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WooCommerce Square Integration for Online Payments

March 23, 2018

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WooCommerce powers more than 37% of the web stores over the internet. It is a plugin that transforms your WordPress website into a thriving ecommerce platform in just a few minutes.

Woocommerce Square Plugin Integration

Recently, WooCommerce announced its integration with Square; that handles payment transactions for millions of web stores, online and offline alike. The new Square extension for WooCommerce not only handles online and offline payments but also syncs payments and inventory for products being sold on your web store.

The need to integrate the new Square extension to WooCommerce was a brainchild of the WooCommerce idea board. The analysis reveals that integrating Square to WooCommerce was the most voted request. The extension cost a reasonable $79 per annum. It is the perfect POS integration solution.

Square is now live at WooCommerce and here are a handful of reasons why you should use it.

Collect Payments Online

With the new square integration, you can now accept payments anywhere — even on your WooCommerce online store. All you have to do is connect Square with your WooCommerce online store through your WordPress dashboard.

Update Accurate Inventory

You can now keep your inventory up-to-date and accurate. Assuming that you have both, a generate receipt online website as well as a retail presence, you can get tangled up in the tedious tasks of maintaining and managing your inventory at both places simultaneously. With the new Square integration, you can automatically update your WooCommerce inventory, syncing it with your online and offline stocks. All you have to do is integrate your retail presence with Square.

No More Repetitive Tasks

Ecommerce business owners usually struggle with tracking their product selection flow between online and brick stores. With the new Square extension, you only have to setup your product selection once, saving up your time and hassles. Any product that you update — whether in Square or WooCommerce — will be manually synced from your WordPress plugin Settings. Additionally, any changes you make on your Square or WooCommerce will be automatically synced with one another.

Furthermore, Matt Cohen, the product lead at WooCommerce said:

“WooCommerce and Square have a close working relationship around this integration, where we’re working together to onboard new merchants, receive their feedback, and adjust the integration to make sure the initial version is the best it can be,”

The concept of unifying inventory with sales has been in the buzz and is not a new thing within the big e-commerce trends, however, the fact that even the smallest of stores based on WooCommerce can have the similar convenience is indeed something that requires attention.

I hope this article helps our readers about WooCommerce Square Integration. Stay with us for more updates and feel free to leave your feedback in the comment section below.

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Ashad Ubaid ur Rehman

Ashad was a Digital Content Producer at Cloudways - A Managed Cloud Hosting Platform. Looking for latest in WordPress developments? Look no further than Ashad! In his free time, you’ll find him listening to trance music, playing FPS games, and hanging out with his friends.

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