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14 Prolific Startups With Exceptional Website Designs

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The term “startup” has become a fad in the recent years, describing a scrappy, premature idea to make money. But, what exactly is a Startup?

Any Idea?

Well, according to Neil Blumenthal, Cofounder, and co-CEO of Warby Parker;

“A startup is a company working to solve a problem where the solution is not obvious and success is not guaranteed,”

Startups are everywhere. Everyone is trying their hand at owning a lucrative business. Some are living their glory days; others are at the depths of despair; that’s life, you can’t win them all.  A few from this lot will become a success story of the future and accumulate massive returns on their investment. Wait and Watch!

A startup can be a proving ground for some budding entrepreneurs to showcase their grip over the game called “Go big, or go home.”

Of all things said about making a startup successful, one aspect stands out to be very significant; the website. A website layout can do wonders for the organization on gaining a wider audience. For most startups and small businesses, websites are the most important assets when starting out.

Here, we have dug out some attractive startup websites with a promising internet presence owing to their stunning startup website designs.

  1. Belong

Belong runs profound scans on the internet, public sources, and social media to find the best job potential. In the year 2014, Saiteja Veera, Rishabh Kaul, Vijay Sharma, and Sudheendra Chilappagari gave Belong a start. It now has over 60 employees and growing. Debuting from Bangalore, a $5 Million investment and an eye-catching layout proved to be their recipe for success. Looking at its web layout, you can see a scintillating use of light colors mixed with an occasional dark. The design complements the nature of the business as it links employers to potential candidates.

  1. Maple

With the hopes to rejuvenate the restaurant-delivery game, Maple has launched a delivery-only kitchen for New Yorkers. Founded by Caleb Merkl and Akshay Navle in 2014, the company now employs more than 50 people. Because of an ingenious idea and a dazzling website to back it up, the company has raised $25 Million in investments from some of the big guns like Primary Venture Partners, Thrive Capital, and Andy Dunn.

A bold yet sleek design makes Maple an excellent server of the cuisine world. A bold use of images with a classy theme.

  1. Careem

After starting operations in July 2012, Careem has been in the thick of things since then. Initially co-founded by Magnus Olsson and Mudassir Sheikha, Careem hasn’t looked back. Careem works to solve the local problem of transportation and car bookings. Hip and happening, with a bit of vibrant green makes this startup website design an eye-catching prospect for the visitors.

  1. Save

A promising startup headquartered in Paris, Save provides repair services for your smartphone. It has a transparent pricing plan for both customers and businesses. Damien Morin, the founder of the company, was able to accumulate $17 Million of investments through his brilliant idea.

A delightful use of emoji-like animations gives this website a pizzazz, and this layout is an adorable take on repairers and their importance.

  1. Opinio

A startup from Bangalore, Opinio is a food and grocery business which lends a hand in connecting customers with restaurants, grocers, pharmacies and laundry services. Opinio has amassed $8 Million in funding and has more than 80 employees.

An effort of mix and match done perfectly. A futuristic design with an exceptional factor gives this startup an additional grip over its game.

  1. Magnific

Magnific is located in London and provides content services to global businesses. Viral Marketing is also a strong domain in its artillery. With a dark-ish website and brightly colored elements, this website gives the company the oomph it needed.

An agency offering digital marketing services does wonder for the business with a chicly elegant design. White, yellow, and a dark theme makes it look like a treasure chest full of gold.

  1. Cruise

Cruise has designed the very first highway autopilot system which can be easily installed on your vehicle. With the aid of sensors and advanced machine vision technology, Cruise helps you stay in your lane and a safe distance away from other cars.

Another proponent of an ill-lit theme, but, my word! Haven’t they made it worth a watch?

  1. Parcelled

Parcelled is an online logistic company from India; changing logistics as we know, with a revolutionizing idea. It raised $5 Million in funds and investments. Today, it has more than 80 employees. An online logistic service with a world to serve, the design does justice to the business.

  1. Blockscore

BlockScore is an identity verification startup working on the prevention of identity theft. A soothing combination of blue, white, and a little bit of ash-grey, BlockScore has initiated a good design with a solid purpose. This startup website design is one to look out for in future.

  1. Starry

Starry was launched in January and sells wireless equipment for fast internet speeds (up to 1 gigabit per second). A clear white layout gives Starry’s website a cool and minimalistic approach that inevitably catches the eye of the visitor.

  1. Doormint

a mobile platform for consumer utility services comes as a lifesaver for all. Based in Mumbai, it has garnered almost $7 Million through funding. A stylish way to offer its services, Doormint has a stunning web design. You have to see it to believe it.

  1. Nuts and Bolts Media

At Nuts and Bolts, skilled web designers are partnered with their clients to create amazing WordPress websites. Started in 2011, Nuts and Bolts has come far in serving their clientele.

  1. Limesharp

A magento-specialized startup with a promising future, Limesharp has an elegant design with a classy black and lime color combination.

  1. Joslex Studios

Joslex Studios uses creativity and combines it with its marketing acumen to offer its customers digital and print solutions. As engaging as its site is, we can safely say they are doing their job right. Bold use of images with cool transitions gives Joslex Studios a cutting-edge advantage over some of its competitors.

A Bonus read

Here is a little checklist of the things you need to start a startup of your own:

This infographic is powered by Piktochart

*Source: www.TheCollaborationClub.com


Startups are the future of businesses globally. Every year, hundreds of startups are initiated, and while some make it big, some sink to the bottom. If you already have a startup website design in your mind, Cloudways is a great platform to host and launch your startup website. If you want to contribute to this post, just use the comment section below!

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