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Cloudways WordPress Hosting gets a favorable mention from Review Signal

Updated on July 30, 2015

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At Cloudways, we always strive to be better. In order to achieve this feat, we have always been listening to all types of feedback. We are always hard on ourselves. For us, competing with others is good, but competing with our best is equally important.

Last year, the renowned web hosting reviewer Kevin Ohashi of Review Signal tested our platform. It was the first time for us and while he called our platform “interesting”, he was not exactly impressed. This is what he said about Cloudways in November 2014:

“Their performance isn’t quite there yet. Other companies are running on the same hardware and getting better results.”

While we were happy that we were in the list of some of the recognized hosting companies in the world, we were not certainly pleased by the fact that we weren’t measuring up.

Thus, the process of WordPress performance improvement ensued. Our CTO Pere Hospital along with our team of experienced cloud and WordPress hosting engineers tested many methods in order to provide a fast, stable WordPress hosting platform.

A few months ago, Kevin tested our platform again and he published the results yesterday. This is what he has to say:

“Cloudways gets an honorable mention because its DigitalOcean (DO) instance performed quite well overall. It had some issue with the Blitz test at the end but still managed to push through over 52,000 successful hits. … They improved dramatically since the last test and are on the cusp of becoming a top tier provider.”

Here, we would like to assert that we are equally looking into ways of improving performances for Amazon and Google cloud instances as we try to provide the same quality of service at all levels of our platform. Furthermore, this is not it for us. We will try to beat our current benchmarks and try to become a “top tier provider” in the upcoming test from Kevin and Review Signal.

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Saad Durrani

Saad is the Senior Editor at Cloudways - A Managed Cloud Hosting Platform. He is a technology enthusiast who loves to blog about emerging technologies and trends. When he is not blogging, he goes to the beach to find inspiration for his fictional stories.

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