The Top 4 Cloud Computing Concerns Today

by Cloudways  January 4, 2013

The woes of Security, Data Loss, Performance & Cost In The Cloud


Although the title of this article may look ambiguous to the untutored, it will strike a cord with those acquainted with cloud computing fundamentals. They are trending topics in the realm of cloud computing and are actively debated in forums and social circles. The crux of this article would be to ascertain the accuracy of these so called “inherent drawbacks” of cloud computing.

1- Security 

The most compelling challenge for someone attempting to switch from their existing computing module to the cloud is to ascertain how secure cloud computing is. Aficionados of conventional computing often allege that the extensive use of virtualization, which is a fundamental tenant of cloud computing, only adds viable security risks. Virtualization software might be compromised which could jeopardize the entire infrastructure which includes cloud computing, storage and computing concerns

In defense of cloud computing, and to negate these claims, it is pertinent to mention that cloud computing is comprised of a comprehensive set of defensive implementations. These implementations or security controls are derived keeping in view hurdles which might occur, as well as to shield the cloud architecture against an external or internal threat.  The security control suite consists of deterrent controls, corrective controls, preventive controls and detective controls. The stringent implementation of these meticulously crafted security measures with respect to asset, vulnerability and threat assessment matrices makes cloud computing a totally secure gambit.

2- Performance

Inherent cloud tenants that like increased availability, on-demand resource provisioning and scalability are all designed to deliver peak performance and enhance the overall usability of applications and data hosted in the cloud. The most common mistake that people make is equating application performance issues with cloud computing environment. When a cloud computing subscriber selects a cloud computing flavor not well aligned with their business module, the performance is, at best, degraded. However, that does not mean that from time to time some performance issues that are totally centric to cloud computing environment do not arise.

3- Cost

Pay-As-You-Go is the unique payment method introduced by cloud computing. This method entails that the subscriber is only charged for the resources consumed (e.g. bandwidth consumed, storage used, or enhanced processor time requested). Utilizing cloud computing also renders maintaining on-premises optimized hardware, having a team on site to maintain it and worrying about managing costly software licenses. Needless to say that all of these aspects are considerable cost savers!

4- Data loss and disaster

Cloud computing environments irrespective of their flavor provide stringent data loss prevention and disaster recovery measures. Client’s data hosted in the cloud is routinely backed up and stored safely so it can be readily accessed in case of emergency. Thanks to the virtualization aspect (which is uselessly criticized by conventional computing proponents) it is possible to maintain an identical copy of the entire setup including the operating system, applications, patches and data.

We’d be interested to know what our readers think about the most important issues in cloud computing today, and what should’ve also made the list. Feel free to drop your comments in the comment box or write to us directly at Thank You for taking your time to read our article and we look forward to your response.



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