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PHP 7.1 Powered Hosting now Available on Cloudways

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Cloudways has integrated support for PHP 7.1 into its Platform. Cloudways offers managed hosting for a range of PHP powered applications including WordPress, Laravel, and Symfony. We realized that we had our work cut out for us. We had to make sure that PHP 7.1 works perfectly with each application so that our customers do not face any issues when they launch PHP 7.1 powered applications.

After the official release, we initiated an internal program of testing and evaluating the version to ensure that it works perfectly on the platform. In this program, we tested all PHP powered applications against the new version. After dealing with all the issues, our DevOps team declared the version a perfect fit for the Cloudways platform.

What About Existing Servers?

PHP 7.1 is available for all new and existing servers launched on the Cloudways Platform. It is available under “Settings & Packages”. In case you do not see the option to upgrade to PHP 7.1, then contact our PHP MySQL Hosting support and they will assist you.

We strongly recommend that customers should ensure that their applications and websites are compatible with PHP 7. In addition, the applications and websites should be tested on staging areas. Once all the issues have been removed, the applications and websites could be taken live on PHP 7.1 servers.  

Upgrade to PHP 7.1

Upgrading to PHP 7.1 on Cloudways platform is fairly easy. You just need to go to Server > Settings & Packages and select the Packages tab. Next, select PHP 7.1 from the dropdown menu and hit the Save button. The Platform takes a few minutes to set up the new version.

Once the process finishes, go to the SSH terminal and check the available PHP version by running a simple command: `php -v`

Wrap Up

We hope that PHP 7.1 will help our customers launch better performing applications. If you have tried out PHP 7.1, do share your experiences at the Cloudways Community Forum.

Shahroze Nawaz :Shahroze is a PHP Community Manager at Cloudways - A Managed PHP Hosting Platform. He’s always in search of new frameworks and methods to implement them. Besides his coding life, he loves movies and playing soccer with friends. You can email him at shahroze.nawaz@cloudways.com