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Draw Inspiration From These Successful Australian Startups

The Australian tech startup sector has the potential to contribute $109 billion or 4% of GDP to the Australian economy. Considering these stats, it is safe to say that the country is on track toward becoming the land of opportunities for startups.

Findings of another survey revealed that Sydney is ranked 12th out of 20 cities in the Startup Genome Ecosystem Index. It is yet another interesting facts that goes on to depict how bright is the future of Australian startup sector; there is no surprise why we see Melbourne and Sydney mentioned in the headquartering cities of various startups.

According to a survey by Startupmuster, Ultimo has Australia’s highest concentration of startups, with 52 startups per kilometer followed by Melbourne with 16.5 startups/ km and Sydney CBD with 15.4.

With such a happening startup scene of Australia in mind, here are some of the Aussie startups that are currently the talk of the town in Silicon Valley. Not to forget our list includes startups of all grades. Some of them have made it big globally, some are pacing up for competition, while some are about to get it right. What is common among these startups is detailed planning and timely execution.

Lets us take a look at the list of Australia-based startups that have already made it big or look promising in the near future.

Startups that Made it Big

Read on to check out our list of Aussie startups that made it big globally and generated quite a sum of revenue with a massive userbase.


Canva needs no introduction as it is one of the leading graphic design platform and is loved by designers all around the globe. So far, the startup has raised $42 million and it is currently valued at $345 million.

“Canva makes great designs more accessible” ~Forbes

The Co-founder and CEO of Canva, Melanie Perkins, hails from Australia and stands among one of the most successful young CEOs in the world. She believes in empowering the modern workforce and this is the reason why Canva currently has over 10 million users. This startup is a popular name in the Silicon Valley and is expected to make it even bigger this year.


Founded in 2008 by Matt Mickiewicz, 99designs is the world’s largest marketplace for graphic designers. Mr. Mickiewicz is best known for being the Co-founder of SitePoint and Flippa. His startup, 99designs connects over 22,000 graphic designers with businesses from more than 190 countries.

“99Designs is American Idol for your creative needs”~ Forbes

The startup originated in Melbourne and is currently headquartered in Oakland,California with a total equity funding of $45 million.

Campaign Monitor

A Sydney-based startup of 2004, Campaign Monitor made headlines with a seed funding of over $250 million in 2014. It took ten long years to make this email marketing company a hit. Founded by Ben Richardson and Dave Greiner, the startup now has over 250 employees with offices in Sydney, London and San Francisco.

“Campaign Monitor achieves 98% customer satisfaction with 2 million customers” ~Forbes

The company focuses on small-to-medium sized businesses despite being the priority of web giants such as Buzzfeed and Rolling stones.

Promising Startups that are in the Tunnel

While the aforementioned startups are highly popular and successful in the global market, here’s our list of promising companies that are expected to make it big due to their reputation, performance metrics and problem-solving nature.


Founded in Sydney by William On and Rob Hango-Zada in 2014, Shippit is a cloud-based startup that powers delivery services for up to 300 merchants and businesses. With a total equity funding of $1.63 million, the startup is a modern-day shipping solutions for carriers and consumers.

“The innovative new shipping service with ideas”~ Shortpress

The startup’s business is continuously on the inclining trend and Shippit has now partnered with Bigwigs of the shipping industry such as Australia Post, TNT, Mail Call Courier, etc.


Launched in 2014, Afterpay has revolutionized the Australian way of making payments. Founded by Nick Molnar, Afterpay is an easy-to-use payment method that enables anyone to pay in 4 equal fortnightly installments.

“FineTech Organisation of the year award”~ The Finnies

Promoting a better and convenient way of making payments, this startup has partnered with Australia’s leading stores such as Marcs, TopShop, Glue, Hype DC, etc.


Founded by a popular radio and TV host, Jules Lund, Tribe is a marketplace for content creators that connects them with brands around the globe. It was launched in 2015 and since then, it has been creating waves in the industry with 2,600 brand campaigns.

“A focus on tech has Aussie social media marketing platform Tribe primed for a global takeover.”~ News.com.au

With a seed funding of $5.35 million and over 13,000 influencers on board, Tribe is climbing up the ladder of success every passing day.


Ecommerce is a huge box of business these days and when we talk about TheIconic, it is Australia’s most popular fashion retailer. Founded by Adam Jacobs and Cameron Votan, the startup gathered a seed funding of $26 million backed by the tech giant Rocket Internet.

“The Iconic named Australia’s ‘best mobile retailer’”~ Internetretailing

The startup is popular due to 3-hour delivery policy in Sydney and Melbourne. Another big plus is its 100 days return policy and it also offers free shipping on orders that are upto $47. Woah, that’s generous!

Startups that are Raking in Popularity

Some Australian startups are gaining popularity in their homeland as well as in the US. Here are some of the lesser known Australian startups that are most expected to not require any introduction in near future.


Tablo is an Aussie-based online book publishing platform that is poised to take ebook market to another level. Founded in 2013 and developed by Ash Davies, a 21-year old millennial, the startup has managed to rake in funds of $400,000.

“Founder of publishing start-up Tablo wants to change the way books are created”~ The Sydney Morning Herald

The aim is to make it big like Amazon Books. Tablo’s cloud-based platform already has over 10,000 authors on board from over 100 countries. In particular, it’s the platform’s user friendly interface that sets it apart from its competitors.


You must have heard the word freelancer hundreds of time but this startup is called Speedlancer and it really means it. Founded by Adam Stone, Speedlancer is a Sydney-based startup and it’s a marketplace of over 450 freelancers who claim to deliver tasks in less than 4 hours.

“Australian freelancing platform Speedlancer is finding success in four hours”~ Startupdaily

With a total equity funding of $75,000, the startup’s team is in the US, Australia and Brazil to make this humble beginning a success.


CliniCloud is an Australian startup founded by Dr. Andrew Lin and Dr. Hon Weng Chong. It is a revolutionary startup that offers cloud-based medical products; its founders basically intend to fuse healthcare with technology.

“The Australian startup bringing the doctor’s office into American homes”~ Mashable

The startup’s product StethoCloud has received coverage from major publications such as Techcrunch, Bloomberg, Wired, etc. With a seed funding of over $5million, this Aussie-based startup is about to change the healthcare scene of Australia.

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