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Top 15 Australian Digital Marketing Influencers to Follow In 2017

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Digital marketing is a new and trendy niche of marketing. This year is expected to be a great year for this modern way of marketing. The predictable global budget for digital marketing is valued at $77.37 billion. This massive figure shows how digital marketing is shaping up the future of advertising.

Since, digital marketing is on the boom, I picked up the top 15 digital marketing influencers from Australia. Follow these influencers to stay updated about all the new trends related to digital marketing.

The list is not in any order. If you know any digital marketing influencer from Australia, feel free to share with me.

Laurel Papworth

Twitter | LinkedIn

Laurel Papworth made it to the Forbes list of Top 50 Social Media Influencers with millions of followers on Facebook. She is one of the most active digital and content marketer on social media and connects with approximately 6.8 million users monthly.

Papworth is an online social media trainer and a Lecturer of Social Media at University of Sydney. The marketing magazine titled her as “Head of Social Media Industry”.

Papworth has also worked in governmental and private organizations, such as Government of Singapore, Middle East Broadcasting, Sony, Westpac etc. She has been a part of some popular reality TV shows, like Junior Masterchef, Big Brother and Idol.

Jeff Bullas

Twitter | LinkedIn

Jeff Bullas is unarguably one of the most popular digital entrepreneur. He is a speaker, marketing blogger, digital marketing strategist and consultant and bestselling author. He was ranked as number #1 Global Digital Marketing Influencer in 2016 and number #1 Content Marketing Influencer by Onalytica in 2015. He provides digital and social media marketing services to organizations in order to boost their businesses.

Darren Rowse

Twitter | LinkedIn

Darren is a famous blogger and speaker. He is also an online entrepreneur and a co-author of ProBlogger. With a strong following of 243K followers on Twitter, Darren is considered as an influential figure in the digital marketing. He is the founder and keynote speaker of ProBlogger Training Events and owner of Digital Photography School.

Chris Hodgeman

Twitter | LinkedIn

Chris Hodgeman is the co-founder and general manager of MavSocial, a social media visual content management software. Previously, he was working as an investment banker and member of Hong Kong Institute of Directors. Hodgeman is a digital media enthusiast with over 20 years experience in finance.

Jenni Beattie

Twitter | LinkedIn

Jenni Beattie is an entrepreneur and the founder of a digital agency, Digital Democracy. With over 10 years of experience in digital marketing, she works as a digital media consultant in a private form. She has also worked as a Social Media Manager at The Cancer Council NSW. In addition to digital marketing, Beattie is interested in copywriting, market research, Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Carolyn Hyams

Twitter | LinkedIn

Carolyn Hyams is the marketing director of Aquent. She has a following over 13K on Twitter. She is a digital marketing geek with having experience over 10 years. She specializes in digital marketing strategy, international public relations, social media marketing, marketing automation, content marketing, and brand development. Hyams is an active reader who likes to read blogs and articles related to the marketing world.

Stuart Sterling

Twitter | LinkedIn

Stuart Sterling is a popular digital marketing enthusiast with over 10 years in the FMCG industry. He has over 33K followers on Twitter. He is currently working as a marketing manager of Pizza and Meals.

Sterling is an expert in branding, business strategy, and digital media marketing. Other than digital marketing, He is interested in sales management, marketing communications, team building, and digital strategy.

Mark Cameron

Twitter | LinkedIn

Mark Cameron is the CEO of W3 Digital, a digital transformation and customer experience agency. He is a prominent digital marketer with over 30K followers on Twitter. He is a regular contributor to various publications worldwide. He is a columnist for BRW and Marketing Mag.

Cameron has written over 500 articles on digital media strategy. He is a certified Experience Economy Expert, the framework used by IKEA and Lego for customer experience.

Heather Porter

Twitter | LinkedIn

Heather Porter is the jack of all trades with over 16K followers on Twitter. She is an author, speaker, podcaster and consultant in digital marketing. She is the the founder of Digital Voice, a consultation agency that works for optimizing brands online engagement. She is a Digital Engagement Strategist and the co-founder of AutoPilot Your Business.

Lama Jabr

Twitter | LinkedIn

Lama Jabr is a published author and digital marketing strategist. She is also an Amazon Kindle Publishing consultant. She is the founder of Xana Marketing, an internet marketing consultancy firm. She has an experience of over 15 years in the digital marketing and online publishing. She is a renowned author and ebook enthusiast with over 89K followers on Twitter.

Rohan Davidson

Twitter | LinkedIn

Rohan Davidson is a popular digital and content marketing specialist. He owns a content marketing firm named as Content Consultant. He specializes in digital marketing strategy and planning, client management, website content audit and traffic growth improvement. He has over 13K followers on Twitter.

Alister Cameron

Twitter | LinkedIn

Alister Cameron is the head of marketing at Clear Networks. He has a vast experience of over 30 years in different areas of digital marketing including graphic designing, publishing, and branding. He has worked with numerous successful startups which includes WordPress, copywriting, and video tutorials. He has more than 500K followers on Twitter.

Raz Chorev

Twitter | LinkedIn

Raz Chorev is known as a born leader in digital marketing. He currently working as the chief marketing officer at Orange Sky. He has 15 years of extensive experience in management positions. He believes in working as a team and keens to make successful startups. He is also an advisory board member of mii Group and marketing consultant at Stylequity Advisory. He has more than 11K followers on Twitter.

Melissa McGreevey

Twitter | LinkedIn

Melissa McGreevey is a social media and content strategist. She is a specialized Inbound Marketing Consultant, Social CRM, SEO and SEM, and Branding Expert. She currently works at Liquor Barons as a digital and social media manager. She is a popular digital marketer with experience of more than 5 years. She has over 4K followers on Twitter.

Neil Walter

Twitter | LinkedIn

Neil Walter is an entrepreneur and the managing director of Walter Analytics, a digital consultancy firm that focuses on optimizing marketing campaigns. He has significant experience of more than 8 years in Australian, European, North American and Asian regions. He is an acclaimed digital marker with a following of over 7K on Twitter.

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