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Here Are Some PHP Influencers From Australia That You Should Follow

Updated on  19th January

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PHP community is growing at a rapid pace, especially after the release of PHP 7. Since the community is gaining more engagement, more and more people are now joining the ranks of influencers. Specially, in Australia, where the open source technology is now progressing at a fast pace, a lot of people are creating the right communities for networking. For anyone who is looking to learn about coding and programming languages, PHP specially, it is important to follow the right people and learn from their experiences.

Trying to play a small part in helping beginners get around, I decided to find out some PHP influencers in the Australian region. These are some of the people who are contributing towards the growth of PHP community with their skills and abilities.

PHP Influencers Australia

Every code geek should follow these influencers to learn more about PHP and how to extract some more juice out of this majorly used programming language.

Well, everything has some room for improvement and so does this list. In no way should this list be taken as the ultimate list nor is this list curated by any ranking wise criteria. If you know any PHP influencer around the Australian region, then do comment below.

For now, here are some influencers that I found.

Donna Benjamin

Donna Benjamin is a board member of Drupal Association and the Open Australia Foundation. Apart from this, she is an open source advocate, commentator, and contributor. In 2012, Linux Australia awarded Donna with the prestigious Rusty Wrench Award, recognizing her contributions to the community. Donna is currently the executive director of The Creative Contingencies, a firm which specializes in Drupal Content Management.

LinkedIn: Donna Benjamin

Twitter: @kattekrab

Sven Dowideit

Sven Dowideit currently works at Rancher Labs as a principal software engineer. He worked as a Docker engineer at Docker, Inc, a market leading company in container technology. Sven Dowideit was the co-founder of a startup called WikiRing. Sven Dowideit was also a general executive member of Open source developer’s club and is in the IT industry from the past 20 years approx.

Linkedin: Sven Dowideit

Twitter: Sven Dowideit

Artur Ejsmont

Artur Ejsmont is currently the head of platform engineering at Yahoo7. He was a lecturer of Computer Science from 2005 to 2006 at University of Lodz. Artur holds some prestigious technical certifications, and he is a Sun Certified Java Programmer and Sun Certified Web Component Developer. A programming geek, Artur likes to, adapt new technologies, and his major interests are in Agile, scalability, Software design, etc.

LinkedIn: Artur Ejsmont

Twitter: @artur_ejsmont

Nick Thomson

Nick is a Senior Full Stack Developer and is a specialist of PHP 5, 7 and MySQL. He created websites and applications for many reputed clients namely Discovery Networks, UK Home Office, Universal Music, Virgin Media, etc. Nick is a Laravel specialist too and has experience of complex WordPress integrations too. Nick’s top emphasis in the development domain is security and performance.

LinkedIn: Nick Johnson

Kathy Reid

Currently working as a Treasurer at Creative Geelong, Inc, Kathy Reid is the Vice President of Linux Australia and has an experience of over 20 years in the tech industry. Kathy’s top skills are PHP, Open Source, contribution, DevOps, Web development, etc.

LinkedIn: Kathy Reid

Twitter: @KathyReid

Ben Dechrai

Ben Dechrai has an experience of over 12 years as a PHP developer and is an active open source community contributor. Ben is known for quickly adapting the working environment and has a good word of mouth regarding him being the leader. Ben is also the co-founder of a firm named BuzzConf, which aims to bring new technological changes to the traditional conferencing. Ben is a Convener of Melbourne PHP Users Group and also served as a president of Open Source Developers Club.

LinkedIn: Ben Dechrai

Twitter: @bendechrai

Simon Holywell

Simon Holywell is a Zend Certified Lead Developer. Simon is a programming geek and is a specialist in almost all programming languages including PHP, HTML, CSS, Python, etc. Simon is currently working as a senior software engineer at Aurion People and Payroll Technology. Simon has developed numerous successful ecommerce websites and is the author of the famous book “ Functional Programming in PHP.”

LinkedIn: Simon Holywell

Twitter: @Treffynnon

Dan Siepen

Dan Siepen is the co-founder of Coder Factory and Growth Hackers Australia. He is a contributing author in Business Insider Australia, The Next Web and works as a consultant at Dan SieLinpen’s, top skills are Coding, Social media marketing, Social networking, Digital marketing etc.

LinkedIn: Daniel Siepen

Twitter: @DanSiepen

Dave Clark

Dave was previously a PHP and Zend framework instructor at Zend technologies and is currently working as a Principal Consultant at Clark Youngman Pty Ltd. Dave has over 10 years of experience in application development and global systems integration. He is an active speaker of the Sydney tech community and is known to be an advocate of smart technology.

LinkedIn: Dave Clark

Twitter: @dkcwd

Know Someone That Should be Here?

If you know someone who should be a part of this list of Australian PHP influencers, then do let me know in the comment section below and I would be glad to include the name.

Share your opinion in the comment section. COMMENT NOW

Tahha Ashraf

Tahha Ashraf is a Digital Content Producer at Cloudways, a Managed Cloud Hosting Platform. He loves talking about brands and writes content related to online marketing. He is fond of creativity and writes poetry in his free time.

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