer: This is a guest post by Roberto Garvin, Co-founder, Mofluid. The opinions and ideas expressed herein are author’s own, and in no way reflect Cloudways position.

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