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How to Boost Startup Growth with PPC Advertising

Reading Time: 5 minutes

Marketing activities take the biggest chunk out of the startup’s budget. The situation is worse for startups that are strapped for cash. However, instead of viewing marketing on a limited budget as a hurdle, it is important that the startups should see the opportunities that popup during the bargain.

ppc for startups

Many startups are concerned about the slow organic growth. In this context, PPC for startups is a brilliant solution that is cost effective and has the ability of creating significant impact for your venture. All that you need to do is target the right audience in your PPC campaign and the rest as they say is history!

Here are several tips and tricks for launching budget friendly PPC campaigns for your startup

Pick the Right Target Audience

Determining the right audience for a PPC campaign is the most fundamental step. Remember that if you do not do your research properly, you will be wasting your budget at the wrong audience with little or no ROI.

Broadly speaking, the target audience are people who are most likely to buy the products and services advertised. Thus, targeting the right audience depends upon research on factors such as demographics, personas, age, profession, designation, relevancy etc.

For instance, if I take the example of designing agencies, the target audience are businesses and organizations. However, instead of directly reaching the CEO or CTO, these agencies should target associates, developers, designers etc.

This indirect advertising conveys the marketing message to the executives who might have the right level of influence in their organizations and may urge their bosses to buy or try a product or a service.

Target the Right Demographics

Demographic marketing is basically limiting your marketing pitch to a certain location or persona. This practice not only cuts your advertising budget but also paces up the process of lead conversions.

Demographic targeting only works if done correctly. The research in this regard begins with a look into creating the right segmentations of the target audience. On the whole, there is no use of targeting a region that does not relate to your product or service.

For example, if a digital marketing agency only works with customers within its home country, there is no use targeting other countries as this will be a waste of money and time.

Identify the Goals

Walking without determining your direction will get you nowhere. A PPC marketer focusing on adwords for startups should know the goals of the campaign before going ahead with the implementation. In addition the marketer should also have a well defined strategy for achieving these goals within the allocated time and budget.

Paid campaigns of PPC for startups such as adwords and facebook ads have various goals including increasing the traffic to a website, increasing sales and leads, creating awareness for a brand,etc. Every goal demands a different marketing strategy and different tools such as cold calling, blogging, email marketing to accomplish the goals.

For example, if the goal is lead conversion, the strategy could include keyword focusing, monitoring negative keywords, optimizing landing pages, etc.

Discover the Competitive Edge

Digital marketing industry is highly competitive with a very simple cultural value: You are either in or out and there is no in-between. A PPC campaign should have a competitive edge and/or a unique offering that makes it stand out among the multitude of the campaigns launched everyday.

Everyone is into PPC marketing for startups but only a select few do it intelligently. To have a competitive edge, you have to come up with a strategy that differentiate and distinguish your brand (and your PPC campaign) from the rest.

You should know all about your competitors, your content should be engaging, and your landing pages should be optimized to the max.

Learn From the Competition

Learn early and learn often.

You should thoroughly analyze your competitors’ advertising campaigns, and there is no harm in praising your competitors’ work. The fact is that the moment you will start praising the good work of your competition, you will start gaining new insights into how to craft the perfect PPC/adword campaign for startups.

The competitive digital marketing world is cruel and those who doesn’t learn from the competition are more likely to get excluded from the competition. You should watch and analyze successful PPC campaigns that set the trend and became viral.

PPC Tips and Tricks You Will Need

Now that you are through with the strategic side of setting up successful PPC campaigns in a limited budget, let’s explore some of the core practices of PPC for startups that greatly help in execution side of things.

Target Right Keywords

In order to succeed, you have to hit the right targets. Similarly, keyword targeting is an essential practice in all PPC campaigns.

Basically, targeting the right keywords means that you will be using the keywords that are relevant to your product. Ad copies, landing pages and product descriptions should be optimized by using niche specific keywords. This practice will improve the quality score of your ad and helps in getting an edge over the competitors.

To target the right keywords, you have to research properly on the keywords that trend in your industry.

Use Retargeting

Coke doesn’t needs to remind its audience that it is a market player. This is what brand recalling is all about. In the context of PPC campaigns, this practice is known as Retargeting. You have to retarget your audience and they should be reminded about your product at regular intervals.

Your adword campaigns for startups should retarget all relevant audience that have showed interest in your product or service, etc.

Not to forget that retargeting should also be applied on existing customers as they need to be reminded of your services and products again and again. This practices also increases brand loyalty among your customers.

Add Negative Keywords

They prevent your ad from being shown to the wrong audience and, thus adding negative keywords is a good way of reducing campaign expense.

You should make a list of negative keywords that you don’t to associate with your campaign or adgroup. Negative keywords helps in excluding irrelevant traffic, reducing Av.CPC (Average cost per click), increasing ROI (Rate of Investment), and improving CTR (Click Through Rate).

For example, if you are an agency that provides paid online courses, you can include FREE in your negative keyword list so that if anyone searches for free online courses, your ad wouldn’t be shown to that person.

Optimize Your Landing Pages

The most crucial step in increasing conversions is optimizing landing pages. Non optimized landing pages are the main reason behind the drop in conversion rates.

An optimized landing page contains a captivating headline, USP of the product, trusting partners, eye catching design, convincing ad copy, user friendly interface, contact form and most importantly, an engaging CTA.

In order to convert your campaign clicks into leads, your product should have an optimized landing page that should be complete, simple and PPC ready.

Just a Beginning!

Marketing a startup on a limited budget should not have to be a difficult task. Like every other marketing activity, it’s all about research, passion, enthusiasm and hard work in the right direction.

Every business has a competitive edge that comes with learning from experiences and competition. Additionally, a startup should retarget its audience using negative keywords effectively. Most importantly, all of the hard work for PPC for the startup will go in vain if the landing pages aren’t optimized.

Do let me know how helpful this article was for you and did you get any inspiration from it. I will be waiting for your comments below.

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Tahha Ashraf

Tahha Ashraf is a Digital Content Producer at Cloudways, a Managed Cloud Hosting Platform. He loves talking about brands and writes content related to online marketing. He is fond of creativity and writes poetry in his free time.

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