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Cloudways Partnership Program: A Win-Win Business Strategy for Digital Agencies

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The work culture at a creative digital and web agency is pretty relaxed. It seems every day is a casual Friday. You need such leniency because creative jobs are as tough as manual labor. You have to come up with unique ideas and innovative solutions. When these agencies work, they make magic. They are the brains and brawns behind hundreds of web apps and websites. Without them, the internet would be quite ‘uncool’.

But! Whenever an agency builds something, its clients ask them to host the finished app or website. This is where an agency looks uncool when it  either has to refuse or deal with hosting technicalities. If they agree to host, they are left with decisions of picking a hosting medium that delivers uninterrupted, blazing-fast performance. Nowadays, this is not an easy decision to make as many providers promise a lot, but fail to deliver satisfactory results.

In this post, I will explain how we are helping digital agencies by providing a powerful Cloud hosting solution that will not only keep the customers happy, but it will create an additional stream of revenue.

Cloudways loves to work with agencies. We want them to stay supercool. We want them to keep providing interactive designs and building awesome websites for their clients.

We want Web Agencies to stay productive in their specialized areas. We want them to write great pieces of code and develop extraordinary designs without worrying about their hosting provider.

This is only possible if they don’t invest their valuable hours in deciding where to host, how to configure a server, how to move a site on that server and then how to manage a site of their customer. Why should they think about this? Because, these agencies want their customers to stay satisfied—and not get frustrated if their website goes offline frequently or stays slow all the time.

We are here to help!

Cloudways Cloud Platform will take care of hosting needs without much fuss. We truly understand that if these smart designers and developers start worrying about the hosting, they may divert their focus to troubleshooting. This can be frustrating  as they are not made to handle hosting hardships.

Here, let me clear up one thing: We don’t make agencies our customers, rather we make them our long term Partners!

You can become our partner by choosing any of the following options which you think is useful for you.

Make Cloudways your ultimate hosting partner

If you are currently providing design/dev services for your clients, then you can add value to your services by offering managed hosting services as well. This way your customers will have a “one window” solution and they don’t have to rush anywhere else for finding a high performing, reliable host.

Features that will be beneficial for your Customers

  • Super-fast Cloud Hosting
  • Deploy multiple applications (WordPress, Magento, PHP, Drupal, etc.)  on the same server
  • Guarantees 100% better page load times with our special VMAN stack configuration formula
  • Deploy sites either on DigitalOcean, Amazon, or Google cloud servers as per the requirement of the site
  • Staging environment with URL
  • Easy domain mapping
  • Swift SSL deployment and management

You can learn more by visiting the Features page.

So, what’s the deal?

You will simply own an account at Cloudways and under that account, you will be deploying multiple applications or servers of your customers, depending upon their needs. We will be charging you on the basis of number of servers that you are going to host with us, not applications. On the other hand, you can charge each customer individually and we will not be contacting any of your customers or sites directly. In other words, you will be managing your customers’ site from our platform.

A few words from our beloved Partners

You may think we are bragging. How about some testimonials then?


Limesharp.net, is one of the leading Magento agencies based in UK. They have hosted several ecommerce stores with us. Look what the CEO of Limesharp has to say about Cloudways:

“They have vast experience of Magento on the AWS platform. We had page load times of 4+ seconds previously which came down to 0.5 to 1 second after the move.”

Joslex Studios

Joslex Studios is a US-based digital creative agency specializing in Responsive Website Design and WordPress Development. This is what Jeff Weese, the founder of Joslex Studios, has to say about us:

“I have finally found a super fast platform for hosting my client sites that is backed by quick, responsive, and helpful support.”

eConcept Web Solutions

eConcepts is a young enthusiastic team of ecommerce experts, graphics designers, web developers, database designers, online marketing experts

“We are a digital marketing and web development company and in early 2014 we moved our websites s to Cloudways and It is hard to express how fantastic a move this has been. Cloudways are competitively priced and the service they provide is second to none.”

Here are the details

Through a business partnership, we allow our Partners to offer our Cloud Hosting services directly from their websites with their brand name. By simply adding a performance-focused Cloud Hosting platform, they get the dual benefits of fostering a long-term relationship with their clients while generating a subsidiary stream of revenue.

They take orders from their clients’ websites. While at the backend, they host everything with Cloudways where we already have a managed platform with 1-click hosting platform with 1-click optimized installations, 24/7 live support, automated backups, pre-configured Varnish, and Memcached optimization layers, and servers built on Apache and Nginx.

And, while they are busy in doing this stuff, they get some additional perks through Cloudways:

  • Get yourself listed on our Partners page
  • Co-marketing activities
  • Cloudways welcomes you as a Guest Author on its official blog
  • Get your plugin or extension and services listed on Cloudways
  • Be a part of our discount and promotional deals which we offer on a time-to-time basis

Interested? Sign up now to start your journey with Cloudways.

Owais Khan :Owais works as Strategic Partnership Manager at Cloudways - A Managed Cloud Hosting Platform.