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Server Sharing on Cloudways Is Now Just 1-Click Away

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From one feature to another, the Cloudways journey so far has been instrumental this year. Just a few weeks ago, we embraced the bot revolution with our CloudwaysBot and made our Cloudways API public. Why? Because our users wanted these features to be a part of our Platform and we love it when our users give us feedback, and we implement the features.

This year alone, we have been successful in implementing 100+ features within our Platform based on the feedback from our users. And the year is far from being over at Cloudways!

Based on popular demand, our engineers at Cloudways have integrated one of the most sought after feature by our users – SERVER SHARING.

Yes, you can now share your servers to any other account on Cloudways using just an email address. All you have to do is invite a user you want to share the server with, and as soon as that user accepts your invitation, a clone of your server will be created for them. A fresh backup of your server will be created, and your server will be shared with the chosen user. And just like the tons of operations that you can perform in a few click inside the Platform, server sharing can also be taken care of in just a few clicks.

Now the question arises, how can you, as a user utilize the Server Share feature? Here are a few use-cases for you to consider.

Developers & Development Agency

You run an agency that develops websites for a multitude of clients. Clients come to you with requirements, you work on the projects, and give them back to your clients. This whole process takes longer to execute. A lot of options and settings are involved and you have to make tweaks in order to complete the project. With Server Sharing, the delivery of your project is only an email away.

When you are done with the development work, just share the server to your client using their registered email with Cloudways. It is that simple.

Designer Agency

Your client wants a website that performs best and looks great. Earlier, the client would have to give you access to his/her server to get done with the design tasks. But now, with Server Share feature, you can share the server with your designer to work on the website. It is that simple now. All you need is a registered e-mail.

These are only some of the possibilities that can be availed using the newly introduced Server Share feature by Cloudways. Do let me know in the comments sections below about how you plan on using this feature.

Sharing the server is easy and can be done within minutes. Just follow this simple knowledge base to start sharing your servers.

This integration is a result of the feedback we got from our users. This goes to show how much we value your voice. Keep providing us feedback, and we promise to keep providing you with more reasons to host with Cloudways Managed Cloud Hosting.

Immad Uddin Khan :Immad is a Digital Content Producer for Cloudways - A Managed Cloud Hosting Platform. He is mostly busy in creating all sorts of informative and innovative content types. As a hobby, he loves to travel with his camera to picturesque destinations.