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How Sellbery Helps Magento Store Owners Grow Their Business

November 22, 2021

5 Min Read

Companies set expansion as a primary business objective and are always looking for new tactics to achieve it. Since the competition in the ecommerce industry is quite fierce, to stay in the game, one has to continuously move forward.

Fortunately for Magento store owners, the business growth choices aren’t limited. And, one of the best approaches to grow their business is by going multichannel. Let’s discuss what multichannel approach Sellbery offers to Magento store owners to expand store operations.

How to Grow Your Store: Multichannel Ecommerce

You may not have heard of multichannel ecommerce before. As a Magento store owner, you sell products through your store. This is an omnichannel ecommerce business model. But as you add new sales channels, like Amazon, eBay or any other marketplace or ecommerce platform to your list, you become a multichannel seller.

The number of such channels can be unlimited and you can easily sell products in multiple online stores, and marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Rakuten, etc. Marketplaces serve as an additional touchpoint for sellers and customers, and help merchants reach multi-billion audiences all over the world without paying additional costs included in custom sites like Magento hosting partners and its development cost.

Benefits of Multichannel Selling

Multichannel ecommerce is a catalyst for boosting sales. That is why many companies now go for multichannel selling. A few benefits of Multichannel selling are:

People Search Marketplaces for Products

A recent research report by Salesforce shows that 87% of shoppers begin product searches on digital sales channels with 48% going straight to marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, and Etsy. Customers are more likely to search on a marketplace than in an online store or even Google.

Customers Trust Marketplaces More

Customers are very unlikely to buy from a seller they do not know. The data gathered by DigitalCommerce360 proves this point. But almost 65% of them, are more inclined to buy from a seller they have never heard about if that seller operates on a marketplace.

Third-party Sellers Rule Marketplaces

Since Amazon has opened its marketplace to third-party sellers, it stopped being the main seller. According to insights by Statista, 51% of all orders on Amazon go to third-party sellers. This means that other companies on Amazon market more goods than Amazon itself.

How to Grow Multichannel Sales?

While being an ultimate choice for many online merchants, multichannel ecommerce brings along a few serious operational challenges. Inventory management and product and order synchronizations are two key reasons why sellers fail to perform well in multichannel ecommerce.

One way to get more sales with multichannel sales is to keep all information up-to-date across the board. Luckily, Magento store owners can easily overcome this challenge with Sellbery.

What is Sellbery and How Does it Work?

Sellbery solves all the problems associated with multichannel ecommerce and streamlines business operations across multiple sales channels. It is a multichannel listing platform that automatically synchronizes data of products, inventory, and orders on all sales channels.

Let’s take a closer look at how Sellbery works.

Magento & Amazon Synchronization with Sellbery

By integrating Sellbery to your Magento ecommerce store, when you upload new products to the store, they will automatically get transferred to Amazon or any other marketplace. When you receive an order from Amazon, Sellbery will make adjustments in your inventory count on all sales channels.

Short synchronization intervals guarantee that all your data stays up-to-date and helps avoid overselling. Add mulitple store channels to your Magento store to understand where your customers shop from, and attract them back to your store. This will keep the customers happy, and you as a store owner will haveb less manual work to do.

Main Features of Sellbery

Sellbery is a feature-rich platform that you can use to streamline multichannel ecommerce operations. It offers different built-in tools – from inventory and order management to Google Shopping campaigns. Let’s review all of them in a bit more detail.


As a Magento store owner, you already have product listings on your online store. Instead of manually transferring them to other sales channels, including titles, descriptions, images and other related data, Sellbery automates the process of transferring them to other channels, saving you time and manual labor.

It also sends automatic reports on feed performance and notifies store owners about any issues.

Magento and Amazon Synchronization with Sellbery

Orders and Inventory

Selling products in excess of actual supply harms your reputation as an online seller. Customers get angry and never return to your store again. Unfortunately, this is a known problem related to multichannel selling. And, Sellbery is the solution.

As you can integrate it with your inventory, it updates the number of product orders in real-time. It tracks inventory management and automatically synchronizes inventory on all multichannels. Therefore, providing the best customer experience without an effort.

sellbery order sync


Have you analyzed your performance across multiple sales channels? If you have, you will know how cumbersome the whole process is. A large number of marketplaces have built-in analytics tools with basic functionalities available, but they don’t offer the ability to automatically analyze data and make data-driven decisions.

Sellbery takes this challenge and offers a one-window solution to it all. It collects the most important data and delivers in-depth reports. You can see your current performance and compare it with previous months and learn which channels bring the highest profit and which still need you to work on them.

Google Ads

Advertising still rules the game for successful business promotion. Google Shopping, which is a part of Google ads platform, is a great tool for ecommerce merchants for reaching a wider audience. And Sellbery provides you with a free tool for Smart Shopping Campaigns. It won’t charge you a dollar – whether you advertise one product or 2,000 of them.

With Sellbery you can easily create an advertising campaign, add products and configure it by setting additional parameters such as budget, currency, etc. or managing already existing campaigns. You can further change parameters, stop and restart them as you need.

Benefits of Sellbery for Magento Store Owners

Sellbery is useful for individual sellers, as well as for small, medium, large, and enterprise-level companies. Magento store owners get the following benefits with Sellbery:

Multi-tier Pricing Structure

Sellbery offers multi-tier pricing structure for small, mid-sized and large enterprises. It is a full-fledged cloud solution with prices starting from $29/month. As a Magento store owner, choosing multichannel tool allows you to save money and boost store performance with ease.

Unlimited Sales Channels

Sellbery calculates pricing through the Stock Keeping Unit (SKUs). Such subscription policies benefit store owners, and especially those selling Faster Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG). In the long run, you will not have to upgrade your plan if your inventory increases, even if you receive 1000+ orders a day!

Short Synchronization Intervals

Fast synching is an undeniable advantage of Sellbery. It takes 15 minutes to synchronize data across all your channels. Product listings, orders, and inventory data always stays up-to-date.

Wide Integration Choices

With Sellbery, Magento store owners get access to fast and easy integration with the most in-demand marketplaces and ecommerce platforms. Sellbery can connect with renowned sales channels such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Etsy, and other marketplaces to sell in 50+ countries. With Sellbery, you can sell on multiple marketplaces without hassle.

Final Words: Make Your Business Flourish

Multichannel ecommerce is booming, and sellers are striving to be among those lucky ones who enjoy its benefits. This business model attracts more and more merchants with the promise of boosted sales and profit margins. It is the most effective way for Magento store owners to grow business and lead the competition within their segment.

Sellbery is a must-have tool for merchants who want to boost their multi-channel selling. The platform will help you operate on multiple sales channels with minimal manual work on your part.

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