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How to Set up DropshipMe Plugin on WooCommerce Store [Review]

December 17, 2018

9 Min Read
DropshipMe Plugin Review
Reading Time: 9 minutes

If you have ever tried running a dropshipping store, you know what a quest it is to create the right product offer for it.

On my first attempt to find and import the winning AliExpress products for my own store, I got so disappointed and angry that I almost decided to quit dropshipping.

I’m not even kidding! It was infuriating: endless search on AliExpress, suspicious stores with a questionable reputation, shady products with weird descriptions, poor quality product image. On top of that, there was so much product info to edit (you all know how ridiculous are AliExpress product names, right?) that I almost gave up on this business idea.

Like, seriously, who would spend 4-5 hours every day on product import and editing if there are lots of more important tasks to do? Making money, for example?

And that’s when Dropship.Me came into play.

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What Is DropshipMe?

Basically, DropshipMe is a tiny yet powerful tool that lets you forget about any product issues whatsoever.

With its help, I finally got the opportunity to focus on my store promotion and customer relations management – which, as you know, is the ultimate key to fattening your business profits.

To put it really simply, DropshipMe is a database of the best AliExpress items across all the existing product categories. All you need to do is modify the search settings to filter the results and narrow down the product choice. Bye-bye, fruitless AliExpress browsing!

DropshipMe Products Database

As of today, the total amount of items in this database is close to 50,000, and the list is growing daily.

Import button on DropshipMe

Do you see the bright “Import” button next to every product?

That’s right – in a single click, you can add any of these items to your own store.

As you can also note, the plugin even gives a recommended price for each item. So, if you aren’t quite familiar with this market yet and don’t know what price markup to choose, just go with the recommendations.

But, there’s something more to surprise you.

This is how the products from this database look like.

Product Database through DropshipMe

Is it in any way similar to the typical product descriptions on AliExpress?

That’s what it’s all about! The plugin’s creators spent an INCREDIBLE amount of time to manually edit each and every product page in this database! The product titles are short and clear, the picture galleries are filled with high-quality images, the descriptions are not only informative but SEO-friendly as well.

The team behind DropshipMe plugin did an impressive job to save users precious hours. This means users don’t have to worry about product image edits as well because it imports all products in their finest quality on the WooCommerce store.

Adding DropshipMe on WooCommerce

The process of installing DropshipMe to WooCommerce is pretty simple.

First, create an account on Cloudways managed hosting platform, as it is one of the fastest Dropshipping hosting providers available in the market.

Ecommerce Hosting – Fast Ecommerce Web Hosting for Online Stores

Cloudways Managed Cloud Hosting

Once you have an activated account, simply create a server. I have created the server using Digital Ocean because it offers only $10 for a month of hosting. This is highly cost-effective in comparison with Shopify that is available for $29 per month.

Launch Server on Cloudways for DropshipMe

Also, I was able to launch the WooCommerce application with a single click. Once you have WooCommerce installed, add a theme that you love.

There are many free WooCommerce themes available in the market.

Storefront theme

I selected the Storefront theme as it came already installed with WooCommerce.

The theme is simple to customize and you will have no problem in installing it. I haven’t touched the images because I will be replacing them with the images of products that I imported from AliExpress.

Installing DropshipMe Plugin on WooCommerce

Simply go to your dashboard, select Plugins > Add New. Now search for ‘DropshipMe.’

You will see a plugin like this in the search menu. Install it on your WooCommerce website.

Installing Dropshipme Plugin on WooCommerce

Once you have it installed, you will have to activate it. So, go to Dropship Me website.

Enter your email address and Dropship Me will send you an API key.

DropshipMe - Enter your email address

Now, go back to the dashboard. Open DropshipMe plugin settings. Click on Activate, and head over to the API key settings.

DropshipMe - Enter your API key

Add the API key that they emailed you.

API key email for DropshipMe

You will get 50 products for free. If you have purchased an advanced license, you can import even more products as I did.

Upgrade to DropshipMe Pro

Now, let’s test the plugin.

Import Products through DropshipMe

The plugin allows you to import a lot of attributes of the product with a single click. You can remove those attributes that you don’t need by using the toggle buttons shown in the above image.

A limitation with this WooCommerce dropshipping plugin is that I was not able to import the products that I saw on AliExpress. This is because the plugin doesn’t support a chrome extension as AliDropship and WooDropship do.

DropshipMe Review - You cannot import through AliExpress directly

I copied the URL of the product to see if I can import it by using the URL, but the plugin gave me an error.

DropshipMe Review - Product Import

Then I searched for the product by its keyword. For this product, I searched ‘garment steamer’ and it loaded a list of products.

DropshipMe Review - Search Product to Import

A plus point of this plugin is that it shows you the profit margins as well. This means if you are a complete newbie, you can still start a dropshipping store without any type of help. The product is automatically listed with the new price.

DropshipMe Review - It provides you an estimated Selling Price

Back to the import from AliExpress to WooCommerce using DropshipMe plugin.

import from AliExpress to WooCommerce using DropshipMe plugin

In my case, the product was imported without any problem. Here is how it looks like after getting imported.

DropshipME Review - Layout of Imported Product

I also imported all images related to the product and its features.

DropshipMe Review - Import all images related to the product and its features

The plugin automatically adds variations of each product. This means you don’t have to worry about anything at all.

Importing Reviews from AliExpress with DropshipMe Plugin

Now, I will import reviews to the WooCommerce store using DropshipMe plugin. The plugin only runs the review import script only on products that you uploaded using it. So, let’s see how many reviews it can import for this product.

First, go to the ‘Import Reviews’ section of the DropshipMe plugin.

Importing Reviews from AliExpress with Dropshipme Plugin

You will get a screen like this. The side menu shows multiple toggle buttons. Use them to filter your query. Once done, click on import at the bottom of the page. We added one review for the product on our store. This is how it shows the review.

DropshipMe Review - Product Review Layout

What Products Does Dropship.Me adds to Database?

So, the plugin’s creators claim that they only fill DropshipMe with “winning” products that are guaranteed to see a high demand and bring a nice revenue to the store owners.

Apparently, there was (and there is) a huge amount of work behind this database creation. Before adding a new product to the list, the team considers:

  • The long-term and short-term market trends
  • The level of demand for this particular product
  • The product’s rating on AliExpress and the feedback it gets from the platform’s buyers
  • The product’s quality which can be seen from the real-life customer reviews
  • The reliability of this particular AliExpress seller
  • The potential volume of profit the entrepreneurs can get from selling this item

And now, just think about it for a minute. Would you do a research of the same depth for your own store products? How much time and effort would it require?

What’s The Cost?

You would probably expect such a meticulously executed solution to cost you an arm and a leg.

But what if I told you that you can enjoy this luxurious tool for free?

DropshipMe Pricing

You’ve read it right.

You can import up to 50 products with ZERO expenses! No hidden fees are present, and no payment details are required. You walk in there, grab your 50 products, and go building your own eCommerce empire. It’s as simple as that.

So, it will basically cost you nothing to launch a small independent business with a limited yet brilliant product range. And later on, as your venture grows, you will be able to upgrade your package and get:

  • 100 products to import for $29
  • 500 products to import for $119
  • 1000 products to import for $199

Every package is sold for a one-time fee – you pay this sum once, and you can enjoy all the plugin’s benefits for as long as your business exists. In fact, every package (even the free one) goes with the following:

  • An access to about 50,000 top class products. The database of DropshipMe plugin gets an update every day, so you will always have plenty of goods to choose from.
  • The opportunity to import the authentic AliExpress reviews left by the previous product buyers. Generally, people are more likely to make a purchase online after they’ve seen a positive review. So, this honest feedback heavily increases your chances to boost your conversion rates and grow your revenues.
  • Lifelong customer support – feel free to contact the dedicated team of assistants any time you need it!

So, What Do You Need To Use The DropshipMe Plugin?

Now, it’s time to talk about the technical side.

Don’t worry, though – there isn’t much to talk about.

I’ve tried my plugin version on a WooCommerce website, but it also perfectly goes with WordPress-based stores that are built with AliDropship plugin.

So, you can use DropshipMe plugin if you have:

  • Any WooCommerce-based website
  • An online store built with AliDropship plugin or AliDropship Woo plugin
  • A custom-made AliDropship store

With any of these options, you can get the most of this unbelievable database of the most promising dropshipping products that are carefully pre-edited by a skilled expert team.

Limitations of DropshipMe Plugin

Here are a few limitations of the DropshipMe plugin that you should know before you start using the plugin for your dropshipping business.

1. No Browser Extension

One problem that we experienced with DropshipMe plugin is that it doesn’t allow direct import from AliExpress store because it doesn’t have a browser extension. This makes the process of importing products a lot cumbersome because you have to import each product manually.

2. Can’t Add URLs to Import Products

Our second problem with DropshipMe plugin is that it doesn’t allow URLs for importing products. We can’t simply paste URLs and expect that it will import the product to our store.

3. Search Doesn’t Work for All Products

We were searching for ‘popular garment steamer’ to see if we could see those steamers that were on sale on Amazon. But the search function showed an error. So, we have to simply search for the basic keyword i.e. garment steamer. Even after this, it only showed us products that were nowhere close to those that were popular or on sale in AliExpress. If you are searching for those products, you may have to use the filters – but then again, that is cumbersome.

To Sum It Up

If you want to:

  • Build your own independent dropshipping store
  • Launch the business with the lowest costs possible
  • Get a professional insight into a niche you’re not familiar with yet
  • Source the most demanded and profitable products for your store
  • Save countless hours of your time
  • Forget the product issues and concentrate on moneymaking tasks

then you’ll find no better solution than DropshipMe plugin.

Still in doubts? Grab the startup package to give it a try – it’s free of charge, after all!

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Sajjad Shahid

Sajjad is an Ecommerce Community Manager at Cloudways. He loves helping out Ecommerce store owners, merchants and marketers in establishing their businesses and startups. Sajjad enjoys playing table tennis and cricket over the weekend.

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